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By: nwlvcommunity
Las Vegas Protective Services
I want to thank the continuing service of LVPS. They were chosen over a # of other companies for their proactive patrol and their standards they hold amongst their patrol officers which has kept their contract to be renewed year after year. Common issues we had in our community are now deterred to other areas due to LVPS presence, but when you have miles of streets and numerous community parks crime sometimes will still occur. LVPS realizes you can't just chase the crime off for them to come back another day but they take action by investigating the situation, being aware and when warranted take the appropriate action and detain anyone involved in illegal activity to ensure they will not return. They have assisted in a number of arrests for illicit activities in our parks and have made or assisted METRO in identifying burglars who pray on our homeowners private properties. This is all done through keen observation of their surroundings at all times. There is even the other side of community patrolling they do regularly and assisting of the homeowners. This includes anything from alerting a homeowner that they left their vehicle lights on to leaving their garage door open with valuables unsecured.I would recommend them to anyone that has issues and their current security company is not doing the job or even if your community is quiet and you want to ensure it stays quiet.
By: Mary M.
Triumph Property Management
I just want to express my gratitude for your efficient and friendly services. We were in a pickle trying to find a home to lease at the last minute, and I am so thankful we found you. As soon as I called to have a showing of a house, Hermanell responded quickly. I was able to meet her within a few hours and there she showed me how to apply for the home as I loved it immediately. She was very kind and professional as well as friendlyFrom there I applied online for the home that evening and contacted Triumph to notify them. I spoke with Ana. She was very sweet and helpful. She explained to me the normal processes and gave hope that we could get the house. I faxed the rest of the paperwork they needed that night. I called the next morning and spoke with Tierra, who was also very sweet and professional. She understood our time constraint and started working our application immediately. She called and offered the house to lease soon that morning. We have ABSOLUTELY LOVED living here, and thank the staff for their thoughtfulness and understanding. I feel so lucky to have found you all.I also would like to mention Dennys the maintenance girl. She is extremely nice and caring. She is quick with her work and goes the extra mile to complete the job.
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By: 702properties
Southern Nevada Security Patrol
This company is unrelated to Southern Nevada Security Patrol, it's Southern Nevada Security, 90% of reviews are by disgruntled employee "Sid" and "Denny" have never been associated with this family and is owned and operated by Amanda an awesome,very caring employer that treats all employees like family this is the true definition of family owned and operated business.....in all my years of management I have never come across such a great customer service team and superior officers.I always feel like I am their only client and any security related concerns are addressed immidiatly! They have customized services for all my budgets and would never recommend another guard service...simply the best by far. They always do everything they can to ensure I get the best service at no additional or hidden fees. I don't know who Helix is calling but it's not Southern Nevada Security in 14 years of doing business, I've never been ignored. Great company!!!
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By: Page M.
Triumph Property Management
I am now going on 3 years as a tenant of Triumph Property Management Company. I have nothing but great things to speak of regarding this company. They take great care of their tenants and the properties they manage. All work/repair orders I submit are responded to in a timely manner. I love being able to have my rent taken out of my account every month so I'll never forget to mail a check. I've worked with Tierra and Cynthia and their responses to me are always prompt and courteous. Working with a property management company makes life so much easier when it comes to repairs and general rental issues. If you're looking to rent from a property management company, be sure to check them out. You'll love the way they take care of you!If you're looking to hire a property management company, be sure to check them out. They will make sure to select great tenants for your property and ensure your property is being taken care of when you can't.
By: Don C.
Triumph Property Management
I switched 4 rental properties to Triumph last October when my previous management company failed to handle the HOA fees properly. It has been the best experience I ever had since. All staff in Triumph are very responsive and polite. They have dedicated departments handling issues in each area such as Accounting, HOA, Maintanence, etc. They are so professional and productive. Whever I send them questions or issues in emails, they get back to me with answers and solutions right away. All the statements are well organized with details. As a landlord, I no longer need to get involved with the tenants. They take care of everything very well so I can have a peaceful mind. I am very satisfied with the work quality Triumph has offered. I strongly encourge you give them the opportunity to be your property management company. You will appreciate and be amazed to have Triumph manage your rental property!! John D. Palo Alto, CA
By: onelv76
Green Valley Security Inc.
I hired Green Valley Security 6 months ago and I am more than impressed. I manage an apartment complex and they are outstanding when it comes to response to situations that arise, recognizing suspicious activity and preventing something before it happens. They provide me with reports of everything that occurred the night before and how the situation was resolved. My complex is in a "rougher" part of town and prior to using Green Valley Security, we had a lot of break-ins and vandalism. Not any more!! The previous company that I used had guards that spent more time on the phone with their friends or sleeping. It was no wonder why we had so many problems!! I would recommend Green Valley Security to any company that could use some "peace of mind" when it comes to the security of their complex or building.
By: Lorna H.
Green Valley Security Inc.
* Green Valley is a wonderful company to work for ... ( other security companies I have worked for in Las Vegas has treated Security Guards like cattle ) ... Green Valley Security Mike Atkins a good man with integrity has treated Clients / Security Guards with the up most respect ... ( 24 hour Command Post ) ... with abundance of hard working individual answering the phones to responding to alarm services within minutes to answering Security Guards concern ... Calling Command Post for concerns at my post ... back up arriving within minutes of assessing the situation ... faster than Metro ... * A company worth hiring ...* A company worth working for ...
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By: Morgan F.
Triumph Property Management
Triumph Property Management offers the best service and support and I have confidence that my rental properties are being managed efficiently by this company.Any time I call in with a question regarding one or more of my rental properties Sonia or Edson are always available and I know that I can get quick answers rather than having to wait for hours for someone to get back to me.In the past I had a problem with maintenance and rent collection but thankfully Triumph has made those aspects of owning rental property easy for me.I trust Kami and his team, as my portfolio of rental properties grow I will continue to use them in the future. Thanks guys!Morgan
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By: Abbott N.
Triumph Property Management
Thank you guys for helping me to manage my rental properties more efficiently! After managing my rentals on my own for the last few years I finally saw the light after a friend referred me to your company. Now I can rest easy in knowing that Dennys or Cynthia are there to handle repairs for my properties if needed and Karina will handle anything related to accounting and rent collection so all I have to do is focus on growing my portfolio of rental properties in Las Vegas. I whole heartedly recommend your company to any investor who is thinking about using a property management company because you help real estate investors to grow their businesses.
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By: Eric P.
Triumph Property Management
I came across this company when looking for a home to upgrade from my small apartment. I found a beautiful home in my price range. However, someone else ended up with the home. Tierra was able to forward my application to another property that was bigger but still in my price range. This process was the easiest I have ever been through. Normally, I get a struggle with other property managements and with this one it wasn't a hassel. They are a little hard to get in touch with (hence the 4 stars) but they were able to get me into a home on timely manner. Everyone there were very pleasant to deal with. Definitely, a company you should go to!
Tips & Advices
  • Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Alarms
  • Smoke, CO2, and flood detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Panic buttons
  • Door and window stoppers
  • Spot lights/floodlights
  • Etched window glass
  • Combination safe
  • reinforced locks
  • Placing signs and sticker for security systems outside home
  • Personal safety items (firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, etc.)
No, it is possible to install a home alarm system yourself. Some systems are specifically designed to be installed by homeowners. These systems are often cheaper and more customizable. However some systems require the expertise of a professional and installation should be left up to them to avoid making any errors. Review the specifications of the system and/or contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about its installation requirements.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and does not require any drilling or modification of the home.
  • Does not require a landline.
  • Can be taken from one home to another during change of residence.
  • Can be combined with a hardwired system.
  • No need to change any batteries, as with wireless systems
  • No interference from other signals
  • All hardwired systems run on essentially the same technology so products and services from different companies will be compatible with each other.
  • If moving to a home with a hardwired system already installed, you can save money by bypassing installation costs.
  • New security equipment for these systems is less expensive than for wireless systems.
  • Can be combined with a wireless system
  • Hardwired: A system that uses cables to connect all sensors to a central control panel within your home. The cables are usually installed within the walls or floorboards of your home. The control panel then uses your home’s landline connection to call for assistance (police, fire, medic).
  • Wireless: A system which uses wireless technology (wi-fi) to connect all sensors to your home’s central control panel. The panel uses the established network to communicate with the outside for assistance.
  • A combination of hardwired and wireless: Custom systems can be configured to have a home totally hardwired and equipped with wireless outside communication (no landline), or have a totally wireless home and hardwired outside communication.

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