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By: misskissmyass
Las Vegas Metropolitan
My neighbor came over to look at my cams placed on my property for someone who stole his tool box tools out of the front of his yard. I showed the man the cam recording and it was indeed a white pick up truck involved that sat night around 2 am. Officer Feeley came knocking on my door the next mourning and asked me to show him the vehicle and I did. I was IMPRESSED> I didn't think the officer or any police dept would take this serious as did this officer. I know people are against officers especially now a days but this one is obviously doing a good job and I just wish to commend his efforts to keep the community safe and how he is taking his notes. I just wish to give credit when it is due. We are located in north las vegas and he did mention he was from the dept on las vegas blvd. Not sure if it's this place here. But I do feel better to know there is an officer out there that takes notes of this stuff to investigate the matter instead of just write out a report. I salute you.
By: Cecil M.
Heritage Square
This is easily one of the cleanest, well kept and quiet communities in SE Vegas. Have you viewed any of the others? Dumps. Reason is they let people there do whatever they want. Yes, there are rules & regulations at HSS and yes, they enforce them. That's why you live in a quiet and clean community. As for surveillance, lol, give me a break. The place is huge, streets upon streets. If the HOA at HSS truly can monitor everyone who lives there then my hat is off to them and they should work for the government. Live how you're supposed to live, pay your HOA fees, don't leave trash and garbage in front of your place and they'll leave you alone.

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