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By: gabriellek
Tiffany Couture Cleaners
We were recommeded this dry cleaners by some locals in our apartment complex. Our wedding was coming up soon and my wedding dress needed ironing to get the creases out and shortening to get it the right length.Little did I know that my wedding dress was non dry-cleanable! No steam or heat was allowed on the dress due to the very unusual fabric that no one seems to have ever seen (dress was from an Australian desgner). Understandably, I was pretty upset by this and did not want to walk down the aisle in a creased wedding dress, and was considering buyng a new dress. However, Tiffany Dry Cleaners were determined to help and said they would do whatever was recommended by the designer. After emailing back and forth with the designer, I got some very specific instructions which I promptly forwarded on to Dan at Tiffany's.The owners ended up taking my wedding dress home with them, soaking it in gallons of purified water and hanging it up in their very own home to ensure its safety and well being. I picked up my dress from Tiffany only a few days before our wedding. Although there were still a few light creases, the dress looked a million times better and was definitely wearable again! Thanks to Tiffany Couture Cleaners I was able to wear my one-of a-kind unique Australian wedding dress for our Las Vegas wedding. Furthermore, after all the effort and time that they spent on my dress they would not accept any more money for their services. Thank you Tiffany for all your help, patience, care and kindness throughout this process, for truly going above and beyond and for being a part of our special day!
By: valdiator
Absolutely Spotless LLC
Excellent customer service but a very average clean. I spoke to the manager and stressed that I was moving into a new place and needed an absolutely thorough first clean: he assured me I would not be idsappointed. It's only a 1.5 bed unit but I was happy to pay $160 for three cleaners to work for two hours.On the plus side they did a very good job with the bathroom and all the floors. But the kitchen units were seemingly barely touched - even the outside cabinets, yet they left half an hour early. While cleaning the kitchen cabinets myself Ifound all kinds of gunk, which suggests to me that they didn't even wipe the exteriors.Would I use them again? Usually I wouldn't, but this experience was far better than the one I had with the first company I contacted, who showed up 1.5 hours late (without calling) and with expired insurance, so my high-rise HOA wouldn't let them in.
By: 1paradox
Park Avenue Cleaners
I had a chanel white jacket with a large red wine stain on it from dinner last week. I didn't think it needed professional care so I decided to clean it myself. To my dismay, the stain spread around the jacket so that the whole back and right sleeve was covered with the red wine stain. So I took it to some cleaners around my area, but they all refused to clean my jacket due to the fact that the stain was already spread and embedded in so many areas. Then I heard that Park Avenue Cleaners & Shoe Repair had a good reputation for getting out many stains that other cleaners refused to take out. I proceeded to take the jacket to the cleaners and within 2 days they got the whole stain completely out. After this incident I will always trust Park Avenue Cleaners with any of my stains, tears, or repairs.
By: marissa.d.filippis
Crown Cleaners & Alterations
I love this cleaners. I was lucky and found them as soon as I moved to Vegas, so to be fair I haven't tried any other nearby places. HOWEVER, I wouldn't dare tempt fate and leave this place. I've trusted them with the repair of a quilt and my favorite lace blouse. Both turned out great. I love supporting small businesses like these and I love that I'm supporting an eco friendly cleaners. They do a great job with basic dry cleaning too.
By: lvanderveen
Town Cleaners
Poor performance - I took 5 items, all business casual wear, to be dry cleaned. My black dress was missing an item and my black blazer was half pressed. It was funny when I hung it up in the closet to see 1/2 pressed and the other half wrinkled. Not to mention that they charged me $19 for 5 simple items (and by that I mean cotton & polyester, not like it's silk or cashmere right?) I won't be back - first and last time.
By: maryo45
Absolutely Spotless LLC
I was referred to Absolutely Spotless nu a friend for their housekeeping service. I was impressed with the quality of cleaning they performed on my home. They finish the work in the time frame allotted which I really appreciate. They bring all their own supplies which makes it even more convenient for me. If you are looking for a good cleaning service I would highly recommend Absolutely Spotless.
By: Polly W.
Park Avenue Cleaners
I just picked up my boots and they look fabulous!I lost a heel cover on one boot and to repair it correctly both heels needed to be replaced. It cost $28 for both heel replacements which I thought was reasonable for a fairly pricy pair of boots. They were even freshly polished and look better than new. Great job, professional service, done when promised, would highly recommend for shoe repair.
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By: Lovisa A.
Fazio Cleaners
I recently underwent for surgery on my left hand, which left me unable to do even simple house work for several weeks. I am a hands-on mother of two, So I needed a lot of help. I used the services of Fazio Cleaners in Woodland Hills area. They provided me pick-up and delivery service even at the same day. They do an excellent job in terms of dry cleaning as well as customer satisfaction.
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By: Sarah E.
Fazio Cleaners
Fazio Cleaners house a fine range of tailoring options. Their expert in house seamstress and tailors, ace at delivering impeccable tailoring services in the likes of hemming, repair, zippers and mending. They also provide premier suit tailoring services with professional fittings. They are dedicated to not only making you look your best and also guaranteeing you the maximum comfort.
By: Victor F.
OneClick Cleaners
All I can tell is that so far it was one of the best online dry cleaning service I have ever experienced. Driver comes to my door to pick up my laundry bag and everything is very efficient. I have just started my online account with One Click Cleaners and everything seems to be so quick. Reliable and great quality service. I have already recommended it to my co-workers.

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