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By: trailertech
Trailer Tech
In response to the complaint against Trailer Tech on December 30th 2012. From the President of Trailer Tech: At first I was I not going to bother with a response to this complaint because I think most people are intelligent enough to read between the lines of Mr. Patterson's rambling to get a better picture of what actually transpired, but his behavior was so ridiculous and his complaint is so warrantless, that I cannot let this lie to continue to be spread. We do not expect our customers to be "experts", because that is what we are (staff total of over 72 years experience in selling parts for trailers).We do our best to get you what you need and want in a timely manner. To do this, we have to ask many questions, of which Mr. Patterson could not be bothered with. He arrived at our store 10 minutes before closing, which was not a problem as our salespeople are always willing to stay late to help a serious customer, as well as I am always willing to pay overtime for a sale to be handled. But Mr. Patterson was too busy strutting around our showroom and talking at the top of his lungs into his cell phone. When my salesperson tried to get his attention, he was rude and demeaning. In spite of this, my salesperson managed to decipher that Mr. Patterson wanted a heavier axle package for his trailer as he was overloading it on a regular basis, and that he wanted to use 8-bolt wheels. Since the 8-bolt pattern is only available in a minimum of 6000 pound axles, that is what he was sold. Bright and early the next morning, Mr. Patterson's employee brought everything back for a REFUND saying that he had decided to buy a different trailer instead of upgrading his trailer. We have a modest re-stocking fee of 15% in such situations which barely covers our costs, especially when you consider a credit card transaction fee both directions. This fee is noted on our invoices and each customer is required to acknowledge this fee in the form of his signature. When Mr. Patterson's employee called and informed him of this, he flew into a tirade. He threatened us repeatedly in many different forms, both against the company and against the salesperson and myself personally. I personally made the decision to return his purchase price in full, in spite of the fact that we would lose in excess of $100 on the non-sale, because it just wasn't worth dealing with him or his threats and potential bad P.R. We took back everything he had purchased and Mr. Patterson WAS NOT charged a re-stocking fee. If Mr. Patterson has been in business for 25 years, then I'm sure that he is aware that there are still laws on the books against libel and slander. Perhaps he SHOULD beware.
By: Anna L.
Sahara RV
Why so many bad reviews? Not sure, but I'm glad I have had a pleasant experience!My review is for the RENTALSI rented an Rv for my family for a trip to Arizona. The RV may have been a bit older, but it still ran great and made our vacation a great experience. The staff was really Helpful. The rental staff went above and beyond to try and make sure my trip was on track. They walked me through how to use everything (we were first time RV Renters so this meant a lot to us!) The checkout process was pretty painless. Waited a few minutes for the walk-through but nothing major, while waiting I was kept updated on how long it would be by the staff.Also, I have to mention the prices....we shopped around at several different companies for RV rentals and a few things that we liked that I have to point out....The rates are much cheaper than the competing companies. (yes the RVS seem to be a little older, but to me it was worth it...I mean we didn't have any major issues and the unit didn't break down or anything).ALSO...I noticed that the other companies wanted to charge us for miles right off the bat!Sahara at least gave us some free miles before the miles charge kicked in. (we rented for 7 days and they gave us 1,000 free miles!!!) We went over about 50 miles and had to pay like $20-30 for the remainder of miles....not too bad...I can't imagine having to pay that other 1,000 miles.....too expensive! Glad that they offered some free miles for us!I think my only complaint is that insurance is required unless you get a actual notice from your insurance company with the vin and stuff of that vehicle you're renting. Nuisance, but not that big of a deal I guess..(the deductible is like $2,000 or 2500?) so I would look into getting the things form your insurance company. Besides that, Sahara RV treated my family right and we look forward to renting with them again.
By: Jimmy A.
Sahara RV
Truly deserves 5-stars! General Manager Wiley came to our aid on a sizzling hot July afternoon. We were in Death Valley when the crank decided to strip its gears (or something) & it wasn't going to lower the top. My husband got underneath & took off screws from stuff and we pushed & locked it down- knowing it's broken. We made it to Las Vegas approximately 15 minutes before closing time on a Friday afternoon & we pulled our tent-trailer in. Mr. Wiley personally took care of us! He crawled under (with his back on melting asphalt) to look at the problem. He told us he'd try to get us back on the road by Tuesday. Imagine our surprise when he called us mid-morning on Monday and it was ready! He put in new parts and it works better than ever! The repair price was not gouging - very fair for we weary travelers! He saved our vacation! 4 teenagers will never forget it - and their parents won't either! THANK YOU, Mr. WILEY! You're a good man and hard worker! Great customer service! You cared!
By: Amy H.
Sahara RV
I rented a RV for a trip to Las Vegas, the rental department was super helpful and answered all of my questions. They did a complete walk through on the RV so I knew how to operate everything before I left. I loved the RV and did not have any issues with it. I enjoyed my experience so much that I look forward to renting an RV with Sahara RV again soon! A few great things about Sahara RV over the competitors that I learned: Sahara RV offers free mileage up front before they charge (unlike the other companies). I rented for 5 days and got 700 free miles!!! They also provided unlimited FREE generator usage, which apparently some of the companies charge $3-$5 per hour for this!!! I am really glad I went with this company over the other options!!
By: Jordan J.
Sahara RV
Purchased a toy hauler from Sahara RV for going out to the dunes. The Salesman Dean was a pleasure to work with. He walked me thru the whole sales process. Before I took the unit they had a technician give me a complete walk through on the unit. They showed me that everything was working (except for the fridge, which I was informed of before purchase). I am new to RV-ing so I was grateful that they took the time to show me how to use and operate everything. We have come back from our trip and had no surprises. I appreciate Sahara RV taking care of me and would recommend purchasing a unit from them, at least Dean the salesman I dealt with was very helpful.
By: Matthew M.
Sahara RV
My wife and I purchased a 20015 Forest River Rockwood Pop up tent camper. It was used from their rental fleet. It was well maintained and taken care of, the sales rep Les helped me with my purchase and held our hand the entire time. We are new to RV-ing. They gave me a complete walk thru of the unit and showed us that everything was working and how to operate everything. I would definitely recommend them and would come back if I ever need to purchase another RV. (They also do rentals!). I have also shopped at the parts department and they were very helpful in getting me the parts I needed to tow my trailer. THANK YOU SAHARA RV!
By: Bob S.
Sahara RV
We rented a travel trailer for a Thanksgiving camping trip in CA and Laura could not have been more accomodating or helpful, she even measured things and took pictures for us during her lunch break! She also held two trailers for us as we couldn't decide which one we wanted! The trailer was perfect for our trip we had an issue with the generator but luckily had extra oil with us for it so it was all great. Again Laura was so terrific to work with, we look forward to our next trip!!
By: Lauren A.
Sahara RV
Sahara RV Saved my vacation!! Our A/c went out in our personal motorhome and we called all around to find a service that could repair it...everyone was booked and couldn't see us last minute. Sahara RV sympathized with my situation and even though they too were booked they squeezed me in and had me back on the road within 2 hours! Having no A/C In this heat would have been a disaster! So grateful they took me and finished the job quickly!
By: Lynette A.
Sahara RV
Rented an RV for a trip to zion! They were older but well maintained. I liked them much better than one of their competitors that I rented from! & they gave me some free miles! I expected to get charged for Gen use like the other company, but was surprised when they told me it was included at NO charge! I WILL BE BACK!!
By: Laura M.
Premier RV Solutions
We didn't expect to be able to get ourselves the RV we wanted from the experience we had at traditional dealerships. The process was very easy and quick. No problems at all so far. Lovely coach!! Couple of technical teething issues but nothing we can't figure out - we know what RV's are like!

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