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By: Shirlee H.
Lost Games Escape Rooms
My family and I decided to hit up Vegas during Father’s Day weekend. Brother and I decided to check out this new Escape Room that just opened up, which wasn’t that far from the strip. We checked out their website and it looks pretty awesome. So we decided to call and ask couple questions about booking. Lillian, the owner informed us that we can book the reservation online and even gave us a Promo Code to use as we were first timers, like really FIRST TIMERS- NEVER DONE A ROOM ESCAPE BEFORE (both my brother and I). Lillian is great and very friendly! I assumed we were going to be locked inside a dark room, and scary things will jump out at you like a those Universal or Knott's Halloween maze type thing. I am very curious about it but also really scared to try it. So we booked our afternoon game. The parking was abundant! They were all ready for us. We were greeted immediately. When you first walk in, it like you’re sent into a whole different world. The plot is dated back in 1930’s. It reminded me a lot of “American Horror Story: Asylum”. I thought about chickening out, but I DIDN’T! First we fill out the form and signed our life away, no just kidding. We signed our consent forms. They even have lockers for us to store our personal belongings. While we wait a bit in the lobby, Lillian went over the rules that are posted on the wall and IN WE GO!! Overall the plot, the story, the game puzzles are very well thought out. It was a bit challenging at first, and it got even more so toward the end. It was frustrating, especially for an impatient person like myself. I was really impressed with the electronical set up, YOU’LL SEE WHEN YOU GET THERE don’t want to give answers away!! It’s freaking awesome. I did get startled a couple times before, you know when things get unlocked and dropped and the sudden noise in a quiet scary room… IT’S CREEPY! I really enjoyed it. I’m anticipating for the next 3 stories. I urge you to visit them!
By: Louisa M.
Pinball Hall of Fame
I LOVE THIS PLACE! I have been going here for years (back when they were in that super tiny, hot location) and it's time I wrote a proper review. This is our favorite place to spend a lazy weekend day. It entertains us for hours and makes for a cheap date.Go with a bunch of quarters (or at least $20 per person) and prepare to take a nostalgic trip down pinball lane. There's a great mix of classic and new pinball machines as well as some classic video games (Ms. Pac Man, Tetris, and more). The vintage claw / crane games are a hoot to play too! The newer pinball machines give you full 5 ball games too!All of the pinball machines are in perfect working order and aren't set to the hardest setting so you actually get some good play time in before you start cussing out the machine for cheating and taking your ball, ha ha!I love the pinball tech guys that run this place too. You can sometimes watch 'em working on torn up machines in the back. It's not fancy (and gets wickedly hot during the summer months), so don't expect much more than a shack filled with row upon row of pinball games. This place is a gem and a must visit for pinball lovers.
By: Julianne E.
Pinball Hall of Fame
I love this place. It's been on my bucket list for over a year and one day, while driving to a different destination, we came upon this Pinball Hall of Fame. Not what you think it would be. Go inside this fairly plain 1-story building and you'll find 100's of operating pinball machines - one giant arcade! I found the pinball machine I loved in the 80's. The machines have cards describing the pinball machine and its year. I played some pretty old pinball machines that day. I am definitely going back when I can spend more time there. Don't worry about being an adult in a pinball arcade - almost everyone there was an adult. They have a change machine for convenience. Easy parking.
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By: rojo.meister
Coney Island Emporium
Was looking for a kid-friendly place (other than Circus Circus) to take my 11 yrs old daughter. She really loves claw machines and Coney Island had many of them--however, their claw machines were VERY loose, no good claw grip. I didn't see a single kid with any animals won from the machines. It was really disappointing to spend so much $$ and not win a single claw prize. To add a bit of insult, we won some tickets to trade them into prizes. The young man working behind the counter could care less, you can tell he didn't want to help us. He looked totally put out. I gave this venue 3 stars because they did have a good selection of arcade games and pinball machines.
By: David M.
The steak was dry and not flavorful. I'm only giving two stars because I guess pricing is good relative to other steakhouses. The service was terrible, except for the runner who overheard me say it was the worst service ( he was so nice and apologized and now I feel so guilty). I also had a special request for a birthday dessert for my mom since it was her Birthday which never came. EPIC FAIL OF LIFE!! Do not be cheap, go to a more expensive steakhouse on the stripThis is an update! I took it from two to one star. I wrote the review while sitting at the dinner table. My mom has been throwing up for hours now. Could this experience have gotten any worse?!?!
By: rydewitmescooters
Owner was nice, make employee after him was rude... We were 3-5 min over our time and he rudely rushed us out... After paid $500... We couldn't even get all of our stuff out before another group was coming in... We were told no home made food but the people who came in after us had all home made food... The place was nice and the kids had fun but I would not recommend going back... It's small businesses like this that should do the extras (even if we are 3-5 min over our time) to keep people who pay good money happy...
By: Brenda M.
Le Savon
Like me every women wishes to be beautiful and youthful. With so many chemicals in products it has become almost impossible for us to trust anyone. But when it comes to Le Savon, I can assure you can never go wrong. Their natural products are designed to give a new life to your skin and provides instant revitalization. The skin creams help in dehydrating and nourishing skin. Another best thing is all their products comes in travel friendly packaging.
By: Nicole E.
High Roller
I absolutely love this thing!!!! It is really awesome! It's slow-moving so people of all ages can enjoy it! You can take a drink on or do happy half-hour option. We've gone on it twice & both times we had the pod to ourselves! I doubt that happens on weekends & busy times so weeknights are best. Highly recommend!
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By: musictemple.lasvegas
Music Temple
DJ KDEE highly recommended and did not disappoint. He was an incredible host who was easy to work with and came prepared with his own equipment and lights. He was a fun guy to be around, danced a bit and created a comfortable environment for people to feel free to sing to their hearts’ content.
By: Nicole E.
Magical Forest
This is a really nice lil festival! It has tons of Christmas lights & everything looks beautiful! The forest of Christmas trees is neat with trees decorated very creatively by the sponsors. There are a few cute rides/activities for the kids. We've gone 2 years in a row now & it's awesome!

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