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By: Mariah C.
Desert Palms Pro-Active
This is a great gated community to live at. There is lots of parking, easy transportation accessible. They accept pets which is a wonderful thing since I'm an animal lover. Exceptional staff members and very attentive customer service. They also have a fantastic handyman who attends to maintenance issues in a very timely manner. I moved out here from out of state and was so thrilled to find this place to call my home. Not only is this place kept clean but it isn't runned down like these other places I had been to, they all had that motel feeling to it. I LOVE living here. Plus the gardner comes twice a week and not to mention the most important thing that just makes me soo much more happier, it's a BUG FREE!!! building. You should check it out for yourself, I can go on and on about all the great things this place has to offer but you need to get out here to see it for yourself. I give it two thumbs up.
By: Karen S.
Craig Suites
I am currently living at the Siegel Suites located at 5230 E. Craig rd. and I just wanted to say thank you to all the Staff there they have really made it feel like a home. I have stayed at other weekly's and this place is more then that. It is a place with caring staff and a clean property there has not been one day that I have seen that the property doesn't look good the staff works hard and it shows. thanks again to the staff at Siegel Suites.
By: fredmazzella
Craig Suites
When ur on a fixed income and everything keep Going higher and higher. It nice to know I can stay here for as long term I need and when I pay my rent I don't have any other things to worry bout. I don't own a car and I can walk to Walmart for groceries. They take good care of the grounds and it so quiet here. I am very happy with Siegel Craig location and plan on staying a long time.
By: jamesedwin
Craig Suites
i been living at Siegel Suites since 2006 and i love that they take great care of me. they help carry grocery home sometimes and bring me my mail if i cant go to the office. it a great deal when you are on a fixed income. i pay my rent once a month and i am done. thanks Fran and Sam, you ladies always take the best care of this old guy !!!
By: micheal.ifield
Tropicana Village Apartments
The best part I like about living there is the staff. The staff really is friendly. If I see one of the staff members I greet them. The complex is quiet and the people respect each other. The complex is clean with a unique style. My wife and I have been living there going on three years and we really like living there.
By: Sabrina P.
Desert Palms Pro-Active
Wow this place has really turned around! It is now gated and they have amazing customer service. The maintenence crew is great at taking care of issues and I haven't had any bug issues since the new owners took over in 2014. In my opinion desert palms apartments is worth every penny and is affordable!!!
By: Knox R.
Cottage Grove Apartments
Good and bad. Great location, clean and quiet, next to University, safer than others in area. BUT is of poor constructions and can be a utility hog if apartment is in the "cinder block" building. Poor plumbing means sometimes nothing but cold water for weeks on end with no offer of solutions.
By: sweetiepie99
Tropicana Village Apartments
Have fun swimming in two clean pools! So very close two shopping at grocery stores and retail stores! The apartment staff are very friendly and there is excelent maintance of the apt. grounds and buildings! I have been in this complex for since 1999.
By: jonathan.fontana1
Tropicana Village Apartments
i have lived here for a month and a half i have had no problems with the neighbor or staff the are courteous and friendly the maintinance and office staff are on the repairs if needed i would recomend tropicana to friends and family
By: vegaslover2
Craig Suites
This place is quiet. The staff is great. I get royal treatment here!!!! they great care of the buildings and Fran... the manager is always listening to us. for a great deal and reasonable living this is great ,

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