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By: alib814
Hand In Hand Preschool & Early Development Center
While I did love this school at first as did my son we eventually had to take him out. First, my one main concern was the student to teacher ratio... At the beginning they tell me 1 teacher to 12 students well there were up to 30 kids in the classroom at times. My child had a hard time coping in a class size that large. They are required to do worksheets for an hour at a time it seemed and expected to sit still at 3.5-4 years old, they had a behavior chart in there that seems like once you got on the "oops" or "uh oh" there was no way of earning your way back up. My son is not easy I know that, but really what 3-4 year old is? They lost patience with him I dropped him off at 9:45a and by 10a was called to come get him on the morning we decided to just take him out. I grew tired of hearing all the bad things he was doing and saying. Turns out he MAY be on the autism spectrum... So if you have a child with even the slightest disability or a defiant child I would not recommend this place since they do not have the patience or skill to know how to help a child with special needs or defiance. Though they will offer you resources. Since removing him from this school he is so much happier and his behavior has really turned around. It was truly heartbreaking to hear and be told all the negative things he was doing everyday, nothing positive really was said. I know he can be challenging but I also know he's a sweet, caring and polite kid when treated with patience and respect. While there are a lot of great qualities about this school, there is a lot of room for improvement. Pros: clean organized class room, extremely structured, most staff was pretty friendly, always open door with director Christine, offered resources Cons: too many kids in one room, reflected on negative behavior too much instead of positive reinforcement. One size fits all type of learning or cookie cutter. I know that this cannot be an easy field, early childhood development so I'm just giving our experience so take what you must from it. I'm not one to bash or intently criticize any person place or thing just wanted to share our experience with hand in hand.
By: Gail S.
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
My daughter has attended Kidz Preschool on Ft. Apache since she was 3 months old (when it was called Bright Child). My daughter is now 2 years old, and she loves attending school ever day. The school is much better under the direction of KP than BC. I will admit I am THAT parent, who is very involved in her child's life; I am not the "daycare drop-off" kind of parent. I'm always asking questions about the curriculum, activities, the teachers, etc. - and the directors have ALWAYS been patient and professional with me and kindly addresses all my questions and concerns. Ms. Shanda and Ms. Jamaika have also been great with looking out for the well-being of my daughter. Without going into details, I had a personal incident earlier this year that made me nervous, BUT these ladies handle the situation with ease and grace and helped put my mind at peace. In addition to the great directors, I love daughter's teacher, Ms. Akieya! As a teacher myself, I am so happy that my daughter has a teacher whose actions match her words, and I can see that she really cares about my daughter and her classmates. I always make sure I tell Ms. Akieya at least once a month how grateful I am for her and how much she is appreciated. As a teacher, I get it...sometimes just a simple acknowledge of one's good efforts can make a person's day, week, or even month. **************************For any parent reading my review, like with anything, PLEASE do you own research/inquiry. After reading other reviews, I was saddened by some of the false information people have posted just because perhaps they were upset at the time of writing their review. And, yes, I realize that there is always 3 sides to a story: his, hers, and the ultimate truth that only the Dear Lord knows.
By: Karen J.
Kids R Kids
Over the past 7 years I have had 3 children go thru Kids R Kids in Silverado Ranch. Ms. Stacey has cared for all our babies in the infant room. That s how long she is there. Also, their 1 and 2 year old classrooms are excellent. When my kids went to the pre-k program, they were more than ready for kindergarten. After graduating out from their Private Kindergarten my kids went off to one of the top rated Private schools in Las Vegas. The teachers of all of my 3 children were so impressed with their knowledge and commented that most children coming from Kids R Kids come in at a higher level. I recently recommended KRK to a friend who commented about the bad review on yahoo. I have to tell you the review is totally not what happens at Kids R Kids. I think unfortunately sometimes families or children's individual needs or family finances just don't work out. Our children have been so blessed by the care of the teachers and Ms. Cindy, and Ms. Marissa who create a wonderful family feeling each day for my husband, myself and our children. Good job guys.... Keep up the good work.
By: S T.
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
Has extra security when trying to come into the building from the outside which is a wonderful plus. Lobby is always decorated when you come in the front door and smells great. Office staff is always personable and friendly. My children have been attending this facility for a few years now and they absolutely love it always smiling when I pick them up from their classrooms and wanting to tell me about their day. I highly recommended coming in to take a tour.
By: nubinquen
Little Round-Up Preschool
This is the Best place to take your child or children. The staff has been taking care of my daughter since she was 9mo old and she is now 4 1/2 they are like family. My daughter is Autisic and they are very patience with her they have helped potty train her since I am a single working mother. I would stand on the roof to tell how much I appreciate them and Love them at Little Round up!
By: ajwalker
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
This school has changed for the better since the new Director Christina took over. She keeps us parents informed of things going on in the preschool and makes us feel like family. My son loves coming to school everyday.
By: J. R.
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
Clean facility, great curriculum and amazing people! The teachers there have been caring for my daughter for 2 years. They always make time to speak to me about any questions or requests that i have.
By: rachelrola
Challenger School
It offers a lot of tools at your disposal. The environment is friendly and an open environment. This is a top-notch school to pick.

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