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By: Eric H.
El Charro Auto Sales
Quite the rinky-dink, deceitful little business. After reading a satisfactory Carfax report, Humberto sold me a nice-looking 2006 Nissan Altima. It had been regularly maintained, so how could there possibly be anything wrong with it? Well, a little over two weeks after I purchased it, the AC started blasting out either lukewarm or flat-out hot air when on the coldest setting. Shortly after, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Not sure what kind of place sells a car without giving it a proper tune-up first, but I took it to AutoZone for a diagnostic test, and got a P0420. This is probably the most vague diagnosis a vehicle can get, but it's probably the catalytic converter. Let's just hope this is only thing wrong, shall we? And, wait for it, wait for it...As it turns out, it needs a new exhaust manifold, front struts, and radiator hoses as well as a timing belt - all adding up to about $2,200 in repairs. Essentially, the $400 I saved when they knocked it off the price will have to go a mechanic (plus an additional $1,800) to fix the issues. Good lookin' out, guys! "As-Is" vehicle sales are a gamble the buyer usually doesn't win. However, the fact that the issues were never disclosed at the time of purchase nor did I receive a copy of the engine report mandated BY LAW after 75,000 miles probably means I have a damn good case against them. Avoid the aggravation and spend the extra money somewhere else. At least there you'll know what you're getting.
By: newuseryp
Audi Las Vegas Service Center
I went to look at a 2013 Audi, in Las Vegas Nevada, which had recently arrived. Drove and liked it however by the time I received an insurance quote, and had done some other shopping the car had been sold and no others were available in the vicinity. I discussed with my Salesperson, Robert, what he wanted to do, since I couldn't wait for months to order one and preferred not to travel out of town where others were available. They found a more upgraded one out of state and negotiated to have it shipped here, and at no charge to me. They were not under any obligation to do this. They also worked out a very competitive price which turned out to be less than I would have otherwise paid out of the area where I had priced several. I left a deposit and signed to have the vehicle transferred. A few days later the car arrived in good order, no miles,nor damages, clean, fueled, tested fine, ready to go. I completed the paper work, was not pressured to take additional items though I took some which I had previously reviewed. Robert went over the various systems with me and gave me a lift back from the airport. A+ all around so far!
By: bankerkim
Towbin Alfa Romeo / FIAT
WOW! how to describe BEST car I’ve ever purchased & from a dealership with BEST VIP treatment ever experienced. I did internet search “2017 convertibles” and saw a car I’d never seen before … 2017 Fiat Spider 124. SPECS: I wanted something fast, compact and with latest gadgets (backup camera, 7” screen, remote everything). I’d already driven a $55,000 German sports car so I went to test drive the Fiat. AMAZING! 0-60 in 6 sec, zero noise or wind blowing at highway speeds with top down. Fiat even BEATS German convertible BECAUSE it has pushbutton start & top up or down in 5 seconds. All this at HALF the German cost.Towbin Fiat made my choice even better. UNBEATABLE PRICE (and I shopped ALL over the USA), Vanessa Rau treated me like I was royalty. She showed me many features as we walked around my new car, even connected my smartphone to 7” touch screen. If you are looking for ANY convertible in Vegas & don’t at least test drive the Fiat 124 at Towbin, YOU ARE CRAY CRAY CRAZY!!!
By: fawles.rowke
AutoNation Volkswagen Las Vegas Service Center
The good reviews must have been posted by employees or by people who know literally nothing about cars.These people invent problems and they overcharge. Here are a few examples I have experienced in person. For corroded terminals, they want to replace the battery. When the coolant level is low, they want to replace the thermostat. When the mechanic breaks something, they want to claim it was broken. They want you to pay at least $400 or more, no matter what. Still, the shop is not one star, because they actually fix the problem too, assuming you pay a lot more than necessary. As long as you know this and you know EXACTLY what you want, plus do not mind paying $135/hr, you can go there, because they have the instrumentation to diagnose and the tools to repair VWs. They are, for the above-mentioned reasons, in fact, better than the average mechanic in Vegas, which does not mean they are good.The parts store is good and sometimes you can get steep discounts.
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By: Laureen S.
Volvo Cars of Las Vegas
After months of considering getting a new car, I traded in my old Chrysler 300 and leased a brand new 2017 Volvo XC60 T6. I absolutely love the car! I am very happy with my decision. I would like to Thank Marcus Rice/Sales Associate, for making me feel welcome and addressing all of my concerns in a timely manner. Marcus made the car buying process seamless. I would also like to give a big Thank you to Lane McEnaney / General Manager, for being flexible and making adjustments in order for me to drive off with the car I wanted! I would highly recommend Volvo Las Vegas on Sahara to anyone who is car shopping. The Customer Service, Staff, Environment and Management are excellent, professional, and friendly. They also had a great selection available to choose from. Thank you for setting such a high standard in Customer Service and car shopping experience. 5/5 star experience!
By: simplysmn
Findlay North Volkswagen
I spoke with salesman Jason Well's over internet for several day's he found what I wanted and did most of the deal over the phone and through fax machine we drove over from Southern ca. with our car as a trade in on my trailer we were met as we arrived by Jason he gave us great new's he had fought for a lower interest rate and got it showed us the car took it out on test drive loved the car went back in filled out the final paper work signed and we were on our way within 2 hr's start to finish this Dealership was great to work with and it was a pleasure to work with Jason I would recommend Findlay North VW to anyone that want's to buy a great car .we not only got a new car we also got extended family we were treated great and with the up most respect from everyone at Findlay VW Thank you jason you were Awesome to work with . Val Simon
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By: Misty S.
Clem Auto Sales
Buying a new car is kind of daunting because salesmen are out for the quick buck. BUT NOT HERE. Clem did NOT try to hustle us, and didn't have to sell us on anything. We went to his lot and found a couple of cars we were interested in. He simply handed over the keys, gave us a tag, and let us experience the car for ourselves. When we got back and decided to buy, we went in his office and were done in under an hour. He found a great financing option for us and was super professional and nice. No hustling. No bother. No problem. Would I recommend him again?? YES YES YES. He's got a nice facility, professional environment, and simple selling tactic. I'd go back over and over if I needed to.... and will CERTAINLY recommend him to everyone else I know. Thanks, Clem!
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By: Candace V.
Mini of Las Vegas
I had an appointment to get my car serviced for the 1st time since I bought the car and I was so shocked by how amazing I was treated. They were short handed because of the holiday weekend and they were super busy but they went above and beyond to make me happy. I was raving about a product in the mini store that I have always wanted but couldn't afford and they gave it to me as a courtesy because I had to wait a little longer for my car. They even gave me a loaner car so I didn't have to wait the entire afternoon for my car to be serviced. I have never felt so special and appreciated from a car dealership before. I will always have my Mini and I will never go anywhere else. They are so great at what they do, I really hope they get recognition for it.
By: Monica G.
El Charro Auto Sales
Recently I just graduated from high school & was forced to face the harsh reality of the real world. With that said, I managed to find a decent job but the only problem was that it would take me almost 3 hours just to get back & forth from work. That's when I decided it was time to gather up my next couple of paychecks & buy a car. I had a friend mention they bought theirs here so I decided to check the place out since I don't know much when it comes to cars. When I came, the owner Humberto was very polite & helped me find a nice sedan with good gas mileage & at a price range that I could afford. The paper work did take a while but it was worth it since the car runs great & getting to work only takes 20 minutes now.
By: hypnotiqblaznsteel
Hitchin' Post Trailer Sales
Hitchin' Post is a truly exceptional park in the last place you'd expect to find it!! Don't let the Area outside the park keep you from staying here! VERY friendly staff, Full amenities including community laundry facilities that are cleaner and nicer than anywhere in Vegas... With the WiFi and even a "courtesy computer" in the laundry room... keeping in touch is easy. Looks small from outside, but once inside the remote operated and video monitored security gate... it has close to 200 spaces, some with semi-permanent residents and some overnighters... Pet area, secured pool & shower area, motel, and steakhouse all on-site! All under $50 a night!!!Highly recomended!!

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