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By: ac3007
Mobile Motorcycle Mechanix
I selected this mechanic because the company was on Angie's List. I was very disappointed to say the least. Firstly, on the day of my scheduled appointment made a week in advance, I was told to expect a call about 10-15 mins prior to appointment time. Never got the call. I wound up calling under 10 mins to appt time and was told that, due to a personal situation, it would be another 2 hrs. I said fine and the mechanic did arrive 2 hrs later. The main reason for the 2 star is this mechanic misdiagnosed my scooter issue, was very expensive and it wound up being an extremely simple, uncostly fix. The mechanic only gave 2 scenerios for the scooter's situation and me, being new to scooters, didn't listen to my initial instincts that it was just the battery. I was told it wasn't running due to either the carborator or the regulator and if the regulator is hot, then it's the regulator. Regulator was very warm, not hot, but most importantly, still very connected to the pins, just slightly attached at a diagonal to the pin switch, due to me bumping the bike against a sidewalk. He tells me 'Yep, that's the problem' even though he is aware it's still very connected to the pin switch and even thinks it should still be working properly. Tells me to get a new regulator and a new battery. Simple fix because, after all, my bike had less than 200 miles on it, nothing else could be wrong. I get the regulator a week later since I had to order it, install it and the new battery and it doesn't work. Call him and am told could be a fuse blown or another electrical issue. I confirm the fuse is blown, get a new one, but it gets blown out the moment it's installed. I blow thru 2-3 more fuses and call the mechanic back and he states that's definitely a direct short going on and to check for any loose wires( which is impossible, no loose wires around). Well guess what it was? The battery. That's it. I did a simple process of elimination of what could be causing the fuse to blow and found that the brand new regulator installed, was apparently malfunctioning. I reinstalled the old regulator, the one I was told was fried and was short-circuiting the battery, and it worked as if nothing had ever been wrong. So instead of spending less than $50 for just a battery, I was given a series of other options, more costly ones at that(regulator $65, electrical issue). So this mechanic I feel gave the most costly diagnosis without a thorough check in the first place. Similar to a computer malfunctioning, a techie tells you to first check if it's even powered on or plugged in. Like alot of automobile mechanic shops that like to start with the most costly option as opposed to the likely lesser expensive solution, this motorcycle mechanic did the same. I'll never use him again or the company. $75 for him to come out and diagnose(initially told $70), $65 for a regulator I didn't need , $50 for a battery & $6 for 2 packs of fuses. Had he come back to install everything and put my scooter back together, another $35-$70 possibly. No thanks. Did it myself in under 30 mins and figured out the problem in the first place, me the scooter-novice.
By: Anthony M.
Those Guys Motorcycle
I rode out to Las Vegas, and my trusted steed, a 86' kawasaki voyager broke down, while I worked they went about fixing my bike, they seemed more than fair in their pricing,If you are looking for a smoke free atmosphere with salad greens, and bubbly, I would go somewhere else, if you are looking for guys with grease on them, and can work on any machine, and make it work again, this is the place, Mike and his guys are awesome, the quote they gave me was the final price.As far as towing, I had my road service tow it, I'm sure that if I had used theirs they would have charged for it. Life is not free, and I expect to pay for a service. Bottom line I would trust these guys with any of my bikes, by the way my bike runs better now than it did before!!!!
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By: Teresa B.
Those Guys Motorcycle
My husbands BMW K1200 broke down 5 miles out Vegas, on a SUNDAY, MIke got us a tow driver to get it to him on MONDAY, FIXED IT SAME DAY!!! I love this shop and the honesty and intergrity and helping a FREAKED OUT wife that was over 900 miles away so her husband can make it to NEW ORLEANS for our 12 Anniversary...GOD BLESS MIKE and HIS CREW!!!!!
By: james.leamy
Malone Motorsports
Driving home my drive belt broke. I called MMS and they were able to get me in same day saving the day hats off to all you guys top notch service thank you
By: Daquon J.
Malone Motorsports
Very fast service at a great price, DJ is great, you guys have a customer for life!

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