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  • Revive Weight Loss
    Edited: 12/21/2016

    September 1st my wife and I started the HCG Diet with Dr. Rachel. We followed the diet to the letter and NEVER cheated. Our results were outstanding!

    My wife is in her mid-forties and went from 160 lbs. to 139 lbs. I am 57 years old and reduced a 255 lb. body to a 222 lb. body in the same period of

    just over a month. Needless to say we are both elated and are currently on the maintenance program under Dr. Rachel's supervision. We both intend to

    continue to eat correctly and train our Hypothalamus as the doctor explained. As a couple, we are heathier,

    happier and 54 lbs. lighter!

  • Weight Loss
    Edited: 12/21/2016

    After an extremely stressful year I realized that I had gained an extra 30 pounds. I have been an athlete and coach for most of my life, so I understand the significance of diet and exercise. However, I knew that if I wanted to drop tat weight in a hurry I was going to need a jump start.

    WHen I first came to Dr. Azoulay I was a skeptic. Forty days and nearly forty pounds later I believed. I believe in it so much so, that I am going to do another forty days. I will be 39 years old soon and I will be in the best shape of my life.

    Best Wishes

  • HCG Weightloss Program
    Edited: 12/21/2016

    Nearly a year ago, I read an interview with Dr. Azoulay in a local health magazine. At the time I was in trouble with my thyroid disfuncion, and had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about two years before. My body was out of control and the usual medical prescriptions only made it more so.
    I was not receiving adequate medical care at the traditional Western doctors because they just kept subscribing me pills instead of dealing with the root problem. I made an appointment with Dr. Azoulay. Her prescriptions to changes in my diet, mild exercise and herbal remedy from India, and the weight loss program changed my life. I am nearly recovered from diabetes symptoms because my glucose is stable and my thyroid is back to normal function. I really benefited from this HCG Weightloss Program.
    Compared to where I was proir to her wisdom an care, her treatement has produced miraculous results. I have lost close to 40 pounds with out a concentraded effort in that direction.
    Her gentle advise and treatments really work.

  • 'weight loss program is working as it promised'
    Edited: 12/21/2016

    When I met Dr. Azoulay I was 181 pounds. I did not to raise much hopes as I tried so many other diets with no permanent results. I honestly lost 20 pounds with the first Revive-Weightloss program designed by Dr. Rachel. I am already in the second program and this is my 10th day-- I lost 10 pounds in 10 days. I am so excited as nothing worked for me before like this therapy. I lost inches! My skin is glowing and my body is taking on a nice shape. My stomach is flat again. I recommend this therapy to everybody. This weight loss program is working as it promised.

  • Revive Weight Loss HCG
    Edited: 12/21/2016

    I'm a 46 year old woman who'd always been able to lose weight through normal diet/exercise methods until about 5 yrs ago. Since then I'd put on 35 pounds and nothing worked. Frustrated, depressed, and unable to sleep, I turned to Dr. Azoulay. I started HcG shots in March 2010 and in my first
    round I lost 20 pounds! I felt great! After 3 wks in maintenance, I started my 2nd round of HcG shots. So far (I'm a 3rd of the way thru the 2nd round) I've lost another 6 pounds. To date, I've lost over 25 inches, one shoe
    size, and two clothing sizes. Most importantly my energy level has gone through the roof!! I've even been training for a half marathon. For those of you who think this isn't possible, I understand. I was there too, but I can attest that it absolutely works. Was it hard? YES but the results came
    quickly. Good can do this!

    Cindy Galindo Gifford
    Duck Creek Studios

  • caty78

    I love Dr. Azoulay and Kelly. They are great. I came to see them about my over well being. Not everyone is the same and Dr.Azoulay makes you feel like if you are her only client. She creates your plan of action. I now feel happier, healthier and filled with energy. My children and husband can completely see the difference. Since I now have more energy I can plan fun filled days. Kelly is awesome on the phone and in the office.

    I high recommend you come and see her if your primary doctor can not find out what is wrong with you, that is what happened to me. So grateful I came to see her.


    I started with a goal of 36 pounds to lose, and I finished losing 39 pounds! I saw results within the first week and saw at least 1 pound a day (no joke) I definitely recommend this program, it is the only one that works. I tried the Green Tea, and the Trim-spa, and the pills from doctors, and they all work maybe 10% as well as this specific HCG program. Since we can't see what's in liquid, its better you get it from a legit doctor you can trust.

  • I reached the age of 40 and I ...

    I reached the age of 40 and I started to grow a "beer-belly" even though I work out regularly, ate well, but felt very tired. I was recommended to see Dr. Rachel Azoulay at the Revive Weight Loss Clinic and she discovered that I suffered from adrenal fatigue. She put me on the Revive-Weightloss program and supplemented with her naturopathic medicine. I lost 34 pounds in 40 days; I feel great and my stomach is flat again. I put my feet right back into my ski's and hit the lake with my powerboat-- My performance has increased and I am above-all, to my surprise, a strong able-bodied man. I recommend anything and everything at Revive Weightloss.

  • Hello, My name is Gloria from ...

    Hello, My name is Gloria from Henderson, NV, I had a baby about 6 months ago, I've tried diet pills, different diets and nothing worked. I found Dr. Azoulay just searching the web and I made an appointment the next day.

  • I have become a believer! I lo...

    I have become a believer! I lost 32 lbs in 40 days using Dr. Rachel's HCG Diet Plan and I am closer to achieving my goal of living a healthy and happier lifestyle! I have already started to refer friends, family members and perfect strangers to Revive Weight Loss! Thanks Dr. Rachel for all of your help! Tony Tenaglia

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