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  • Let me start by saying that if...
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    Edited: 01/09/2017

    Let me start by saying that if there was an option for no stars at all, that is what I would give.

    I received a flyer in the mail with an advertised mattress for 599 and it also stated that they have the guaranteed lowest price as well as a 5% military discount. When I got there I tried out the mattress and I liked it and I noticed that they carried Coaster brand furniture (which is the brand of the frame I liked). I asked the owner if I would get the 5% discount for being military and told him what I was interested in buying and he said YES!! I had done my research and found the frame I like from another company that also offered free shipping and they quoted me $470. When I asked furniture direct how much it would be they said $599 and I told them where I could get it for less and the price. They told me they could do it for $499 and I said ok because when you take the 5% off it would all work out ok. Then I asked about boxspring and they told me $99. so, I said ok and I was ready to purchase. THEN, they owner left the room and I was left to work with his wife who suddenly didn't want to give me the 5% discount that her husband had said he would give. She told me that she had already had to price match the frame (which she did NOT match exactly, it was still higher by $29) and that she let me have the boxspring for $99 and they are usually $149. I was livid and walked around until I found the owner and he then tried to settle with his wife. I left with %5 off the mattress and off of nothing else and that only happened because I was not leaving that store until they at least tried to be upstanding people. I was also told that my delivery would be tuesday or wednesday. I pretty much knew to expect Wednesday and then when I didn't receive a call on Wednesday to let me know a time, I got worried and called them. They told me I and scheduled for Thursday morning. I explained that I was told Wednesday and that my husband works nights and will need to be sleeping on Thursday morning and it just won't work. They told me to come get it then. Oh and did I mention that these owners were wearing designer clothes and driving very expensive vehicles, so, clearly they are not hurting for money, and just greedy. They can't even make good on THEIR OWN WORD!!!! Worst customer service EVER. In the end, I decided we would would pick it up and set it up ourselves. I know that it probably helped them out and saved them money by us doing that, but I couldn't stand the thought of having their people in my house and having do deal with them for one more second. If you live in Las Vegas. Check out Furniture Markdowns. They are a mother and son and so nice and the prices are good!!!

  • Worst experience. This place i...

    Worst experience. This place is horrible to deal with!! We ordered and PAID FOR close to $30,000 worth of furniture. We were promised 60 day delivery. We called after 3 months and no one answered the phone. We left message after message for the next 3 months. We only received a response after we contacted the Better Business Burea. After waiting over 5 months for our furniture we were told the order was taking so long because it was coming from Europe which we knew was not true. It was manifactured in North Carolina. Then we were told the order was never placed. Then we were told that they cannot order the furniture for the price we were quoted and had PAID FOR. The story kept changing and after 1 year, we spoke to the owner, Lee, who was absolutely the rudest most verbally abusive person we have ever dealt with . He screamed and yelled at us and slammed the phone. We called back and could not reach him . We contacted the BBB AGAIN. HE would not give us our money back ! We contacted the BBB AGAIN and FINALLY after one year, had no furniture, and had lived through one of the worst experiences!!!! I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy!

  • Horrible Customer Service, Employees that pose as management
    Rory Ann

    This is what LV Furniture Direct has taught me:

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault your did not have the sectional in stock for delivery.

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault you promised a delivery date you could not meet.

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault you had the wrong phone number.

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault your employees lie and don't pass them on to a manager.

    This place receives no stars from me. My husband and I ordered a sectional on March 19. We paid a deposit and were given a delivery date of March 23 or 24. The 23 came and I called to see if we would receive our delivery. No one knew. I guess the person who schedules deliveries does not come into the office until 11am. So I should hear something that afternoon. I did not so I called back. No delivery for me that day. The same thing happened the next day. I'm baffled. They have $200 of my money as a deposit. I have held up my end of this agreement. After much research a girl calls to say they DON'T EVEN HAVE THE SECTIONAL. And I won't get it until March 29.

    Today is March 29. I called at 11 to see when my sectional would be delivered. But the scheduler is ""Running late"" I won't know until after 1. If I don't hear by then I should call back. (When did I become this companies receptionist?) I hear nothing by 1:30 so I call. After having to repeat my information three times to the same girl that has been helping me this entire time I get an answer. Today at 4pm. She is giggling on the other line. I ask if she understands why I am so frustrated. She says yes. I ask her to tell me why I am so frustrated, she says she doesn't know. So I ask to speak to a manager. I get passed off to someone who is CLEARLY NOT A MANAGER. She starts raising her voice at me. This is all my fault they have the wrong number for me.

    REALLY? So I broke into your warehouse and switched numbers on your order form? Because obviously I am unable to give you a phone number that I have had for over 10 years. Plus your ditzy phone girl had called me back regarding my delivery and SHE had the correct number.

    So lets review here:

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault your did not have the sectional in stock for delivery.

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault you promised a delivery date you could not meet.

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault you had the wrong phone number.

    It is the CUSTOMERS fault your employees lie and don't pass them on to a manager.

    At last, the final communications with LV Furniture Direct? They have decided NOT to sell me the sectional. Not that I was excited to have one of there products in my house after all this anyways. Let's hope they refund my deposit.

  • Worst customer service, Liars, beware

    I am so angry at your store on Spring Mountain Road. I ordered a sectional sofa (not a special or custom order) on February 15,2012 and was told it would be delivered the next day before 12pm . When Myra called on February 14th to inform my husband and I that there would be a delay due to a driver calling in sick. I was a little upset, my husband rescheduled for the next day February 15 at me. Today I was given another excuse that it will not be delivered until 3-6pm February15th. Of course, I was given assurance that I would be informed of any further delays but I know better after this experience. I have never bought anything from LV Furniture before and I can assure you after this experience I never will. And mind you I found the same sectional with Myra for cheaper in stock same day delivery at a different location. My husband did not appreciate her posing as a manager on the phone as well. I think you need to update your employees on your policies as well as CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! I am in charge of upscale apartments with tons of residents always looking to buy furniture. I definitely will not recommend your store on Spring Mountain.

  • Worst furniture store ever!!!

    They are liars and will sell cheap quality furniture to you.
    Do yourself a favor and do not buy anything from them!

  • Furniture Direct - The best!

    I have furnished 2 large homes from Furniture Direct in the past approximately 15 years and have found their service, quality, selection and pricing to be the best anywhere and I am very discerning shopper. I highly doubt that the knowledge and attention to detail by their sales staff cannot be exceeded anwhere. I would highly recommend Furniture Direct to anyone!

  • worst experience ever

    We purchased over $20,000 worth from this company and I can tell you in my 50+ years, I have never had such a problem with a company, like this one. They choose the delivery company who brought, after waiting over 7 months, my furniture to my home. Out of 13 pieces, 8 were damaged; the dining table, the hutch, the master bed and it's chest, the coffee table and several chairs. I was informed that I HAD to allow them to take the furniture and fix it and bring it back. About 2 months later, it came back with the most horrible "fixes" you can imagine. They told me I HAD to give them a second chance on the repairs. Thank GOD for VISA. I had charged all this and I had decided I was done with this company and I would not accept a bunch of really screwed up stuff. VISA finally convinced them, by reversing the charges, that they need to pick up this badly damaged stuff.

    I am pretty sure that we paiud full or nearly full price for some furniture as well. We have a bedroom set, which we paid 10,000 for and the quality is medicre at best.

    All in all, stay away. They have locations in North Carolina as well.

    Business Response02/13/2009

    This information is inaccurate on many levels. Customer selected furniture that was delivered. Furniture Direct does not manufacture furniture, and all warranties are handled by the manufacturer with Furniture Direct being the expediter and facilitator. Furniture Direct is not responsible for a customer's unhappiness with his/her own selection, but we do our very best to do all that we can to satisfy each customer, as customers are certainly our top priority. This customer, who resides out of state, received a substantial discount on this furniture made in Italy and in Canada, and we are sorry that he/she is unhappy with her selection and how it coordinates in his/her home. Additionally, we do not have any locations in North Carolina.

  • User review by steve1234

    Incredible furniture and prices, with extremely knowledgeable sales staff and designers.

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