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  • Amazing Tailor

    Frank Valenti is an amazing Tailor. I have been going to Frank for years, and I have had many suits altered by him and had a suit made in the past. He is the last of his kind. I would not trust my suits to anyone else.

    You will also enjoy many of the stories he has about Vegas, if you can understand his heavy Italian accent.

    He has made suits for many casino owners including the late Frank Fertitta Jr and has altered suits for Sheldon Adelson.

    If you need a suit made or an alteration done, you are not going to find a more experienced tailor anywhere in Vegas.

  • Horrible! Avoid at all costs

    I am a client of a physical therapy office that is in the same business park as Mr Valenti. I have noticed his shop and had made a mental note to return at a later date to ask about some alterations I need done. Today, Mr Valenti's actions have guaranteed that I will NEVER be a patron of his store and will spread the word freely to everyone I know to ensure they never have to encounter the horrible, unprofessional Mr Frank Valenti.
    I have just undergone a rather painful and debilitating shoulder operation in the past week. Today, I received a ride to the physical therapy office and the only parking spot available was directly in front of Mr Valenti's door. As I was painfully exiting the vehicle, I noticed him standing in his doorway glaring in my direction, but did not think it was directed at me until Mr Valenti approached me and began shouting for my ride to move her car and that we needed to park somewhere else so his customers could park in that spot. I was flabbergasted! First, we had been in the space approximately 30 seconds before I exited the car, second- there were no available parking spots any where in the complex, third- there was no one else around so I couldn't figure out why he was suddenly so out of control and directing it at ME! I responded by telling the now SCREAMING Mr Valenti that we were not, in fact, PARKING at all and that the engine was still running! He took steps even closer to me and continued to shout his disgust that we were parking in front of his establishment. At this point, Mr Valenti had no idea if I was intending to be a customer for his store, but shook his fists and gestured wildly as he (literally) screamed repeatedly telling me to 'get out of the space' and 'park somewhere else' and that I 'didn't belong there'. I was forced to raise my voice to be heard and kept insisting that we weren't even parking there, and STILL Mr Frank Valenti kept on! Tired, in pain, and totally shocked, I finally shouted back that if he wanted to have the parking spot for his customers only he needed to post a sign, and he shouted again for us to 'get out of here!'. (Mr Valenti DOES NOT have any reserved parking in front of his establishment, and NO spaces are marked or designated for his sole use. I know, I checked) Finally, I was so frustrated and angry at this TOTALLY unjustified attack that I shouted for him to 'GROW UP!' at which point he very professionally shouted back, ""NO, YOU GROW UP!!!"" and stormed back inside his store.
    When I informed the office staff and Doctors of his ridiculous actions , they confirmed that his erratic behavior was an ongoing issue.
    I am a flight attendant who has to have uniforms altered on a regular basis, and was intending to bring Mr Valenti my items. I will NEVER take one step inside his establishment, and I will PERSONALLY post a notice for the HUNDREDS of my fellow co-workers who are seeking a professional tailor who is close to the airport to make their adjustments. I have not seen any of Mr Valenti's work, and based on the 'History' section of his website it appears he has extensive knowledge and experience-- however I would encourage you to think twice before giving him your business and possibly being the recipient of one of his unprofessional rants.
    Run, don't walk, away from Mr Frank Valenti. The only alterations he needs to be making are to his own behavior.

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