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By: Louisa M.
Los Cucos Mexican Cafe
This is a small chain from Texas and the food is good, if atypical, Southwestern style Mexican food. Los Cucos can't compete with Vegas local powerhouse Lindo Michoacan, but it still has pretty good eats and great service.The interior is strange, a rag-tag looking atmosphere in what is (obviously) a space formerly inhabited by MiMi's Cafe. The Mardi Gras balcony is still there, but now there's some sparse, randomly placed Mexican decor lining the walls. The restaurant feels spacious, open and clean, and there's a particularly nice open bar area right inside the front door. The place lacks character, but it's a pleasant enough atmosphere.I had to laugh at the menu because it's loaded with misspellings ("crispi" tacos, "romain" lettuce) and some of the descriptions are exactly the same for different items (check out the special fajitas on the menu). When I pointed this out to our server, she couldn't explain it nor tell me which item it was that was the correct description. I eventually got what I wanted, but the menu had the dish listed under two different names. You'd think for a chain restaurant, the menu would be consistent (and free of spelling errors).As with most Mexican eateries, the house serves complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were good enough but served cold; the salsas are DELICIOUS. Like seriously delicious. There's a spicy, smoky red salsa that's served warm and a fantastic avocado crema style cold salsa. Both of these were the highlight of my meal and I am still craving them (they'll make me return to the restaurant often).We ordered the queso with shrimp as an appetizer. At $11.95, it's overpriced. The cheese wasn't that warm when it was served and the queso was loaded with red onions, mushrooms and other unnecessary stuff. The shrimp was seasoned well and quite delicious; however, I wouldn't order this again.For lunch I ordered chicken fajitas and my husband ordered steak fajitas. The meat quality was top-notch. I LOVED the marinade on both of the meats, and we both agreed the meat was some of the best in town. The fajita vegetables were just okay -- onions and poblano peppers. I was disappointed in the overall fajitas, but I'd love to have just the meat served on its own. I had fajitas that came "loaded" with bacon and cheese, and it was an unusual and very tasty combo. The side plate was huge and had so/so beans, average rice, and very tasty guacamole and pico de gallo.Fatty alert: they serve homemade flour tortillas, and they are delicious! I love Mexican restaurants that care enough to make legit tortillas, and I'm happy that Los Cucos does it right. I could've eaten two dozen of them! It's a bummer that they aren't served in tortilla warmers to keep them soft but instead are plopped on the table sandwiched between paper towels. This means the tortillas get hard very quickly. Best to gobble them up as soon as possible!After our lunch, Jesus the manager came over to ask how we enjoyed everything. He was very eager to please and happy to listen to our suggestions. I was very impressed with this personal touch and the efficient, friendly service we received.This isn't the best Mexican food in Vegas, but the kitchen uses very high quality ingredients, the prices on most menu items are fair, and the service is good.
By: Louisa M.
Lindo Michoacan-West Flamingo
One of the three Lindo Michoacan locations in Las Vegas, this one can definitely hold its own. While not quite as good as its sister locations, this is the closest one to me so I eat here often. The signature stellar Lindo service is here (really, how do they always manage to give 5 star service no matter the time of day) and the food is delicious.I love the queso here, it's basically a big plate of REAL melty cheese baked with charred poblano peppers and served with Lindo's delicious homemade flour tortillas! I love the tortillas here and I frequently eat my weight in them (bye bye low carb diet). The complimentary chips, salsa and bean dip is always a hit too. The food here is just delicious. You can't go wrong with many of the dishes (although sometimes the chicken quality in some of the specialty dishes is a little bit rubbery and "off" -- don't know why, but it has happened a couple of times at this location). I've never had an issue with the chicken quality in the chicken fajitas or with any of the seafood or beef dishes. The guacamole is worth getting, and they have yummy Diet Pepsi and fresh brewed iced tea. Again, the focus is on quality and service.The prices are higher than your average Mexican restaurant but I think it's worth it. This location runs incredible lunch deals and specials during the week, and the kitchen is fast so it's the perfect spot for a quick workday lunch.The hostesses will automatically try to seat you in the bar section of the restaurant if you are a party of just adults. There's an extra special atmosphere in this area on weeknights when a dude in a sparkly red shirt plays a synthesizer and sings pop songs in broken English. It's pretty rad and it's not too loud, which is nice. If you are looking for a quieter experience, ask to be seated in the other part of the restaurant.Note that the parking lot here is deceptive and is often overflowing with cars. Even if it appears packed, do not be discouraged and assume there's a wait -- go in anyway. I've never had to wait here even on a very busy Saturday night.
By: val.sutter.165
Casa Don Juan Restaurant
We were seated quickly with our drinks and chips delivered within minutes after we ordered them. All servers were polite and attentive. The food was borderline good to excellent, portions were large, I had the #4 combination, (ChickenTamale with green chile verde, beef enchilada. Beef taco with Mexican rice and beans, it could have used a little more sauce. My husband had a #24, a chicken & beef Fajita, with rice & beans, the portion was very large with a lot of beef and chicken , both tender and tasty . We would recommend this resturant to everyone.
By: jhgf454
Original Lindo Michoacan
We drove by this place a couple times and were deterred by the long lines. Finally, kids were up early and we decided to head out and try it. Food was pretty good, in a basic breakfast kinda way. Nothing fancy or special about the food. Scrambled eggs are scrambled eggs, pancakes plain ol' flapjacks. The atmosphere was busy and there seemed to be mainly tourists there. So this is not surprising. Great location close to beach, but we wouldn't make another special trip out there just to eat the food.
By: bacchuss140
Original Lindo Michoacan
The food here has a distinct lean toward the interior of Mexico. The flavors are smokey and very complex. If you are expecting cheese enchiladas and tacos, you'll be disappointed, but if you're willing to try fish tacos, caldo de pollo in a rich red chili broth or chunky guacamole served in a molcajete, then this is your place. The service is attentive without being obtrusive. I didn't get the prix fixe lunch, but it did look like a tremendous value.
By: lauraa33
Original Lindo Michoacan
Still one of the best in Vegas, after all these years. This location is so much better than the others for some reason. The nopalitos are just great and a hard to find item here. We always take visitors there even though we live across town. My spouse and I went for dinner tonight and had a very fun experience at Lindo Michoacan. We enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the service-all very much. We're defintely planning to go back soon!
By: hotspotguy
El Burrito Mexican Restaurant
I went in last week and was sat down in this cute spot with lights above me.Immediately was greeted and ordered a guacamole and Margarita. The margarita was so good and strong. Surprised . I am a margarita expert. The guacamole was def hand made I could taste the lime and flavor in each bite.Owner was nice but quiet said he had been in business for 28 years. Why is this not a franchise I don't know! Will be back every Sunday!
By: mtim363
Original Lindo Michoacan
I've eaten here a few times before, and they do have some of the best Mexican food in town. As I'm a big fan of Day of the Dead folk art, I enjoyed much of the interior decor. They had very good Mexican food, at reasonable prices. Table side guacamole is a must have every time. Ceviche is excellent, carnitas: excellent. Combination plates are all good. Wash it down with a premium margarita. Great service, very attentive.
By: djbabes1
Hussong's Cantina
We stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and the place was very quiet. Our server and the kitchen were pretty slow and the food was definitely overpriced. We tried the Guacamole, Corn on the cobb, Vegan Enchiladas, and Soy Chicken Tacos. The Guacamole was very small and flavorless. The corn was disgusting; it was bland and overcooked/burnt. The free chips and salsa were the best things there. The entrees were just "ok".
By: lee.mccann.739
Roberto's Taco Shop
The food is good, but the service stinks. First you can buy extra hot sauce in a tub, next time they can give you some, but not sell time, they don't give any in a tub nor do they sell any in a tub; next time you are only allowed 2 tiny individual containers each....not to mention the service gal taking the orders absolutely never smiles, very's a shame, 'cause the food is really good.

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