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By: paulasadler
A Harmony Nail Spa
As the Owner I am of course Bias and am going to promote myself and the salon. But as the owner I can look objectively at who we are our brand, our strengths and weaknesses. A Harmony Nail spa is a top world class salon, spa and wellness center. WE offer a 100& satisfaction guarantee we will do it over for free if you’re not happy. I can let our reviews speak for themselves. We have a 100% client approval rating for customer service and we consistently go above and beyond expectation, In spit of 3 or 4 reviews out of hundreds of satisfied clients. I will note that clients who gave less than a five star rating, did not contact our salon and take advantage of our total satisfaction guarantee. I will share our Mission: A Harmony Nail Spa is dedicated to personal Beauty, Wellness, Peace, and Healing of the Individual, By Creating and offering the Highest Level of unique Beauty, Wellness treatments, and products, In a clean, friendly, and safe atmosphere, provided by a professional, caring, and spiritually supportive team of technicians and support staff who receive ongoing personal and professional development. I believe in our Mission and Vision and hold customer service to be our #1 priority. I welcome all feedback and will do everything possible to ensure satisfaction. Of course I watch for abuse as well. I will not tolerate client abuses or being taken advantage of. In this world of cyber life and reality TV series everything. We have lost the ability to talk to people face to face with our concerns. I encourage customers to give feedback right away and let the business respond, upon doing so if you still not satisfied let other people know. But if the situation was fixed then share that too. We must all help each other and be understanding. I am sure these past few years with the recession many businesses like mine have been forced with many issues, trying to just keep the doors open for one. On top of trying to stay busy, employee the staff. Many people has increased stress and lack of finances so the onslaught of the groupon deals and the like have caused many businesses to have increased demand for production and the stress has caused I'm sure a breakdown at times of customer service. As consumers we want what we want when we want it, when we don’t get it we are dissatisfied and want someone to pay. So our scorn we be recanted many times. Please have consideration when posting about business especially small businesses it could mean the difference of staying open or going out of business. Be careful to really read reviews and see if the customer has contacted the business to fix the situation. If they have not there concern is not valid and is slanderous to the business by not allowing them to try and fix it first. Most small businesses have policies in place and many will gladly fix any dissatisfaction. If we want small businesses to succeed we must help them. Remember small businesses make up the majority of the workforce in America and they are run by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and real people not some big corporation. Just little everyday people trying their hardest to make a living. Be considerate and compassionate and give the benefit of the doubt. Sincerely, Paula Josephine Sadler. Owner, Nail Technician, Author, Speaker, Singer, Healer, CCBA Association President. And informed consumer...
By: Chanel S.
A Harmony Nail Spa
About a week ago, I was celebrating a friend's 55th Earthday in Vegas. After exploring pedicure and other spa services at our resort (Aria), we decided to visit Harmony. Here we discovered a well decorated oasis, friendly and skilled staff offering a plethora of reasonably priced services. Though the location might appear obscure, it is only a few miles from the main strip which translates into a short cab ride. The owner was even courteous enough to offer us ride to the front door of our resort after. Both my friend and I were impressed with the services offered, the kind owner and staff, in addition to the eclectic decor that made the place very welcoming. If you are visiting any of the 5 star resorts in Vegas, would like to receive wonderful spa services more reasonably priced than the resort and are open and receptive to new experiences...Harmony is the place. When in Vegas again, I will certainly revisit.
By: Uyennhi L.
T Nails
Located conveniently in Nail salon Las Vegas, NV 89119 (About 2 miles from Las Vegas Strip, it takes only 5-minute-driving to T Nails), our salon is one of the best nail salons which are loved by thousands of clients. We take our pride in delivering any service at T Nails.Come to T Nails to enjoy the high-end services with excellent quality from the most famous products in the beauty industry. You would be pampered smoothly in a beautiful and friendly atmosphere by our creative, professional staffs. All the treatments take step-by-step with strict implementation of sanitation guidelines to ensure clients’ safety. Click on each service’s name to view more information.T Nails – Where you will have the most comfortable and relaxing!T NailsAddr: 4110 S Maryland Pkwy Ste 6Las Vegas, NV 89119Tel: (702) 369-6766
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By: Elisabeth L.
I have been going here for years. I was going back to LA to get my nails done every time because I am very picky and rough when it comes to my nails. Lam does my nails and my feet. They look amazing and they actually last without chipping or lifting. When I get my pedicures he takes time to make sure my feet look and feel great. I always get compliments on how great my nails look. My whole family goes here now. Lam is so patient with my indecisive daughter that wants a different design on each finger. :-D Tammy is amazing for eyebrows and waxing. She also does the eyelashes. I have seen so many different people get waxed and get their eyelashes done by her. I have never seen a bad job. Everyone does a great job. All around a great clean shop. I would recommend Luv's to anyone.
By: Sue B.
A Harmony Nail Spa
I was so excited to go and get my hair done today. It had been 5 months, and I was really looking forward to it!I left unhappy with the cut and style, as well as the color. The color was my fault, it's the one I picked and it just wasn't what I wanted when all was said and done.I felt that the stylist was a little unsure of herself. I wanted layers, and when she was done, I looked at the back and asked her to give me layers. I wanted the front left long, but she didn't even give me a trim in the front. I have been here before for massage and mani/pedi. I was VERY happy with those services. Not so much this time.I would like to add the stylist was very friendly and personable.
By: Hiep hoi nails V.
La Belle Nail Spa
The Vietnamese Nails & Beauty Association (VNBA) officially rates La Belle Nail Spa ( Las Vegas , NV 89123) as 5 Stars Nails Salons for great effort to achieve Cleanliness , Sanitation and properly handled Chemical Products . The salon especially well known by State Board Of Cosmetology and had ranked Top 5 Nails Salons in Las Vegas . La Belle Nail Spa obtains a very friendly and professional staff and also praised by a Good Nails Technicians Team with over 8 years experience in nails designs , gel nails , French Shellac ...VNBA proudly recommend this salon to local nails clients and visitors in Las Vegas with highest satisfaction . Congratulations !
By: nancytyler2
Reflection Nails & Spa
What a fantastic find; where quality meets and beats your expectations. This place offers much from nails to brow care and it's very clean and professional. Moon did my mani/pedi and Kim did my brows. This place cares about your experience and people who know about it come back faithfully.I'll be going back for sure and soon. Give this place a try, Monday and Tuesday (currently) the are running a mani/pedi special and they are open both late and on Sunday (which is nice). Located at Rainbow just between warm springs and sunset. Had a great time, they did a fantastic job and the price was fair. Really worth the time to check it out.
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By: Mary S.
All Star Hair & Nails
I came here getting my nails done last time for my Spring Break trip. The service was great, my nails came out beautiful and the technician did a professional job without giving me any paint and fear. I say that because I'm a very weak girl. Every time I get my nails done, I'm always scared that they gonna bleed me. But I felt totally safe here, good job for the technician, she is a sweet girl. This salon got a good quality acrylic nails, I went to the beach for my spring break and after a long trip swimming in salt water, playing volleyball, my nails still look good just like I got it done yesterday. Definitely will come back next time.
By: kimveal
T Nails
I finally found my Vegas nail shop . After two failed attempts at a perfect pink and white fill-in, T- Nails finally made me complete. The shape was perfect and my nails look immaculate! I even got a french pedi. I got the step up above the express...don't remember what it was called, but my toes felt fresh and pepperminty afterwards for hours! The entire staff is friendly, attentive, and took care of everyone! Very packed when I made my appointment to come in at 5pm on a wednesday. Great service, nonetheless! Also, the store is much, much cleaner, larger, and updated than your typical nail shop. Very worth the extra 15 minute drive!
By: Willetta L.
Pink Nail Spa
Pink Nail Spa is by far the best nail salon in town. I have lived in Las Vegas for many years and am very picky about service,wait time and consistency. I have been to many shops and I have not been able to commit to becoming a regular customer until I found Pink Nail Spa. Summer is a professional who delivers excellent work... tell her once what you want and you have it.... Summer will even send me a text message if she is running behind schedule, and I appreciate that level of service. Everyone in the shop is very friendly and knowledgable. Please try it, you will not go to another shop.

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