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By: Leigha D.
Grimaldi's Pizza
Hands down my favorite pizza place in town! Not only is the pizza absolutely delicious, but customer service is outstanding. My husband and I went there a while back and were very impressed by their service. A while after ordering our food, our waiter comes out and apologizes for the wait because they had messed up our order in the back. He brings out the pizza that they had "messed up" on (they just added something that wasn't on it, no big deal AT ALL!) and says that if we want that one, he can keep it heated to take home with us, free of charge. We said it was no big deal and that we can just eat that one, but he insisted that we allow them to bring out the correct order. Then the manager comes by and apologizes to us, as well. Even though it was absolutely no big deal to us, we were impressed with how they handled it. They could have just thrown the pizza out (like most places do!), but instead, gave that pizza to us plus our other one.Every visit after this one has been wonderful, as well. Even if the pizza wasn't so great, I think I'd still come here just for the customer service!
By: Toinyae L.
Pizza Hut
It took a while for the pizza to get here but over all, Joanna was the best manager I have ever spoken to, after I called her and spoke to her she let me understand what the situation was , and i perfectly understood why my pizza came so late and having new employees can be difficult at times and it's not her fault, she was very understanding , we even chatted a little while and it made me calm down and I was happy and laughing and I absolutely forgot that my pizza came late , so thank you once again Joanna , you did perfect . Sorry for the misunderstanding. Please if you guys don't mind printing this review out and posting it somewhere she can see cause I really appreciated her assistance.
By: vivaville
Sofia's Pizza
I'm Sofia's new fan. I was heading to the new terminal at Mcarren and saw Sofia's sign before I turned the corner. Parked in the gas station parking lot and walked on over. The Cheesesteak special was only 5.00 plus tax so I thought I'd give it a try. It was great! Very generous helping and the fries surrounded the cheesey goodness. Definitely a feel good special and I would try it again. I look forward to checking out the pizzas. Based upon the reviews they sound just as great, if not more.I got the impression that they were very busy, so I would recommend calling ahead. She had it ready to go within 10 minutes though which I was very impressed about!
By: njy4670
Papa John's Pizza
I love Papa Johns but when purchasing a pizza at your Nellis and Stewart location in Las Vegas, Nv. one of your cashiers was texting now maybe she was in training but who wants to see an employee texting, I told her you shouldn't be texting when you are at work. The other girl said I have told her that and she shouldn't be doing this. Here is the problem this is a busy location and I know I don't want to see any employee on a cell phone talking or texting when waiting on the public, this is rude. Your other cashier was very helpful. The rule of any business is know cell phones when working.
By: Susan S.
Pizza Hut
I posted a while back about this Pizza Hut because I had really bad service even though they have great pizza. I waited a while about four months to ever try them again. I have recently order about 3 times in the last month and they have exceeded by expectations now. Management must be listening. The quality of food here has always been so delicious but now I have good really great service also. I was very happy today because they had a 50% off pizza online special. I told all my friends and family. It ends today so hurry and order if you love Pizza Hut!
By: tracy.howard.75873
Metro Pizza
Best pizza in town, hands down. That's why they have won the RJ Best in Town for the last 10+ years. Prices?? Anyone who complains about the prices are looking for the "fast food" version of pizza. No $5 pizza here when they are made fresh to order and with fresh ingredients every day. I won't get my pizza's anywhere else. Yes, there are at least 6 other pizza places nearby and I've tried all of them. They don't even compare. These are worth every penny you pay for them.
By: apatel70
Pizza Hut
Ronny recently did a lot of work upgrading my house including electrical, walls, installing windows, painting, installing appliances, closets, doors, water heater etc. He really help me to turn around my property. I was impressed with his knowledge and experties in various areas and the fact that he do not take any short cut. He was very competative and pantual. He even called more help when it become necessary to complete my work on time. I highly recommand him.
By: Twyla W.
Not only was the food great the employees were just as great. I was celebrating my brothers 20th birthday I got celebrated with a phone number from one of the employees. He did not tell me his name and I feel bad because I lost the number so its anonymous. The environment, food, quality were awesome along with the feeling of being welcomed. I would definitely eat there again.
By: reviewsfromron
Domino's Pizza
After horrible experiences with Pizza Land here in Las Vegas, Nevada... I chose Dominos for my next experience (even after other bad pizza). I am pleased to say that there pan pizza is good. I was filled up and ready to settle down and watch a movie with my wife. I do not recommend their thin pizza... it's good but not great. Pan pizza has a garlic taste... GOOD
By: Dd B.
I went in and order 2 pizzas and 4 cookies the cashier said that the cookies were in the oven .when we finished eating I went bk for my cookies and they acted as if I didn't order any cookies so the manager Richard came to the counter asking for my receipt I showed him and he acted like I was trying to steal the cookies . REALLY

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