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By: vicentaarcega
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
Vladimir Goutsaliouk was the only Immigration Lawyer accepted my very tough immigration case. I could name a few well known Immigration Lawyers that I consulted regarding my case but they all turned me down. Prior to Vladimir Goutsaliouk I literrally consulted 3 well known Immigration Lawyers and paid them with CONSULTATION FEES $300-$500 and yet they told me that my case was UPHILL, no more chance of getting it solved, and many more discouraging words from them and on top of that they refused to take my case. One of them charged me $30,000.00 just to try without gurantee of getting approved. I went online and accidentally found Vladimir without knowing his background. He took my case and charge me with a very reasonable amount. He told me that my case was very unusual/tough but he said he would help me get my green card. He is very honest, very persistent and very knowledgeable and if not he goes far enough to research for the solution of the case. Very down to earth Lawyer. Most of all he will work hard or harder for you. I highly recommend Vladimir to anyone out there who needs Immigration Lawyer. You are assured that what you're financially paying for is very worth it. He deserves A highest rating 5 Stars or if there's more than 5 stars that's where Vladimir Goutsaliouk should be. Thank You Vladimir for your Immigration service you really did it. I feel like going back to those 3 lawyers and show them my Green Card that Vladimir Goutsaliouk made it happened. My whole family is very grateful to you and to your Immigration Law Firm. God bless you more....
By: derekgrace
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
We used Vladimir Goutsaliouk for our Green Card application process and we met a charming competent lawyer with vast experience in this area of law. Vladimir guided us step by step through the whole process and was always available when we had questions regarding our application. Vladimir explained everything to us in detail as our application passed through it's various stages, we were always well informed and never left confused. On the day of our interview he was a very calming influence on what can be a nerve jingling day and with Vladimir's excellent help we made a successful application and was granted the Green Card.We would highly recommend Vladimir to anyone thinking of applying for a Green Card.
By: Ingo S.
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
We highly recommend Mr Goutsaliouk to anybody who is facing an immigration-issue.My case was rather complicated I would say - but Mr Goutsaliouk lead us through the entire 2-year procedure by ending the deportation proceedings and helping me to become a permanent resident.Since you are not dealing with a huge impersonal law-firm, Vladimir personally responded quickly to emails or returned my phone calls.Without his help, we would surely not have made it though this process - "Vladimir really knows his stuff".His level of expertise and professionalism is outstanding.We sincerely recommend anybody with immigration-issues to contact his office and let him guide you through these complicated situations!
By: Tatiana L.
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
Will highly advise Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk. Vladimir Goutsaliouk picked up my extremely complicated immigration case that got left off in deportation proceedings by another immigration attorney. Vladimir Goutsaliouk managed to remove deportation case and put me on fast-track to getting a green card. Vladimir Goutsaliouk is reliable, professional, very knowledgeable, efficient attorney that made every right move to get my Green Card approved.
By: colibri22
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
Great laywer! Mr. Goutsaliouk is a friendly and competent lawyer and we could recommend him without any restriction. He cared about our matter, stayed in touch with us although we were in Germany, promptly responded to all our email inquiries, delivered fingerprints notices to the USCIS office on the day of our interview, and much more. And all of this after we paid him in full in advance. We only made good experience with him!
By: Jacques L.
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
I highly recommend Mr. Goutsaliouk.Vladimir is competent, knowledgeable, kind and professional.He did assist us in every aspect of our immigration matter which promptly leaded us to the approval of the Green Card.Even if our case was a very simple one, retaining Vladimir makes it as smoothly as possible with no hassle at all to bear.Even if it is more expansive than doing it by myself, its worth it.Thank you again Vladimir.
By: nicolenealharris
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
Vladimir Goutsaliouk is amazing. He is very theral and patient ,explains everything before it happens and gives you plenty of time to complete the tasks that are needed. We want to say a BIG THANK YOU. for getting my husband his greencard. We will recommend his services to everyone. A truly one of a kind guy with an excellent service. Thank you!!! :)Sincerly, Nicole & Neal Harris
By: bkvegas
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
Vladimir gets our absolute highest recommendations! We had a challenging case for getting my Green Card approved but Vladimir prepared and handled our case so that the Green Card was approved immediately without any form of hassle. The level of quality service, knowledge and value was simply outstanding! If you are looking for an immigration attorney, look no further - Vladimir is it!
By: Evgeny irina D.
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
I will highly recommend Vladimir to any person who will need help with all the paperwork about green card . Vladimir is a great person with professional knowledge about immigration stuff! me and my husband are satisfied for 100 % , we got our green card type EB1A after 1 year , that is so impressive , no one from our friends got this so quick ! so thankful for Vladimirs help!
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By: Vanda T.
Immigration Law Office of Vladimir Goutsaliouk
Very honest and professional lawyer, capable of handling complex legal matters. Provides a supreme quality of work for reasonable prices. Always returns calls and gives you updates about the status of your case. Vladimir has my highest recommendation,he made the whole experience much easier. Thanks.
Tips & Advices
Some immigration processes can take months or even years to resolve. USCIS posts an online list for each field office that shows current processing times for common applications, such as ones for permanent residency, citizenship and proof of citizenship. These estimates provide a sense of the current backlog. An immigration attorney will usually monitor these timelines for you and communicate any updates.
An immigration lawyer might request copies of numerous documents, including a birth certificate, passport, letters from employers, proofs of address, income tax returns and photos/correspondence with family (if you are applying for an immigration benefit via a spouse or family member).
Yes, if you want them to. While an attorney cannot directly answer a USCIS agent’s questions, he or she can provide support and clarification during the interview. Having an attorney present is generally a good idea if you are involved in a complex immigration case.
Yes, for applications such as an adjustment of status (for example, going from a tourist visa to a green card) and citizenship, it is usually a good idea to agree upon a fixed rate that covers all paperwork and responses to evidence requests. This can save you money compared to an rate based on billable hours.
Fee schedules vary significantly depending on the case type. Immigration lawyers usually charge for both the required application fees from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and for their services. Longer, more complex cases such as deportation defenses are more expensive than simpler matters like completing a citizenship application.

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