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By: Abigail S.
Monos Health Insurance
Dr. William Baumgartle currently works at Monos Health Institute in Las Vegas. He has outstanding intelligence, experience, and ability to assess all of the health issues one is having and combine them into a plan to effectively produce positive results. He does not just treat your pain by throwing meds at you. He earnestly listens to your concerns and helps with pain relief while searching for long term or permanent pain relief through procedures or other means. He is on of countless doctors I have seen that has ALL the qualities needed to effectively help improve your quality of life. Anyone who has written negative reviews of this doctor were probably sour because he would not give them the extra addictive pain medication they wanted. This doctor helps with pain while trying to find the source of your pain and do what is necessary to minimize taking too many medications that can harm and cause addiction. If pain meds are necessary, he works with that as well...however he knows how to balance both and is an exceptional doctor.
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By: Ab S.
Monos Health Insurance
I am a patient of Dr works at Monos Health. He is one of hundreds of doctors ive seen in my life who has incredible intelligence, experience, concern and desire to actually help his patients and not run you out the door, has explained in great detail my conditions and why i was experiencing myyy symptoms, actuallyy performed a procedure on my neck that for the first time in 15 years provided pain relief and gave me hope....I trust him with my life as he is steady, careful, and really does all he can to help his patients. William Baumgartle who currently
By: janellelowrance
Monos Health Insurance
It was my lucky day when I met Dr. Isaac Tunnel. He has taken the time to care for my back, and teach me the best things for me. I love all the girls. So friendly and helpful. Always a smile on their faces, and I honestly mean this. If am emergency arises, they are so very helpful. I recommend this Dr. Tunnel to anyone who needs help with pain situations. Thanks to you all, Janelle.

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