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By: jinchoe
Quan Chiropractic
ive had my left knee scoped for a torn meniscus and have had 2 herniated disk surgeries.i was sitting crosslegged on the floor and tried to get up without using my hands when i heard and felt my right knee pop. there wasnt any immediate pain or discomfort. i actually still stood up. when i started to walk around and try to put pressure on it i knew it didnt feel right. after a few days i was convinced i had at least a meniscal tear in my right knee or at worst an acl tear.i couldnt walk around without feeling discomfort and some pain. i was using a crutch and wore a knee brace when i went out for support.julie saw me post something about my knee and a picture of me wearing a knee brace on facebook and she sent me a message saying to stop by and see her.when i got in she asked if i wanted surgery or to try to let the body heal its self. at this point i was already convinced i needed surgery and told her that anything would help but am sure i would have to get it done.she took some xrays of my back and hips and found out that my mid back was misaligned and that my right hip was misaligned by 9mm! wowshe also explained that because of the hip misalignment it could affect the way i walked and could have put pressure and wear on my knee which could have caused the problem i was having. (ok embarrassing part coming up but it explains a lot) she also told me that because of that hip misalignment a lot of children tend to wet their bed because of the nerves being pinched in the hips. i did wet my bed a lot when i was younger. makes a lot of sense.anyways she checked my knee and pressed around and found tender spots. i forgot the terminology she used but basically said that something popped out and that she was going to push it back in. after she pushed it back in (its painful) and then adjusted my mid back and then adjusted my hip she told me to walk around putting full weight on my right knee. i was kinda skeptical but as i walked i had full range and motion and could walk normally. granted it was still very tender from injuring it and julie adjusting it, i was able to walk around her office without having to baby my knee or fear of instability.i was in disbelief. here i was convinced i needed surgery and all it needed was some adjusting by julie. granted not everyones case would be the same as mine and not everyones results would be the same as mine, but she saved me the trouble of possibly having to have unnecessary surgery done to my knee. i know ill have to eventually have to get surgery, but like she explained to me "better to get it done later in life if it can be prevented"THANK YOU SO MUCH!i was able to talk out of her office holding my crutch and knee brace instead of having to use them.i also understood that she explained that over years of being misaligned that its usually not a one visit fix. that she needs to adjust my body back to the correct position and that could take anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on the severity of the heading back to korea soon to work and will stop by her office as much as i can before i go back.she uses the gonstead system of chiropractic. look it up, it makes a lot of sense.
By: tom.ray.nv
Quan Chiropractic
Before I start my review, I want to make it known that I currently work here.It is very rare that I find people (especially doctors) that can inspire me to change my lifestyle and outlook on life.I had been sick for 3 years with chronic diarrhea, and up until January of 2012, I continued living with it. After working here for 3 months, I've noticed this is a common trend with patients. People tend to live with what they can bear until the pain becomes too great. For me, the last week of January was my condition's tipping point.I had a sharp stomach pain (i never had this before) in the lower abdomen that lasted for eighteen hours and I didn't know what to do. Being in transition with jobs, and not having insurance, I was scared that my financial backbone would not be able to support my health.Dr. Quan was referred to me by a close friend, and he had high praises for her. I went in skeptical, but by the end of April, my stool and health had returned to a normalcy I hadn't seen in years. I then started to disclose my other medical conditions (such as thumping heart beats in early mornings, tight chest pain, and a chronic cough I couldn't get rid of from having pneumonia years earlier). It is now August, and my coughs are gone, and I am currently working with the chest pains. I had my blood tests done just this week, and I have confidence that healthy exercise, routine chiropractic adjustments & diet will get me through this final obstacle.For me, Dr. Quan is a person that is very rare to meet. She dedicates her soul and energy into her patients to make sure they get the best possible care. Countless times, she has sacrificed lunch to see patients who had pain that could not wait. She comes in at 8PM, weekends, and even holidays for her patients. When she is not with patients, she is constantly researching her field of study and networking to build a bigger practice. Many times, Dr. Quan starts her day at 5AM in the morning with exercise, works through 12 hours of patient care, and spends the rest of her evening reading for either personal growth or medical growth. I can say for me, having Dr. Quan in my life is a blessing and she has inspired me. The inspiration is: when you look at Dr. Quan, you see a human who is living each day with all of her soul and passion. A person with zero regrets is someone who I strive to be.One thing that I have misunderstood about chiropractic care is: I always thought chiropractic care is supplemental care to the common medical care. Chiropractic care has the potential to heal all and diseases even as extreme as cancer have been treated successfully through chiropractic care.If you need to see a chiropractor for whatever reason, this is the place to go. You won't regret it.
By: wongtracy
Quan Chiropractic
Let me start off by saying that I'm a very active person. I gogo dance, snowboard, mtn bike, golf, etc.I am constantly on the go, but the problem was that I was also consistently in pain. My neck and back were always an issue for me. I've been to several other chiropractic places, and although the pain was relieved at the moment it has never healed completely. Dr. Julie, on the other hand, not only heals your body naturally, but if you tell her where and what kind of pain you have, she will adjust you and target those areas as well as adjust you according to the x-rays. Not only does she want you feel good externally, but internally also. You can get all your vitamins and nutritional supplement through her. (all are natural products)I remember when I went on a 3 week trip to Europe, I was concerned with having back and neck problems, while overseas. After expressing my concerns to Dr. Julie, she immediately scheduled a time to arrange for me to get adjusted at my house one last time before I left, knowing that I won't be able to make it to her office. She brought her table and adjusted me right at my house. Dr. Julie is such a kind, warm, and positive person. Every time I see her, she makes me feel amazing! I feel as though I can concur the world every time I leave her office. She holds workshops every month to educate her patients and her patients' friends and family. She is one of the most personable doctors I have ever met. She is more concerned for my health than I am, and that's a good thing! She's constantly reminding me to drink more water. And not only that, she teaches which exercises are needed in order to hold the adjustments. My most recent injury was a dislocated rib. After 3 adjustments, she was able to get me all better, and it no longer hurts when I breath.
By: pjamesradio
Quan Chiropractic
Dr Quan I have been truly blessed for having Dr Quan in my life providing me with my chiropractic care. You see I have been so athletic many years my life, but had to quit due to conic low back pain. I would go to my General Practice Dr and would be given pain pills and in a month or two the pain would return.About two years ago Dr Quan gave a large seminar that included entertainment, diner, and booths that sold there individual products. She needed volunteers to help with crowd so the youth of my ministry volunteered to assist her and I attended as well.Then it was time for Dr Quan to speak and she had this skeletal model and she began to explain the vita bra, spinal cord, nerve system. I received so much knowledge that night about the back and back pain that I learned that one need more then pills for pain when dealing with back pain.About eights months later I began to have low back pain and the pain began to get progressively worst then the pain began to move from the lower back to down my left hip and leg, so I decided to see Dr Quan. She took x-rays and began to explain what was going on with my back getting to the root of the problem,the nerves was being crushed causing the pain down my hip and leg.She began to work on me and the pain began to move from my hip down to the thigh then moved to the calf after that the pain was gone. It took only one week, and know I am pain free. All without pain pills, only vitamin, and exercise.May God continue to bless Dr Quan Pastor James
By: alanwudc
Quan Chiropractic
What an amazing experience. I was out on conference in vegas 3 months ago and decided to do some light jogging. Being a runner, i always have chronic lower back, knee and foot pain. After the run, my left ankle was in excruciating pain up to a point where i almost couldn't put any weight on it. I looked up for local chiropractor and Dr. Quan name came up. Dr. Quan was very caring and kind. She examined me and explained what happened with my condition, and afterwards she took x- ray on my spine and my foot. Dr. Quan is very knowledgeable, she was drawing lines on the x ray and explained very throughly with terms I understand. Her adjustment was very I have always somewhat nervous when people twist my neck. But she did in a completely different way, with very gentle force and NOT TURNING my head. After the first adjustment i felt immediate pain relieved and she also gave me recommendation on nutrition as well. I went back again on the following day and now it has been 3 months and still discomfort free. thank you Dr. Quan, you have completely changed my life!
By: ashlee.hall
Quan Chiropractic
Dr. Quan provides exceptional, personalilzed service to her clients. I have been to many chiropractors in the past that just get you in and out and don't care to hear about the issues I'm having. Not only does Dr. Quan listen to what I'm telling her, she has such a comprehensive knowledge about the body that she began to ask me questions about symptoms I was having. I have suffered with chronic nausea for 10 years. I never mentioned anything about it as I never imagined it had anything to do with my spine. Dr. Quan asked me if I got nauseous easily. Following the alignment regimen she prescribed, I've now been nausea free for 8 months. I am SO thankful to Dr. Quan for the insight she's given me into me total health - amazing!! Lastly, she doesn't manipulate the spine, which always made me nervous. She moves the disks back into place manually. I never even knew that was an option. I have recommended her to all my friends and will continue to do so! Dr. Quan is amazing!!
By: Douglas B.
Ageless Men's Health
Over the past four years I have been receiving Testosterone treatment at the Ageless Men's Health at 2911 N. Tenaya Way #105. Every week I meet with the receptionist and nurses at this location and the treatment I have received has helped me physiologically and mentally as well. I've always been received at check-in desk with a happy and respectful greeting. After checking in, every nurse meets with me in the lobby cheerfully and escorts me back to a room where I get my injections. I feel welcome every time, as I am met with a smile and every nurse asks how my treatment has been helping me, and also checks with me on how life is treating me. Because of their caring welcome to me, I feel accepted, respected and very comfortable. Because of my weekly visit at this location, I have improved physically and mentally as well. I really enjoy being assisted medically, and I look forward seeing everyone at this facility as all of them have become friends of mine whom I trust.
By: transformationallifecoach
Quan Chiropractic
Julie has really opened my eyes to the benefits of chiropractic care. I had never seen a chiropractor before and only thought it was someone you went to for adjusting your spine if it was out. I have learned so much through Julie and how important it is to get regular adjustments not just to your spine, but in other areas of your body as a way to keep your nervous system healthy and communicating properly throughout your body. Julie goes beyond education and adjustments, she truly cares and brings so much of her wonderful loving energy to each session. What she does with babies and children is amazing. I wish I would have had Julie in my life when my son was younger. He always had ear infections and eventually had tubes put in his ears, all which could have been prevented through the kind of care that Julie provides. Thank you for all you do, you contribute greatly to the well-being of so many!
Quan Chiropractic
I've been to different Chiropractors before, but my experience with dr. Quan is different. Besides her happy, thoughtful, and caring personality, she is very knowledgable and very proffessional in her practice. My neck and back have given me many pains and problems, prohibited me from a lot of fun activities for many years. Recently, my problems have been multiplied by a hundred and I experienced constant headaches and migraines. My thyroid area started to swell up and very painful (never experience that before). I went to see my family doctor the same day I visited Dr. Quan about my pains. Long story short, my thyroid pain reduced 99%, and my migraine/ headache reduced tremendously after 5 visits to Dr. Quan. Dr. Quan not only adjust my bones and my body, but she also looking deep into the problem and find the source which I find very rare in this practice.
By: joe.frankenfurter
Total Health Essentials Inc
This is the place to get well in so many ways... If you are looking for an alternative to health this is the place to check out. I am currently on the waiora drops and i can say it has improved my health greatly and is well worth the investment, shame on these other reviews who are keeping " the sick" away from these supplements and education to get better. I am appalled someone would be so vindictive as to write the same review twice. Getting better can be "pricey"; but there is nothing i wouldnt pay to be well. I and my family have noticed a difference!!! gotta check this small but family friendly place out. Small space but comfortable and everyone is like family there... would reccomend it to anyone, they also have a massage therapist there as well. awesome service... awesome treatments... my spa day!

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