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By: christianrokeriii
Elliott and Co.
ELLIOTT & CO IS THE BEST "PROFESSIONAL" and UPPER CLASS BARBERSHOP in the East Las Vegas/Henderson area!! In fact, Elliott & Co is the best barbershop I have been to in all of Vegas, California and Arizona (there's nothing loud, ignorant, uncaring and/or ghetto about Elliott & Co). Elliott & Co is EXTREMELY inviting, knowledgeable, considerate and friendly. Elliott & Co is the only shop I have ever been to that has a truly CLASSY, comfortable, caring, relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Elliott and Co ALWAYS provides HIGH CLASS QUALITY SERVICE, their APPOINTMENTS ARE ALWAYS ON TIME, and all of the expert services they offer (cuts, shaves, etc.) are performed with great detail and skilled precision which always leaves me feeling cool, confident and totally fresh. I'm so glad I no longer need to barbershop "hop" always settling for less, because Elliott & Co has surpassed the rest! And hey, they're in a GREAT LOCATION too! Just off the 210 at 8876 S. Eastern Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 990-5672, which is situated a couple doors down from the Regal Colonnade movie theater (702) 948-2903!! There's also an amazing self defense school in the same location called Defend U (http://www.defendunv.com/), and some convenient dining places to eat too, like the Cuban fine dining of Havana Grill (702) 932-9310! This entire area is convenient, clean, well designed, plenty of parking, great for families, and I always feel relaxed and safe. Where else can you go for a superb barbershop cut and shave, catch the latest movie, have some fine dining, and even get a free class on self defense?! Trust me when I tell you, before you try any other barbershop in Vegas, OR, if you've gone to any other barbershops in Vegas . . . "Schedule an appointment with ELLIOTT and CO, because it truly is the only QUALITY place to go!" http://www.elliottandco.com/
By: conniebrockman
Hottie Hair
I had the best experience at Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas! They immediately greeted me with a smile and settled me in right away. They offered me a nice cold glass of water later, which is great!. Kylie was my stylist and she did an amazing job. She gave me the most perfect bangs ever! Super cute and stylish! I also went in for a color and she gave me this beautiful ombré color. My hair looks like it came straight off the Victoria's Secret Runway! I was really impressed with hes knowledge about hair and how to style it. Kylie really took the time to talk hair with me and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable with Kylie and trust him completely. The conversation was fun and we had great laughs. This was my first visit with Hottie Hair Salon and I am so glad I came here. I chose this salon because my stylist of 6 years had to move. I told Kylie that I was nervous/excited about coming here and was happy for change. She made my transition so easy and smooth that I was so happy to move forward with Hottie Hair Salon! The salon is a cozy, modern and super clean. The shampoo stations are so comfortable and very zen like. I also have the habit of scoping out the other clients and their work that was done. I was impressed because I was watching all the other clients come and go with great hair and smiles on their faces. They obviously have a remarkable salon with incredible talent. When checking out I immediately scheduled another appointment because this place got packed quick! I love this salon and I recommended this place to the fullest. My new hair home!
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By: Daphne J.
Molly's Tavern
I Give molly's five stars I am a local here and I like to find my spot I choose them for there service promotions and winning machines .Service everyone is accommodating friendly and down to earth I like to feel comfortable where I go . Like to have my coffee or drink right away while I play weather I have 20 or a 100.. Where I find casinos don't offer this anymore I am like I lost a hundo can I get a coffee anytime time soon.... As far as promotions molly's they have the balls that go off every hour can win 5 to 10000 whether you bet a nickel to higher your in it I was there the other day a lady got five sitting right across from me she was like what just happened 500 dollars wow and as far as machines I have won and lost my fair share in this town and out of everywhere yes including dottys that I had gone to for years but when they became rude at several different ones on a daily basses left them behind..I am very happy with my returns and for the days I didn't take the money to the bank at least it lasted awhile got to have some fun and knew I was in a friendly clean and safe place and being a middle age lady this is important to me ..hope To see you there one day ... Maybe I will be the one next to you and you can say hey I was at molly's and saw this lady win 10000 LOL hope so
By: Leigha D.
Grimaldi's Pizza
Hands down my favorite pizza place in town! Not only is the pizza absolutely delicious, but customer service is outstanding. My husband and I went there a while back and were very impressed by their service. A while after ordering our food, our waiter comes out and apologizes for the wait because they had messed up our order in the back. He brings out the pizza that they had "messed up" on (they just added something that wasn't on it, no big deal AT ALL!) and says that if we want that one, he can keep it heated to take home with us, free of charge. We said it was no big deal and that we can just eat that one, but he insisted that we allow them to bring out the correct order. Then the manager comes by and apologizes to us, as well. Even though it was absolutely no big deal to us, we were impressed with how they handled it. They could have just thrown the pizza out (like most places do!), but instead, gave that pizza to us plus our other one.Every visit after this one has been wonderful, as well. Even if the pizza wasn't so great, I think I'd still come here just for the customer service!
By: Susie S.
Hottie Hair
I was desperate for a really good updated haircut but am somewhat new in town and hadn't found a good stylist. I'd tried a few trendy looking Salons but found the high prices and appearance of the Salon really doesn't correlate with the talents of the stylists. It really gripes me when I am stupid enough to pay a high price for a mediocre result. I searched the internet reviews and gave Hotties a try. Turns out Crystal is simply fabulous! I walked out feeling like a celebrity, ready to start my diet again, and track down that cute guy I have a crush on. Not only does she know what she's doing, she rearranged her schedule to meet my limited window of time. I wanted to get in the very next day when she was already fully booked but she came in early for me. How nice. And she doesn't even charge an arm and a leg. The other clients around me all seemed to be getting nice cuts, too. I think this place is wonderful. I'm so happy, feel so much more attractive, and have received lots of compliments. Wait till that diet starts working!
By: leviscarlett
Hottie Hair
I have just recently started going to Hottie Hair Salon and I've never come across a salon quite like it. All of the stylists are really friendly and completely up to date on all the latest techniques, styles, and trends in the salon industry. I highly recommend Crystal. If you are looking for a straight forward haircut/color she will match your exact description to a tee. Crystal has impeccable attention to detail and will never disappoint. If you go to her not knowing exactly what you want, her level of creativity will keep you leaving the salon wishing you had been a client of hers all along. Besides being an excellent stylist, Crystal's personality outshines your average stylist by a long shot. With her cute charm and quirky sense of humor you'll want to stick around and keep talking to her long after your appointment is over. Take my word for it, schedule an appointment with Crystal at Hottie Hair Salon and I promise you will stick with them from now on.
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By: Felix S.
Randy Fuhrman Designs
Extremely satisfied with Randy Fuhrman Designs.I met Randy and his wife at the Las Vegas business expo (they had a booth there).I loved his no-push sales approach. I contacted them after the expo to have some t-shirts made, his wife replied almost instantly. She was very helpful and answered all of my questions.I ended up ordering 12 t-shirts. Randy went out of his way to work on my artwork until it was perfect.When I went to pick them up, Randy and I ended up talking for a while (even though he was very busy), turns out he absolutely loves what he does, and you can tell that the customer comes first, no matter what.I highly recommend Randy Fuhrman Designs not only for responsiveness, dependability, quality of work, but because of the unmatched customer service.Felix Soto, ownerAmerican Junk Solutions® - Junk Removal Serviceswww.AmericanJunkSolutions.com
By: Heather R.
Brother's Italian Bistro
Good Food, Horrible Service!!So at 6:15 I ordered a pizza and 2 subs. At 7:10 a pizza a sub and an order of chicken fingers arrive $40 bill and when I called to have my sub brought I was asked if I wanted to keep the chicken fingers seeing as it was a $17 order and my sub was only $9. I had explained that they didn't even include the fries that are suppose to come with the fingers and I only wanted the sub. We had guests and that was my meal that was missing! I was told I would have to be called back after waiting another 20 mins they told me I had to give them the chicken when they brought the sub. That's all fine with me as that's not what I wanted anyway, but the kids could've had them I know they're just throwing them out! Very rude. It took until 8:10 for me to finally get my food, very disappointing!! 2 hours later!!!!!
By: ginafly
Hottie Hair
I moved to Las Vegas in June and found Hottie Hair Salon by searching for salons in my neighborhood. I love them. I've never had one certain hair stylist or a one certain place that I always return to for services. Crystal cuts and colors my hair ands he is fabulous professionally but also she is very warm and fun to chat with. Michelle does my eyebrows and she is wonderful. She is very precise and you never feel that she's rushing to get the next client in. The entire salon is very hospitable and makes you feel right at home. The place is fun to sit in and listen to the assortment of music where I seem to love every song. I also love that I can always get an appointment there even though they are always busy!
By: dannymatthews
Murray's Salon & Barbershop
This place is so clean, so calm, so professional that you can feel the ambience and the positive vibe as soon as you walk through the door.They have a salon on the right and the barbershop on the left in which they are separated for they're own privacy.They have good music and the best customer service that I have dealt with in all of my 33 years of going to the barbershop.All of the Murray's staff greets all the costumers and every barber in the barbershop shop does excellent work. They can do any style and design to perfection. Truly one of the best barbershop is LV. (the best imo) and my wife got her hair done there at the salon and she absolutely loved it. GREAT work Murray's and we will definitely be back.

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