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By: Carson C.
American Veteran Garage Door
This is a very good company. I had them at my house twice already. First time they fixed the broken spring, the second time they replaced my garage door opener. Yesterday around 9 PM my garage door completely went off track. I called them and they were here within 30 minutes. The technician remembered me and told me he will fix it for free (wow). As he was fixing it, we noticed my flag which was against the corner it had shifted and that's what caused the door to go off track. Still- The tech fixed it without charging me. I am not used to service like that. I don't think I've ever had a service man to come out to my house on a half hour notice at 9 PM and did the work with a smile without charging anything. Just out of respect to a former client. I hope this review will help get them more business as they very much deserve. THANK YOU!
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By: Chad T.
American Veteran Garage Door
Service from this company is always excellent and I'd highly recommend them to anyone in the Las Vegas area. Mike Doron, the owner, is first rate and is not only very communicative and helpful, but he really goes the extra mile for his customers. We've uses the company's services several times and are always impressed with his professionalism and work ethic. On this last occasion, Mike got us a great deal because of his own relationship with Liftmaster and made sure a faulty part was remedied right away by their warranty. He didn't waste any time and made sure the repair and replacement was successful AND convenient to our own schedule here at home.
By: Max C.
American Veteran Garage Door
Pleasure to do business with. I live in Ca and was looking for someone to repair my garage door motor in a rental in Vegas. Very annoying task when you don't know anyone and have to "throw the dice" on a random company. American Veteran Garage Door took care of everything. Called the tenant and scheduled a time then called me when they were there to let me know what's wrong and what will be the cost to repair. Then emailed me an invoice with pictures so I could see what was done. They were also OK with me mailing a check. Couldn't think of a better costumer experience. I will definitely be using them in the future.
By: Opally P.
American Veteran Garage Door
Mike the owner of American Veteran Garage door in Las Vegas and the technician that came at to my property to repair a few damages I had was AWESOME! He responded to my matters as though they were his own. He came out the same day to provide an estimate and I knew right then and there he'd be the bid I wanted! He's so polite and extremely professional! Even while he was making the repairs another issue arose and he had no problem putting in the extra effort and time to fix it! You are a ROCK STAR! I will recommend you to everyone! If you are in need, please, contact Mike. He will get it done!
By: chris_d
Damian Douglas Garage Door Service
Hired them to do their $89.00 garage door tune-up special knowing ahead of time that it would be more as the door was really jacked up, but was crossing my fingers as this was a rentalTrevor arrived on time and within 30 minutes had it working and the biggest surprise was it only cost $65.00!!When does that ever happen? You call on a special and it's less when you expect it to be so much more??I HIGHLY recommend this company for any garage door work you may have as they are truly a fair and honest company!Thanks again Trevor and Damian Douglas Garage Doors!Chris Dahl
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By: Deborah C.
American Veteran Garage Door
Very quick, professional service. Michael is honest and a straight shooter. I had another company come out earlier in the day and give me a quote to fix a very minor issue with my garage door. They tried to tell me I needed $300 in parts and a tune up. I figured this was ridiculous so I called Michael and his company for a second opinion. Michael came out the same day and was very straight forward about the issue with the door. He fixed the problem quickly and for a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend this business!
By: Charles H.
JM Garage Door Repair
Outstanding, very Professional service! We set up an appointment for 10:00 am today (Friday) He was here about 15 minutes early and proceeded to replace my single spring with 2, which he explained the benefits of two strings. My door works better than when it was new!I highly recommend Juan not only for his expertise in ensuring that the job was done correctly and I was completely satisfied but his overall attitude!Just a Great Guy operating a small business ensuring the customer comes first!
By: Carmen C.
American Veteran Garage Door
First I would say they definitely deserve the reviews I saw online. I called them on a Friday night, they picked up the phone (unlike a couple 24hrs companies I tried before) Michael introduced himself over the phone. Very pleasant and personable. I explained the door is off the tracks and we don't want to leave it over night. Within an hour Ryan was here. Also very pleasant and friendly. Gave me a 2 options for the repair 80$-145$. All in all happy client. Thank you Veteran doors.
By: Mywork E.
American Veteran Garage Door
My motor on my garage door would not work so I could only close it manually. Called American Veteran Garage Door for the repairs at 8am. Mike arrived 20 minutes later. Within minutes he showed me the burned wires. He was able to repair it on the spot. He also took the time to put the wires in securely so it would not happen again. He was so polite and professional. And he only charged me for the call. Great company, very professional.
By: Mary L.
American Veteran Garage Door
My winter home in Las Vegas needed a new garage door installed. I spent about a month deciding which company to use. I chose American Garage Door Repair because of the conversation I had with Mike. He was able to do the installation even with me not there. He sent me pics, and a short video after it was complete to show me everything. When arrived in January, it was working perfectly. Very pleased with the honesty of this company.
Tips & Advices
Monthly, carefully observe the door as you open and close it. If you hear or see anything unusual, take a closer look. The regular motion could loosen up some of the hardware, so take a few minutes to tighten everything up. Also, be sure that tracks, tires, and other moving parts are lubricated. If your door is painted, make sure it isn't chipped or peeling. Deteriorating paint on a wooden door could let moisture in, which leads to warped doors, while a steel door could rust.
On average, a new garage door installation will cost around $1,000. Most homeowners end up paying somewhere between $740 and $1,400, including the installation and the door itself.
It depends. For someone who tackles home improvement projects, installing a garage door might be a viable do-it-yourself project. An experienced wood or metal worker can install with the right materials, tools, and knowledge. Someone less experienced should contact a professional. Depending on the size, a door could weigh as much as 200 pounds, though some smaller or uninsulated ones could be less than 100 pounds.
If you begin to notice this around a change in seasons, check the lubricant on the tracks. Weather patterns will affect lubricant's effectiveness. Dirt or debris on the tracks could also be the cause; make sure they're clear and clean. If the tracks look fine, make sure the doors are hung evenly.
It could mean your tracks are either dented, falling, or otherwise misaligned. Misaligned or damaged tracks can cause the door to cease working or fall off its tracks. If your door is stuck, slanted, or looks unstable, call a professional who will have the right tools to fix the problem.

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