By: Laura W.
Liberty Lock & Key
I'm writing this reivew as I'm sitting right next to the flight gate at the McCarran International Airport here in Las vegas,waitng for my flight to New York, a flight that I almost missed if it wasn't for an ad I found on YP for Liberty Lock&keyThis morning I woke up and start packging my stuff for my flight to NY. I've made plans for this weekend to be with my boyfriend who lives there. I finished to fold all my clothing into my suitcase, and then I found out that my passport is missing. I started looking for it all over my apartment for about a half an hour,but couldn't find it.Then I've rememberd that I've put it in my safe to make sure it won't get lost (funny right?). I've walked to my bedroom and tried to open my Safe but it refused to open. It was just stuck. I've looked for a locksimth at YP, and found "Liberty Lock&Key".When I called, a nice man named Josef told me to calm down, and not to be worried, he's sending me a technician right away. after around 15 min, I got a phone call from a technician named ely. He told me that he is just parking his van and that he will be atmy house within 2 min. He then came in, and start working on the safe, he got it open in 5-6 min. I was so happy! I had my passport in my hand..! The technician set me up a new combination for the safe, and he fixed the bolt of the safe door which was a little loose.. He was just a Pro. Thanks to his professional and quick work, I managed to catch my flight.Liberty Lock&Key, not only saved my day, but my entire weekend!!thank god for Liberty
By: Gail C.
Liberty Lock & Key
I got home very late from work and was suspiciously locked out of my house. My key turned in the lock but the deadbolt didn't unlock. Not knowing what to do, I called several locksmiths in my area but no one had after-hours service. Luckily I found Liberty here on YP and called them hoping they would come to my area. The dispatcher quoted me a price and timeline for the after hours call. Even though I have no idea what this kind of service call should cost it seemed reasonable I had to get back into my house! The locksmith was on time, courteous, and professional. It turned out that the deadbolt was broken and needed to be drilled and replaced. The holes in the door and door frame were also out of alignment and had been installed incorrectly. The locksmith took a lot of time to reset the lock and make sure it worked, and even used my old key on the new lock!I am really, really grateful that this company offers after-hours emergency service, otherwise I have no idea what I would have done. I am also very impressed with the customer service and response of the locksmith and dispatcher. I hope I never have to call a locksmith again for emergency service but if I do, I'll certainly be calling Liberty Lock & Key.
By: Bob R.
Liberty Lock & Key
I had to get 2 doors fixed up - one needed to have the deadbolt replaced and I also wanted to replace the regular lock (I'm not sure what you call it). The other I just wanted to replace the deadbolt.Joe was at my apartment within 25 minutes of my first call for a consult. (That was this morning.)THEN, because this was fairly urgent, he came after hours tonight to install the locks himself. This was very lucky because the 2 deadbolt installs ended up being out of the ordinary. The original deadbolts were installed terribly (one was apparently upside down and the other was just mis-aligned). The original regular lock was installed ok, but I did want it replaced which he did very well.So pleased and happy with the service - I can't believe everything was resolved in one day, and with very reasonable prices. Prices were exactly the same as what he quoted this morning. No upsells and even though it took much longer than expected, he did not charge me extra.I also got the discount :)Thank you Liberty Lock & Key and Joe!!
By: Reuben S.
Silverstate Locksmith, Ltd.
We contacted this locksmith based on it's established history in town and the numerous positive reviews on yelp.com. We have been the victims on unethical extortionist con-artists under the guise of "locksmiths" some that lie as to having licenses and professional business affiliations. We contacted this locksmith for some work to replace 3 dead bolts and removal of a chain/lock we had lost a key too. Not only was this company super fast to come out, but they did quality work and the prices were very reasonable infact substantial when compared to past experiences we have had with other locksmiths listed on yp, yelp or Craigslist. The type of dead bolts were upgraded and yet we got a better price here than those of other locksmiths using lesser quality or easily defeatable kwikset type locks. We would recommend them to anyone not interested in getting ripped off and still receiving quality work! **Note they have substantial reviews on yelp.com which is how I originally found them**.
By: robert.l
Liberty Lock & Key
liberty lock & key is the absolute best! They are extremely fast and provide amazing service. I called liberty lock& key around 4pm on a Wednesday evening, and he came to my home right away and helped us out even after his work day was technically over. It was my first home , and my first time living alone, so eric brought multiple options and explained them all in detail to my father and myself until we were able to choose the best one for us. He really cares about his clients and wanted to make sure I felt safe in my new home Be sure to mention that you found the locksmith on yp.com so you can get the 10% discount! I forgot to mention it, but eric of course asked me if I had found him here so that he could give me a lower price. He really is the kindest and I can't recommend him highly enough.Thanks, eric liberty lock & key !
By: Bob M.
Liberty Lock & Key
I contacted Liberty Lock & Key to re-key about 10 existing locks and to add 4-5 deadbolts. It was very easy and quick to set up a walk through to estimate the job, and Joe fixed a minor lock issue for my tenant at no charge before I committed to any work with him.The quoted price was competitive and after two weeks I am very happy with the work. Joe proved responsive and professional and even presented us with a small gift at the end of the job.Joe explained that he stands behind all of his locks and all of his work, and I'm confident that he will take care of any issues that may come up in the future. It's clear that Joe cares about the work he's doing and about his customers. Thanks!
By: Eric M.
Liberty Lock & Key
Recently I locked myself out of my apartment for the first time in my life after leaving my house keys in a rental car office and they had closed for the day.I try to use and support local businesses whenever possible, so I looked for locksmiths in Las Vegas. Liberty Lock & Key is the real deal - a real master locksmith. Joe arrived when he said he would, in his van with all the tools he needed to get me back into my apartment quickly. Even though I had old locks that were difficult to copy, I was still back in my apartment in less than 30 minutes.When it was done, I had a new key, no damage to my locks or door, and was charged much less than what I expected. I strongly recommended :)
By: Tom G.
Liberty Lock & Key
I can't imagine how easy and accommodating this company is. I called late last night to schedule an appointment and it was hassle free. Called again this morning when I was running late to push back the appointment and I had no problem. Joe came in at 1:30 right on time and gave the estimate. In less than 10 minutes he was finished with the Job. It was so quick and easy and Joe couldn't be more helpful telling me exactly what I needed and even recommended not to spend any extra money. This has got to be the most reliable locksmith. They also offer a warranty. Joy also mentioned they are available 24/7 for any emergencies. I'm please to have found them. Thanks Joe
By: onelv76
ABC Lock N Tow
When I was ready to leave for work, my car wouldn’t start!! I ran in the house and jumped on the computer and called ABC Towing. They answered the call immediately and asked for my location. I figured I would be told that it would be an hour or two before they could come out, but to my surprise, they told me that somebody would be there within 20-30 minutes!!! Sure enough 25 minutes later they showed up and gave me a jump start and accepted my AAA card. I was still able to make it to work on time thanks to how fast they showed up. I would recommend this company to anyone, I even programmed the number in my cell phone just in case I need them again!!
By: nikki.reign
Liberty Lock & Key
i would like to recommend nevada locksmith to everyone. Early one morning I managed to lock myself out of my house. No purse, no keys, you get the idea. I called nevada locksmith for help. After explaining my situation to the very curteous man who answered my call they quickly gathered my necessary information, gave me an extremely reasonabe quote and then sent someone to meet me. The locksmith arrived within a short time and unlocked my door. He was professional, prepared and he saved my day. I was impressed with the customer service from beginning to end. I will be recommending nevada locksmith to anyone I know who has need of locksmith services
Tips & Advices
Locksmiths-in-training can receive foundational knowledge and skills through programs offered at technical colleges or vocational schools. These would include basic courses on lock mechanics and manipulation, along with general skills like business management. From there, most trainees seek an apprenticeship, where they work alongside a professional locksmith. This allows them to gain experience in the field. It can also put them on a course toward certification.
Upon arrival to your home, a locksmith should ask you to prove that it is in fact your residence. They should also be able to unlock most common locks without requiring them to be drilled or completely replaced. Be sure to obtain an invoice that lists all charges before agreeing to pay.
  • If possible, research local locksmiths online and take note of any that have poor reviews or complaints.
  • When calling a locksmith, confirm their address matches what you found online or in a directory. Then ask for a cost estimate for the service you need, and ask to have them bring a written copy of this estimate.
  • Some states require locksmiths to be licensed. If your state is one of them, require the locksmith to bring proof of registration when they arrive.
The term locksmith traditionally referred to people who designed and built locks, but today is generally used for those who repair and replace locks. Locksmiths can be available on-call to help people if they're locked out of their home or apartment.
  • First, determine the type of lock you have, as well as the manufacturer or model if possible. You should also obtain measurements of your door and frame.
  • Remove exterior and interior knobs by unscrewing any visible screws you find. Many knobs will include a decorative cover on the interior side that can be removed.
  • Once you've removed the entire lock, find the screws on the inside of the door frame to remove the latch or deadbolt.
  • With everything removed, repeat these steps in reverse order to install the new lock.

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