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By: Tony M.
Bowties Tuxedo & Bridal Boutique
The Sales Person at Bowtie's Tuxedo, Lydia, immediately starting writing up my order, as if she knew she had a sale. Although the shop was very well kept, I'm a very cautious buyer. This Tuxedo was for my Son's Fall Formal & I wanted something that looked good at an affordable price. She made a few suggestions, based on questions that she asked & he answered. She was knowledgeable of the Tuxedos at the shop, which I expected, but she also had insight as to the shade of gray that my Son's date was going to wear. She made us feel like she already spoke to my Son's date & had some ideas on what we should rent. She was very professional & friendly. My Son & I liked her suggestions & he tried on a Tuxedo. While my Son was in the other room, I asked the price. I've already called other Tuxedo shops, so I had an idea what I was looking to pay. Lydia said that the Tuxedo that my Son was trying on, was the most expensive in the shop. Now I was ready to ask her to tear up the rental form. Then she told me the price & explained it in detail. I guess she did not realize, that she had the sale, right after she told me the price. He came out & the Tuxedo looked great on him. There were, of course, some alternations needed, but we discussed them & we were confident that she fully understood what we wanted. Due to a conflict in my Son's schedule, I picked up the Tuxedo on the Thursday prior to the Fall Formal. My Son tried it on at home & we were extremely happy with the final product. It really felt like it was made just for him. My Son & his date looked great together. He was also happy, that he was the only one at the Fall Formal with a Navy Blue Tuxedo. I returned the Tuxedo on Sunday; it was a 5 minute drop off, with 2 of those minutes being me thanking them & giving them a photo of my Son & his date. Lydia was hanging up the photo as I was leaving. She said that she will see me when I come by to rent the Prom Tuxedo. Lydia is right again.
By: kerrymccombs
Bridal & Boutique dba
I am am an offbeat bride. I'm a size 20 and feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans. I was dreading shopping for a wedding dress which is the complete opposite of how a bride SHOULD feel. Taking all this into account I'm so happy I went to Bridal & Boutique! Jeanne (or Jeannie?) made me feel immediately comfortable and assured me we would find the perfect dress. I didn't feel judged for my size. She provided a corset bra in my size for me to wear while trying on the dresses since I didn't have the proper undergarments. She was personable and friendly and knowledgable. She put me in a few dresses that I never in a million years would have thought would look good on me, but they did! She has a great eye, and she made me see myself differently. I ended up buying the second dress I tried on because under Jeanne/Jeannie's tasteful eye it flattered my figure perfectly, giving me a defined waist while flattening my tummy. Although the dress isn't exactly my vision, she will have it altered to match exactly what I want. We are altering the length, adding fuller sleeves, a green sash and a green tulle underskirt for a pop of my favorite color for my fall wedding! Additionally, she made sure that even with all that customization it came in at the budget I gave her when I first walked in the door. As someone who was intimidated by wedding dress shopping, my experience at Bridal & Boutique could not have been more pleasantly surprising or enjoyable. I can't wait for my first fitting!
By: Dale N.
Green Valley Shoe Repair
I will go to the ends of the earth to have Gary fix, repair, work on ALL of my shoes! he is well worth it. you get what you pay for. and believe me....GARY IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! i moved from Boulder City to Houston, TX. I tried getting my shoes done in Houston but after ruining three pair of shoes, I bought new AGAIN and sent them to Gary BACK IN LAS VEGAS!! THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GUY!!! He takes pride in all of his work. He will never ever displease you. In life, as we grow older, we learn one important fact.....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. YOU WANT QUALITY it may cost you a little more, but in the end IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT. I need a lift on one shoe, but not the other. Gary is SO thorough that he ensures BOTH shoes look alike. He puts the lift on one shoe and THEN he puts the same 'sole' on the other shoe --- so my shoes look alike. This man pays attention to detail. Down to the very minute little things that no one else has ever done. I have been to many, many shoe repair shops in my life. I was in the military and have traveled the world. This man is BY FAR --- THE BEST YOU WILL EVER GET!! Gary and Linda.....THANK YOU FOR TAKING GREAT CARE OF ME AND MY SHOES OVER THE YEARS and thank you for continuing.....
By: Jessica S.
Cash 4 Chaos
There are a lot of rare shirts and band patches as well that you can't get anywhere else--if you want your Rancid/Bad Religion/Crass or whatever gear, then this place is the go-to place for it.They even sell some metal band shirts here! However, their selection for metal t-shirts is limited compared to their punk rock shirts. They mainly sell thrash metal ones because hey--thrash metal got part of its roots from hardcore punk, anyway.The staff was friendly to me and helped me pick out some rockabilly/psychobilly dresses that I could wear. Mainly, they don't bother you unless you ask for assistance.Cash 4 Chaos has a wider inventory than Hot Topic. I know that Hot Topic is now beginning to sell other punk stuff besides Misfits, but they pale in comparison to Cash 4 Chaos' offeringsI think this place is worth a visit if you're looking for a place to buy your alternative apparel besides Hot Topic or the Bettie Page Store.
By: mcbritters
Bowties Tuxedo & Bridal Boutique
My experience at Bowties was perfect! The staff was so helpful, knowledgeable and kind. When I tried on my dress, they made sure every inch of that dress was the way I wanted. The alters they did were insanely beautiful and I can not wait to show it off next weekend. They have the best intentions when it comes to how the Bride should look in their gown and they make sure you are 100% satisfied with it or they will help come up with a solution (mine being a built in bra). I can not express how much I appreciate the staff for all they have done for me. BOWTIES ROCKS!
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By: Cecilia M.
Bowties Bridal Outlet
I found the wedding dress of my dreams, and I managed to stay within my budget. The wonderful owner, Evanna, took the time to help me even though I didn't make an apportionment! I was on day 3 of unsuccessful dress hunting, so I was beginning to feel a bit pessimistic. Luckily, Evanna came to the rescue. She was honest and didn't waste time trying to sell me dresses that I was interested in. She knew what shapes were right for my petite frame. Evanna has a lot of experience and it shows. Her staff is very friendly too. I'm so happy I stopped in.-Cecilia
By: coralee333
Well Of The Moon
Well Of The Moon is an easy and cozy place to get all your metaphysical needs. I've been there a few times and was always given a warm welcome and good advice. Prices aren't bad either. Since there are not a lot of choices for Wiccan or Pagan enthusiast except businesses that are very commercial and don't really get to know you or the shops that seem to close so frequently I give high marks for Well of the Moon for personal service unique items and having excellent knowledge about our craft. I know I'll be seeing them again soon!
By: italia.reinoehl
Classic Wedding Wear
We were invited to a black and white tie-event. Not being to one in years we decided to go to Classic Wedding Wear and find out what the latest styles are. We were so pleased with the tuxedo the lady styled for my husband. It was up to date as she showed us in the latest fashion magazine. He looked so handsome and all night he received compliments on how good he looked and how well it fit him. I would recommend Classic Wedding Wear to everyone that needs formalwear. They have Great suits for men too. The service was impecable.
By: Trey M.
I've been in a few times, and the staff is always nice and friendly! It's a very intimate personal experience going in to Fruition because they treat you very well, and try and get to know you so they can help you find a style you may like!The clothes in the store are all unique and a mix of vintage and the latest in fashion. A lot of the clothes are ahead of the trends as well. You won't find a better curated selection in Vegas to choose from.A great personal shopping experience, and I enjoy coming back always.
By: jenny2013
Bridal & Boutique dba
The store has an excellent service and provide a personable assistance to all my bridal party. Alteration was perfect and very reasonable. The entire my bridal party got a special package price to save hundreds of dollars. I am very pleased how the service was provided and quality of the dresses they carry. I had many great complements of my beautiful wedding gown. I strongly recommend the Bridal and Boutique to everyone for great service and best price in town.

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