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By: Jazmin B.
Vegas Valley Motors
I have to share my story with everybody. So i was car hunting for several weeks got approved in another dealer for a car that I really wasn't feeling it, my stepdad send me an ad for this car that he found on craigslist, so im thinking craigslist ????? big red flag, so I ignore his suggestion but he keep on insisting to go see because the specials were extremely good. I decided to go and check out this vegas valley motors. First thing i saw very nice cars, space very clean, walked into the office and it was very clean, the girl in the front that i kept on forgetting her name even do she introduce herself is very polite and amazing customer service, then i get introduced to Ivan very nice guy and explained to me all the process, liked what i Saw and i applied in 5 minutes, very fast process, got approved but came back next day because i was in a hurry. I told Ivan my top 3 cars i liked and i said i was coming the next day to test drive. Next day I arrived with some bad news the top car i wanted he had discover a bad nice and didn't wanted me to tested, so i started thinking this is BS so regardless what he told me i test drove the car, which it was very good to me , he said he would send to see what was the problem because he didn't wanted to sale me a car that he didn't even know where was that noise coming from ( that right there caught my attention) usually dealerships start giving you excuses kind of saying is just a belt, or a screw blah blah blah so you can still get the car right at that moment but in this case i was surprised that he offered to take it to the dealership to see what was wrong with it and he told me if it something wrong that i know its going to cost a lot we gonna take the lost and not sale it at all because it didn't have that noise before. My Jaw drop, i was completely in shock, coming from my experience i got a car sold by a big dealership that had changed the carfax on me and sold me a total loss car. Next day obviously he said im sorry we have to look for another car, so i go back and look at all the new cars they brought which are 2014, 2013, 2012, im like this dealership is a very good one ,owner has a lot of potential, again i already felt like home and appreciated because of the way they were treating me i didn't feel like they were looking at me just with dollar signs in my face they were treating me as a person, that they care i didn't get screwed. while looking at the new cars, I met the owner Grayson, very nice down to earth guy , Ivan explained to him who i was and he start talking about the problem the car had and he straight told me, i am not selling you a car if i dont know how much would it cost me to fix because that would be a lost for me but not just that , is just because if it has a problem now six months down the road you have to fix something else then i would have not done my job correctly, then he goes , i believe in karma and is not on me to sale you something is giving me a problem now, i rather get you in something i know it will last you long then something i see it can give you a problem later, i want you to be happy and i care for customers, he said give me minute let me look at your deal again, so at this point my jaw dropped again (he was leaving but decided to stay to look at my deal and see what other car he can get me , something i wanted ). after we started talking about the problem i had with a car and a dealership before. My point is I really have never met a person that actually cares for somebody needs, specially on a dealership. Everyone is very professional,and im very happy to do business with vegas valley motors. I totally recommend this dealer, they are extremely professional and know you will walk away with good quality. Affordable prices and payment for everyone. Couldn't give more stars because it allows only 5.
By: Louisa M.
Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas
I love the Porsche design; they never fail to turn my head and I've ALWAYS wanted one of my very own. Hubby said that if that's my dream car, we should get one for me, and we decided to bite the bullet and buy a custom built Cayman.Eric P. is a friendly, easygoing guy, a pleasure to deal with except for a couple of hiccups. First, he twice gave me erroneous information about the car I was considering (the cost of an extra package and info about the European delivery program). Second, I sent a follow-up e-mail with some pretty important questions and an appointment request but I never got a response. Apparently Eric "didn't get the e-mail," but he responded immediately to my husband when he sent a message 5 days later asking why he didn't respond to me. In the meantime, I had begun to shop my car build code to other dealers in CA and UT, and they promptly responded to all of my inquiries! I prefer to buy my cars locally, but buying out of state isn't new to me. Armed with two stellar quotes from competing dealers and my final custom build, we went to Gaudin to work a purchase deal and sign the final papers. Eric wasn't available so he had Jeff S. take care of us. This is where everything totally fell apart. Jeff rubbed me the wrong way from the start. He knew we were coming in to order my car, yet he hadn't even bothered to pull up my build code. It quickly became clear that this dealership isn't used to dealing with people who negotiate as he expected us to sign on the dotted line at the MSRP. I won't apologize for wanting to save money and I will never, ever agree to paying the MSRP on a new vehicle. That's just crazy talk!We told Jeff that we had competing price offers from SLC and L.A., and he sat back with a smirk. We own a vacation property in UT and spend lots of time in the SLC area (he started LAUGHING when we said that, like he didn't believe us), and my husband's firm has an office in L.A. so we spend a lot of time there too. Buying a car at either of these places wouldn't be much of a hassle. With that, he actually said "what's it worth to you to buy your car from the place that will be servicing it and taking care of you?" I replied, "no, what's it worth to YOU to get MY business?" I mean, really! Now Gaudin can be sure I will not take my car in for service there because of what Jeff said. He made me think that they'd either purposely mess up my car or treat me like crap because I didn't buy from them! I hope that's not what he meant, but it's certainly what was heavily implied.At this point we gave Jeff the numbers from the other dealerships and he left with a huff. He came back with Gaudin's final offer and it was nearly $4k more than the best offer we had from the dealer in L.A.! We asked if that was really the best he could do and he said yes, stuck out his hand, and said "thanks for stopping by." I understand there's a cost to doing business but the deal we worked with the CA dealer wasn't exactly outrageously cheap because it's still a pricey luxury sports car. I get the feeling the folks at Gaudin didn't think we could afford the car because they were more than happy to let us walk away. This isn't a case of sour grapes because they wouldn't match the better price, but this felt far from the red carpet service they like to brag about. I'd be doubly embarrassed that I lost a sale from someone who literally lives less than five miles from their dealership.If you're in the market for a Porsche and want to get your car for several percentage points off the sticker price, you need to shop your build to out of state dealers because Gaudin prefers to sell to customers at MSRP, period.
By: Louisa M.
Volvo Cars of Las Vegas
So I'm not one to rate a car dealership five stars, but I had two awesome experiences at Volvo of Las Vegas. My husband and I were in the market for a new luxury SUV and, being concerned about safety ratings and reading the rave reviews in "Car and Driver," we decided to check out Volvo.Melissa jumped to help us out, and she was absolutely fantastic. She was kind, low-pressure, and had a cool, laid back vibe. We both absolutely loved her. After taking a test drive, we decided to think it over for a week and made a future appointment to come back and meet with Melissa when we had more time to explore the new vehicle.Once again, Melissa was great. She honestly could effortlessly (and correctly) answer every single question we had about the car. We've been car shopping around for months and hands down she was the salesperson with the most authority out of all the places we visited (including Porsche, Lexus, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes). She took us on a lengthy test drive and spent a ton of time with us, demonstrating all the cool semi-autonomous features. She explained every option in depth and was simply great all around.When we asked, she thoroughly explained the European delivery program too. For those of you looking at purchasing a new Volvo, ask about it! It was a huge selling point for us and almost made purchasing a car too good to pass up..but a trip to Sweden to the Volvo factory wasn't enough of a positive for us to buy the car.Eventually we decided against the Volvo and went with the Mercedes instead, but we were both super impressed with the professionalism and courtesy at this dealership. We made the decision after discussing it at length (for the record, we decided against the Volvo because of the sheer panoramic sunroof shade, the boxy exterior body style, and the ridiculously inefficient "self parking" feature -- seriously, it would make it HARDER to park, not EASIER)! However, we will definitely consider purchasing a Volvo in the future, and I will absolutely ask for Melissa by name.
By: Eric H.
El Charro Auto Sales
Quite the rinky-dink, deceitful little business. After reading a satisfactory Carfax report, Humberto sold me a nice-looking 2006 Nissan Altima. It had been regularly maintained, so how could there possibly be anything wrong with it? Well, a little over two weeks after I purchased it, the AC started blasting out either lukewarm or flat-out hot air when on the coldest setting. Shortly after, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Not sure what kind of place sells a car without giving it a proper tune-up first, but I took it to AutoZone for a diagnostic test, and got a P0420. This is probably the most vague diagnosis a vehicle can get, but it's probably the catalytic converter. Let's just hope this is only thing wrong, shall we? And, wait for it, wait for it...As it turns out, it needs a new exhaust manifold, front struts, and radiator hoses as well as a timing belt - all adding up to about $2,200 in repairs. Essentially, the $400 I saved when they knocked it off the price will have to go a mechanic (plus an additional $1,800) to fix the issues. Good lookin' out, guys! "As-Is" vehicle sales are a gamble the buyer usually doesn't win. However, the fact that the issues were never disclosed at the time of purchase nor did I receive a copy of the engine report mandated BY LAW after 75,000 miles probably means I have a damn good case against them. Avoid the aggravation and spend the extra money somewhere else. At least there you'll know what you're getting.
By: Jazmin H.
S & M Auto Body
ABOVE AND BEYOND! This was the first time I have ever been to a collision specialist. I have never been in an accident before, and I got in a fender-bender that bent my front panel so much the front door couldn't open, and of course the lamp was busted. It was nasty, especially because the car is leased. I thought for sure that it would never look like new again. I did a lot of research online and S&M looked the best, and they were. I took the car in for an estimate and even though they were busy they took the time to explain every step of the process to me, they explained how to manage things with my insurance, and they even gave me advice on what kind of insurance is easiest to deal with. I couldn't believe how helpful they were. They answered all my questions, and all I had to do was leave the car there, tell the insurance where it was, and that was it. They took care of the rest. I just came back when it was finished, paid my insurance deductible, and drove away in a brand new looking car. Not only had they fixed it to perfection, but it actually looked better than when I first leased it because they had it washed and waxed to a shine. I would go there just for detailing if they offered it, the car looked so nice. I was amazed! Highest possible recommendation!
By: Jb W.
RT Motorsports Auto Sales
Drove by this place and saw a black 2008 Audi A6 Avant. This car looked sweet. Salesman came up and we started talking about it. Nice guy but seemed a bit shady, c'mon this was a dealership off Nellis you know. Asked to test drive the car and they said they would have to run a credit check first. Never heard of it, so decided against it but really loved the car. Went back a few weeks later with my son and car was still there. My credit wasn't great so decided what the heck. They came back and just handed me the keys, said take it for a spin salesman didn't even come with! Found it kind of odd but I guess my credit wasn't that bad. Fell in love with the car, instantly. Came back and obviously we haggled on the price. They Audi actually worked with me on my trade in, a down payment, and even spread out my down payment as well, I was shocked! Finally settled on a price but was still hesitant only because didn't know what to expect from a used car with no warranty. Took it to an Audi dealer a month later to change the oil, serviceman said car was in good shape, just tires needed to be changed since they weren't the recommended tires for an Audi. I love my car, no doubt. I am shockingly surprised by how they treated me here and how good of a car I got. Thanks R/T.
By: newuseryp
Audi Las Vegas Service Center
I went to look at a 2013 Audi, in Las Vegas Nevada, which had recently arrived. Drove and liked it however by the time I received an insurance quote, and had done some other shopping the car had been sold and no others were available in the vicinity. I discussed with my Salesperson, Robert, what he wanted to do, since I couldn't wait for months to order one and preferred not to travel out of town where others were available. They found a more upgraded one out of state and negotiated to have it shipped here, and at no charge to me. They were not under any obligation to do this. They also worked out a very competitive price which turned out to be less than I would have otherwise paid out of the area where I had priced several. I left a deposit and signed to have the vehicle transferred. A few days later the car arrived in good order, no miles,nor damages, clean, fueled, tested fine, ready to go. I completed the paper work, was not pressured to take additional items though I took some which I had previously reviewed. Robert went over the various systems with me and gave me a lift back from the airport. A+ all around so far!
By: John H.
Vegas Valley Motors
Vegas Valley Motors is THE BEST car buying experience I ever had! I started by browsing the inventory of cars online and picked the car I was interested in(2010 Ford Fusion SE). I submitted a fast and easy finance application on their website and BOOM! They got back to me with a flexible down payment and monthly payment that fit my budget. The staff at vegas valley motors really treated me like family through the entire process. I was really impressed by the quality of cars on the lot. This is not like a typical preowned dealership of inventory where cars look sceptical and sales people pressure you. I really felt like I was being helped and not sold to. After my test drive I felt like I had a few options that might fit my needs. I've been to many car dealerships in my life, but always felt like let the games begin! NOT HERE! Everything was up front and honest! You can guarantee ANY car that leaves my driveway in the future will be from Vegas Valley Motors!I Was so happy to find this place. Special THANK YOU to Grayson, Crysyal and Ivan for treating me like family. I just wish I found Vegas Valley Motors years ago.
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By: jerrybminn
Las Vegas Car and Truck
I purchased a truck from eAutoNiche.com last month. I live in Minnesota and was shopping the internet for a Ford F-150 Extended Cab. I came across their website through eBay. I researched the truck they had for sale and decided to call. Dan (The Owner) was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. His customer service was far further than I expected. I bought the vehicle online. (The video and 60 pictures were AWESOME) All the pictures and a really cool video made me feel much more comfortable with the process. I sent him a deposit and my brother flew into Las Vegas and picked up the truck, Dan drove the truck to the airport and waited an hour for my brothers delayed flight to arrive. He was very nice and even offered to drive my brother to his hotel for him. After my brother got the truck to Minnesota, I was blown away!!!!! Super cool truck even nicer than the pictures. Dan called everyday until the truck arrived. Even though I never meet Dan, he was super nice and is the type of guy you would want to have a beer with. Thanks again Dan!!! - Jerry S. from Northern Minnesota
By: bankerkim
Towbin Alfa Romeo / FIAT
WOW! how to describe BEST car I’ve ever purchased & from a dealership with BEST VIP treatment ever experienced. I did internet search “2017 convertibles” and saw a car I’d never seen before … 2017 Fiat Spider 124. SPECS: I wanted something fast, compact and with latest gadgets (backup camera, 7” screen, remote everything). I’d already driven a $55,000 German sports car so I went to test drive the Fiat. AMAZING! 0-60 in 6 sec, zero noise or wind blowing at highway speeds with top down. Fiat even BEATS German convertible BECAUSE it has pushbutton start & top up or down in 5 seconds. All this at HALF the German cost.Towbin Fiat made my choice even better. UNBEATABLE PRICE (and I shopped ALL over the USA), Vanessa Rau treated me like I was royalty. She showed me many features as we walked around my new car, even connected my smartphone to 7” touch screen. If you are looking for ANY convertible in Vegas & don’t at least test drive the Fiat 124 at Towbin, YOU ARE CRAY CRAY CRAZY!!!

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