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By: paulasadler
A Harmony Nail Spa
As the Owner I am of course Bias and am going to promote myself and the salon. But as the owner I can look objectively at who we are our brand, our strengths and weaknesses. A Harmony Nail spa is a top world class salon, spa and wellness center. WE offer a 100& satisfaction guarantee we will do it over for free if you’re not happy. I can let our reviews speak for themselves. We have a 100% client approval rating for customer service and we consistently go above and beyond expectation, In spit of 3 or 4 reviews out of hundreds of satisfied clients. I will note that clients who gave less than a five star rating, did not contact our salon and take advantage of our total satisfaction guarantee. I will share our Mission: A Harmony Nail Spa is dedicated to personal Beauty, Wellness, Peace, and Healing of the Individual, By Creating and offering the Highest Level of unique Beauty, Wellness treatments, and products, In a clean, friendly, and safe atmosphere, provided by a professional, caring, and spiritually supportive team of technicians and support staff who receive ongoing personal and professional development. I believe in our Mission and Vision and hold customer service to be our #1 priority. I welcome all feedback and will do everything possible to ensure satisfaction. Of course I watch for abuse as well. I will not tolerate client abuses or being taken advantage of. In this world of cyber life and reality TV series everything. We have lost the ability to talk to people face to face with our concerns. I encourage customers to give feedback right away and let the business respond, upon doing so if you still not satisfied let other people know. But if the situation was fixed then share that too. We must all help each other and be understanding. I am sure these past few years with the recession many businesses like mine have been forced with many issues, trying to just keep the doors open for one. On top of trying to stay busy, employee the staff. Many people has increased stress and lack of finances so the onslaught of the groupon deals and the like have caused many businesses to have increased demand for production and the stress has caused I'm sure a breakdown at times of customer service. As consumers we want what we want when we want it, when we don’t get it we are dissatisfied and want someone to pay. So our scorn we be recanted many times. Please have consideration when posting about business especially small businesses it could mean the difference of staying open or going out of business. Be careful to really read reviews and see if the customer has contacted the business to fix the situation. If they have not there concern is not valid and is slanderous to the business by not allowing them to try and fix it first. Most small businesses have policies in place and many will gladly fix any dissatisfaction. If we want small businesses to succeed we must help them. Remember small businesses make up the majority of the workforce in America and they are run by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and real people not some big corporation. Just little everyday people trying their hardest to make a living. Be considerate and compassionate and give the benefit of the doubt. Sincerely, Paula Josephine Sadler. Owner, Nail Technician, Author, Speaker, Singer, Healer, CCBA Association President. And informed consumer...
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By: Karen R.
Alteredstates A Wellness Center Flotation/Deprivation Tank
This was an experience like no other & I definitely will be going back to see them for some more floats! I had never floated before, but I had watched a video on You tube with Joe Rogan a few years ago & he was talking about some of the experiences he had while floating in the Flotation/Deprivation Tank. He had his float tank set up in the basement of his home. It all seemed pretty weird (but interesting) to me, & since I'm that kind of guy, when I found out there was a flotation tank here in town I decided to check it out. I called & booked an appointment. The business was set up inside of a house & I wasn't really impressed with the outside of the house or the area that they were in, but never mind all of that! It was totally different once I went inside the house. Karen & Steven welcomed me at the door & showed me around. They both made me feel very comfortable & relaxed (almost as if I were in my own home). They explained to me that I would have a few minutes wait as they had a customer finishing up his float session. That was okay because they had a very nice waiting room. They offered me energy drinks & water, so I watched tv for a few minutes until it was my turn to float. When it was my turn to float they asked me if I wanted to float with or without the music & lights. I decided to have the music (no lights). They had Meditation CD's that you could choose from, so I selected one. I took my 15 minute shower & I proceeded on to my floating experience. Because I had never floated before I didn't know what to expect, so It took me a few minutes to relax. I was glad that I had opted for the music. At first, all I could hear was my heart beating really fast, but once I got past that, WOW, what a trip! It was over much to soon. It felt like I was only in the tank for about 10 minutes but I was actually in the tank for over an hour. While I was there, I also used ( & enjoyed) the Dry Sauna. It cost me $25 for the hour that I was in it, but it was so worth it ! Just like the Flotation Tank the Dry Sauna had lights & music in it. All in all, by the time I was done & it was time for me to leave, I was so relaxed & comfortable that I didn't want to get dressed & go home. My only regret was that I didn't take advantage of one of there special package deals, so that I could have spent more time in the flotation tank. I'll be coming back again soon to float, so I'll take advantage of one of those deals then, for sure!
By: clever_name
Pearl Medspa
This review is for the laser hair removal. They offer other services, but I have not tried them. Anywho, I bought the Groupon like several other reviewers. I have tried laser hair removal in the past with American Laser Center. A complete waste of money. Live and learn, so I researched the different lasers available for hair removal since there are several in use. I have a medium complexion, and as such, was told that several lasers were not usable on my skin. Several lasers are only usable on pale skin because the lasers target the pigments in the hair, thus why most places tell you that pale skin and dark hair make for the best result. Pearl MedSpa uses the Alma Soprano XL laser, which is by far the best available with a much quicker treatment time than any other laser out there. Second, it is appropriate for darker complexions. I emailed Pearl MedSpa to inquire which laser they used before purchasing the Groupon. A little research goes a long way. I have had 3 treatments on my lower legs and there is already a noticeable difference. I go in every six weeks, because that is the recommendation based on hair growth cycles. The laser isn't painless, but they offer numbing cream for an additional cost. During my first appointment, I was asked if I would like to purchase additional areas. It's a business, of course. I politely declined and was met with the response of, "You want to see results first." I said yes and they didn't ask again. When I went back I told them I noticed results even after the first treatment and she responded, "I know, this is the best laser." No pressuring on the upsell, which surprised me in all honesty. The laser really does sell itself with results. In addition, the establishment is very clean. The towels smell fresh, there is always a new sanitary sheet on the bed, and nothing is out of place. If only my house was as organized and immaculate. I have always been met with politeness. Even when I arrived 20 minutes late, embarrassed and begging forgiveness. I didn't even get the angry face. They just laughed and said it was OK and took me back. We both griped about the traffic that day (4th of July weekend). My fault for not planning ahead. Basically, do your research on the laser and what to expect, and you will not regret a laser hair removal purchase here!
By: julietbumbert
Axiom Wellness, Permanent MakeUp & Medical Spa
I searched Las Vegas for the BEST permanent makeup artist. I found her. Let me start off first with saying that I had thought for many years about getting my eyebrows done. I naturally have a few blond hairs and drew them on every day. it took about 30 minutes and they were never straight. I hated pictures because somehow it always looked even more uneven in them. My kids even teased me! They call me crazy eye! I had seen some unattractive work on more than one occasion. I got the courage to go in for a consultation after I had seen Theresa's 3d eyebrows on a girlfriend. It looked great. I scheduled a consultation and was sold. I have been in for my appointments and it went great. I'm all healed and feeling like a million bucks. I can get into the pool or work out and never have to worry about my eyebrows going bye bye. No more "crazy eye" and I have an extra 30 minutes in the morning. I LOVE MY EYEBROWS NOW! No doubt I am a loyal and forever grateful client of Theresa but may I also give a shout for the other staff at Axiom. I have seen Julie for a facial that I loved but she isn't there anymore. Dr. Youmans did my first botox treatment there and it was a wonderful experience. I had some waxing and eyelash extensions from Tierney. I have seen Cami for my facials and I think she is the best aesthetician ever. I also got to get teeth whitening with Mason and he is just a doll. The treatment was outstanding and really affordable. I want to say, I am a loyal client and I really like it here. The staff is down to earth, friendly, casual and there is no snobby or stuffy vibe. It is a straight forward service oriented place and good people. The scheduling system is nice because it is web based. With all the fly by night places that come and go in Las Vegas, this place has lasted and I have been a client starting with Theresa for almost 8 years now. This is the only place I trust with my face.
By: Kathryn W.
Bellavue Medical
Very impressed! I visited Bellavue Medical for their Genesis laser treatment. I had a consultation with Dr. Mirchou and Angela Cole regarding my options and what the expected results would be. They answered all of my questions thoroughly and I was completly comfortable with my decision to proceed. The treatment itself was easy and rather soothing. Angela performed the treatment and made the experience quite enjoyable. She is very concerned about your safety and comfort (taking every precaution) while striving to achieve the best results possible. As I mentioned, I found the procedure to be soothing and aside from a wee bit of tightness and a dry feeling that developed a few hours following the treatment (a normal and expected occurrence) I had absolutely no discomfort associated with the laser treatment. Angela had warned that it is normal to experience some redness following the treatment but any that I may have had faded shortly after I left. In addition, the dryness I felt was easily resolved by doing some extra moisturizing. I had absolutley no "down time" associated with my visit. Immediately following the treatment you will notice that your skin appears "brighter" but the real results show up several hours later. In my case, I felt that my face looked fuller and less tired. My make-up looks better now and I am very pleased with these initial results. I will be returning in a couple of weeks for a follow-up treatment. The facility is very clean and calming. The staff is courteous and pleasant to work with. Dr. Mirchou and Angela are genuinely interested in their patients as individuals and clearly take pride in achieving the best results. I wouldn't hestitate to recommend Bellavue to anyone looking to try the Genesis laser treatments or anyone who may want to maintain or improve their appearance.
By: corey.sorrenti.3
Zen Rose Garden
To the author of the Husband and mistress story ---- HOW DARE YOU point an attacking finger at people you obviously know nothing about. I was raised Pentecostal, having 3 ordained pastors in my family, and I am sickened by seeing you try to hide behind Christianity in an attempt to blame someone else for your own personal and/ or marital problems. As I read through your messages (which you seem to be spamming the internet with) it appears to me that your husband already had a mistress before coming to meet with David and Heather -- point being that you need to look inside YOU and figure out what YOU did to cause your husband to become unfaithful and further wish to leave you.Even God would have you do this. Was your husband a Christian before you married ?Are you trying to make him be one if he's not? The Bible speaks of making sure you are "properly yolked" with your partner, and that doesn't seem to be the case with you and him.Heather and David have NOTHING to do with your husband's decision, other than helping him find the strength to move on from a toxic relationship. The biggest influence of all in his decision has been you, and your actions and or words.Did it ever occur to you that God sent your husband to Heather and David? In short (too late) check yourself (and check yourself with God) before attacking, vilifying, and blaming someone else for things that can only be products of YOUR ACTIONS.I, and my wife (and our son) have been very close friends of Heather and David for many years --- and they ARE DOING GOD'S WORK.And I don't know where you get this child therapy thing from, but you need to do a lot more research than you apparently have.Have a wonderful day, sorry for your turmoil, but instead of attacking someone for it, do the Christian thing, and give it to GOD.
By: lovlovelle923
Zen Rose Garden
I went to David and Heather several years ago at a very difficult time in my life. Feeling unable to go on and unable to find anyone else that could help me, they were my last hope. They helped me understand the deeper meaning of the challenges that I face, and the ultimate purpose in which I face them. All of this while supporting my personal beliefs and never once trying to influence or change them. They were truly a blessing to me and have continued to be to all the people I have sent to them since. It saddens me to see that the only bad review on them is from a woman who has never even met them. But defames them and uses hypocrytical beliefs to justify it. But as they have taught me, what one lashes out at others is usually a deflection of what one feels about themselves that they are incapable of facing. So I hope the best for her at this very challenging time. But I also hope that she sees the error in her ways and remembers that as her own bible she speaks of makes clear, you will not be freed from your own sins by the false prosecution of others. It's time to reflect.
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By: Ann C.
A-Best VIP Outcall Therapeutic Massage
Lisette I meet on Sunday for the first time. I was in so much pain, I was visiting and was unable to sit I needed help fast or off to emergency. YP lead me to Lisette. I NEVER HAD A MASSAGE EVER. She explained what was going to happen, how she was going to do it. To make things worse, I was in Vegas to find out why my hands can’t squeeze. Well she starts explains I'm like slab of wood. This lady worked for 2 hours on me. And spent 15 mins showing me stretch movements. It was me first time, and we both went through hell to get here. But it worked my pain in back gone my shoulders moveable, hips more moveable. I will say my hand issue is still pending, waiting MRI. And my drive home Monday morning went smoothly. Lisette my sincere thanks, you are a professional miracle worker you saved me and thought me things about myself my body and things i need to do to help me get there. Lisette thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anyone out there in pain, can’t move Lisette needs to be called.
By: Kamlan A.
Medical Reducing Inc
The worst customer service ever, from the front office to the Dr who acts like he is over stressed from work. My appt. was @ 9am and so were like 10 other patients. You sign in and they go according to sign in sheet. basically it doesn't matter if you have an appt. I waited over 2 hours and this isn't the first time. I thought first time was baby out of the ordinary but when it happened again, I knew this is how they do their business. Spanish lady in front allows Spanish customers to cut in line.. Dr. responds to my question "is it always like this , I waited over 2 hrs?" and before I could finish, dr cuts in and interrupts while looking at paper that he is writing on, "you have to spk to up front workrs, we are all busy" etc. Notably upset that I asked and in a very angry voice. I stated again, I am not upset, however, I want to avoid this from happening again, dr again cuts me of and is even more angry that im asking states with out looking at me, his face is down....
By: Chanel S.
A Harmony Nail Spa
About a week ago, I was celebrating a friend's 55th Earthday in Vegas. After exploring pedicure and other spa services at our resort (Aria), we decided to visit Harmony. Here we discovered a well decorated oasis, friendly and skilled staff offering a plethora of reasonably priced services. Though the location might appear obscure, it is only a few miles from the main strip which translates into a short cab ride. The owner was even courteous enough to offer us ride to the front door of our resort after. Both my friend and I were impressed with the services offered, the kind owner and staff, in addition to the eclectic decor that made the place very welcoming. If you are visiting any of the 5 star resorts in Vegas, would like to receive wonderful spa services more reasonably priced than the resort and are open and receptive to new experiences...Harmony is the place. When in Vegas again, I will certainly revisit.
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Examples of podiatric specialties include orthopedics, primary care, sports medicine, surgery, podopediatrics​, and wound care and management.
Podiatrists can perform surgery on the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. These procedures can range from noninvasive to reconstructive.
Podiatrists can provide stem cell therapy, custom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment for toenail fungus, common foot issues, and ingrown nails, among many other services.
Every visit with a podiatrist varies depending on the condition and the amount of discussion and treatment necessary. Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes, while subsequent routine meetings take at least 30 minutes.
In most cases, foot and ankle services that podiatrists provide are covered by health insurance. Not all podiatrists participate in all health insurance plans, however. Consult your specific coverage to better understand its podiatry offerings.

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