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By: blair965
Hair Creations By Jade
To make a long story short I thought I would look much better as a brunette instead of my existing blonde color so I went to a hair stylist whom I will not mention here and made the change to a mid level brunette color. Well I did look different and I thought the new color would grow on me. I got home and my husband Tom was very upset and said he loved my hair all these years. He had never commented on my hair ever. Go fiqure Men! I looked in the mirror and looked at a recent photo and he was right my old color looked much better on me. I don't know much but my friends sister went through this process and it was difficult to return to her original color.My sister told me I should find someone that does these color corrections all the time. I agreed and starting hunting on the net for a stylist and customers that had gone through this process. I finally found Jade. I brought a recent photo of me and had a consultation with her and was impressed by her honesty and knowledge about color. She said it usually takes two apointments about a month apart form each other to get it right. She even said to me that some people's hair can never get back to the same original color. I felt comfortable with Jade and made the appointment.It took three and a half hours and about 80% the way through the process Jade smiled at me and she said that the color would be spot on. I don't know how she knew because my hair was still wet and full of color. Well she was exactingly right. After washing my hair and blowing it out I was in tears with happiness with the results. I looked in the mirror and at my photo and was amazed. I was so happy and Tom was thrilled and said please do't do that again. Jade I don't know how to say thank you enough but I thought by writing this review would be a start. Regards Blair
By: Wallace N.
Phantasy Hair Salon
Okay, this is the deal. Phantasy Hair Salon owners “say” they do not accept reservations. In actuality they do. If you go in and sign their book and come back hours later, you are the next person in line.This is what happened to me…I went in and saw 7 names on the list. I sat and waited as 4 people got their haircut. In walks a family of 5 and they go and sit down without writing their name on the list. I figured then that something was up, but I wasn’t sure. When the 4th person was finished getting his haircut, 1 member of the family of 5 walked over and sat in the barber’s chair.Sure, their names were on the list a page before mine…but when I sat down I hadn’t figured on waiting for 12 people (or possibly more…how far does the list go back?). Someone should have told me OR they need a better system.Poof! 30 minutes of my day was wasted PLUS the time it took to drive there. Why not simply accept reservations instead of wasting people’s time?!?If you want a good haircut, these folks can deliver…BUT you’ll NEVER know what the wait time will be once you make the long drive there. I’ve gone to Phantasy Hair salon and had to leave SEVERAL times either because the wait list was too long or because there was an unexpected sign on the door during regular business hours announcing that they were closed that day. In actuality, I’ve had to leave the salon more times than I’ve received a haircut…so the odds of winning big on the slots at the hotels on the strip are better than getting a haircut at Phantasy Hair Salon.Good luck to you if you’re willing to gamble a good part of your day! I'm not anymore.
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By: Tami B.
Five Years Younger
When I just turned 30 years old (over a year ago now) I visited Summer with Five Years Younger.. What a positive difference she made in how my skin looks, feels and behaves... From my very first session to now my regular montly visits; my skin is amazing! I was having breakouts as i have combination skin (dry or oily.. Yuck!)... It only takes a day after my visits with summer (who is amazing, sweet, talented, passionate and very knowledgeable by the way )!... I receive so many compliments from friends, family members and even my own customers at Pony Party Time on how good my skin is becoming every month!! I continue to visit summer on a monthly basis .. and my skin keeps getting better and better. I work out side with animals, dirt, pollution, children and who know what else ... My skin needs the expert hands of Summer! I get less breakouts,more even skin tone, moist & supple to the touch, and I truly feel & even better, i look FIVE YEARS YOUNGER.. Summer provides you with tips to keep you motivated to stay beautiful!! I have been applying the knowledge that Summer has shared with me at each visit to my daily routines.. and it has it made a huge difference. I highly reccomend Summer for all your skin care needs. Im blessed to have found her! I continue to see her regularly! Yay! Very Happy Client.. Thanks Summer... you are a splash of sunshine!! Cheers, Tami Brooke
By: tamirose170
I'm thrilled about this salon. Layna is my stylist and I am SO happy that I found her. I had naturally curly hair for nearly 40 years of my life and then tragedy hit my life and I was started on high levels of pain medication that made my hair baby fine and STRAIGHT - poker straight. I try to add color and it goes funky on me, etc. She has been able to find the perfect style & cut that works with my hair and is perfect. No more burns all over my face and cheeks from curling iron burns, as I had never used one in my life and it would take 1/2 can of hairspray for it to last a half-day too - NO MORE. Layna nailed it and I am SO darn happy with the place. Finally, a haircut like guys get - get out of the shower, towel my hair and it dries naturally PERFECT like it always does for guys - no effort and adorable. Thank you Layna for salvaging some aspect of my dignity and making me feel good about going out again and my appearance. I still miss my curly hair and wish I had it back everyday, but until that miracle happens, I'm thrilled with Supercuts and how the place is run, cleanliness, friendliness, etc. Kudos to the entire staff! Another plus - the staff is NOT always changing. I hate that when the staff is unhappy and leave just when you find someone you like - so they must be running it to keep the staff intact - AMEN.
By: rickysvoice
KG Beauty Salon
I absolutely LOVE what KG Dominican Beauty Salon did with my hair. The results are amazing!!!!! I've gone to the best salons around the world and I have not been able to leave with the satisfaction that I received from KG Dominican Beauty Salon. Gerald is the best when it comes to colors, highlights, and explaining what he is doing as he goes along, and Maggie is the best I know to get my curls bone straight, with attention to details, even the minor ones. She's fabulous! I as well have had the pleasure of the owner Katherine to do my hair and even without using the flatiron, she made my hair bone straight and had me laughing and having a good time while doing so. Amazing!!!!!! Furthermore The people are fabulous and do endeavor to do great business. I really appreciate them all!!! Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood, and all I come across in Las Vegas will be sent their way. I will be sure to tell my contacts that KG Dominican Beauty Salon is the way to go!!!!!!!! Great Customer Service and you leave with amazing, healthy, and beautiful hair!!!!!!!! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call to make your appointment now, or just walk in!!!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! ;->A Very Satisfied CustomerR
By: pickabride
Stevee Danielle Hair & Makeup
Stevee Danielle Is AMAZING!!! posted 2/8/2013Thanks to all of Stevee Danielle staff. The booking process was so easy. I called up booked myself my maid of honor and both mothers. The lady on the phone was very helpful and answered all of my makeup questions. There was no deposit required. They got all four of us done in just 2 hours and we were ecstatic!!I paid extra for Stevee to do my hair and makeup. I have a ton of hair and wanted a messy bow in the back but had no idea if that was even possible. She created a masterpiece. I dint want to touch my hair it looked so perfect. i am so incredibly happy with there service. All of the women looked spectacular. I dont remember the other girls name but she did the other 3 hair and they were all great. My mother got a gorgeous updo. All of the hair and makeup lasted the evening. Thanks again Stevee Danielle
By: Barbara R.
Vegas Best Extensions
I came to Paul after a haircutting disappointment. I have fine fragile hair and really didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror. I contacted Paul with Vegas Best Extensions and immediately realized that I was in very good hands. He spent quality time asking questions about my expectations, hair habits and and then examined my hair color and hair condition. He suggested Hair Locs, best for my situation.The results were a hair dream/ hair bucket list come true! Paul offers the most beautiful human hair with a perfect color match. I have not once regreted my decision. My initial appointment was in September of 2016 and I am still using the original hair. I've received frequent compliments and no one suspects that this is not my own lovely hair.Looking for a true quality stylist? Look no further.
By: Louisa M.
Star Costume & Theatrical Supply
If you are looking for a specialty costume, or if you are creative and want to assemble something truly amazing for yourself, then Star Costume is the place. I am a huge South Park fan and since I was invited to an event that had a superhero theme, I decided wanted to make my own Mysterion costume. This store had everything I needed, from a purple velvet cape to pipe cleaners to fabrics to green rubber gloves! The employees aren't very friendly (heck, they weren't even cordial to me), but I didn't really care because I knew what I wanted and I also enjoyed browsing. The store is large and has all kinds of goodies -- makeup, faux fur, latex special effects, wigs, glitter polish, dancewear, masks -- everything. A fun place to browse even when it's not Halloween or time for EDC.
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By: Rakima W.
Tre World Hair Salon
My hair stylist was Toya and she is absolutely amazing.. I'm rating the salon so poorly though because the other "stylist" were completely unprofessional.. I was unaware I was going to a hair salon so I brought my son with me and while I was being serviced I could clearly hear the other "stylist" complaining about the fact that he was there.. and even though he walked off once it wasn't like he was being loud or unruly and they were being completely rude, claiming they needed a big sign outside saying no children allowed.. and as a person who does hair myself I find that very unwelcoming to mothers who can't get a sitter.. and the way it was said was just flat out inappropriate.. I would love to get my hair done by Toya again but I'd never go back to this crappy shop
By: Jessica S.
Shag Me Salon
I came to Shag Me to have a wedding hair/make-up trial, and although their website doesn't list that they do make-up, they indeed do offer that service. It costs $60 to have your make-up done by them.They did a great job of doing my make-up into that retro 50s style. Another girl did my hair, named Erika. She did the Victory rolls the way I wanted them to be and also offered to trim my bangs for free since they were getting a bit long. I wanted that Bettie Page look to it, and Erika did just that.It costs $50 for an up-do, but since this was just a trial, the price was cut to half. Not bad prices, especially since there are so few salons out there that still know how to do these classic looks.

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