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By: Janice B.
Lasik of Nevada, Richard Rothman MD
I would recommend this facility to everyone. It was the best experience. Thank you all for your kindness.
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By: Reno H.
Lasik of Nevada, Richard Rothman MD
Great looking and professional staff. Everybody seemed just as excited, and enthusized as I was for my cabability to be able to see. The girls were very helpful and all had great communication skills. The doctor talked me through the whole process on prosedure day very effectively, and was knowledgeable in his practice. It seemed like he really loved his job! Nothing would have been worse than going to an eye surgeon that really wanted to be a a florist or a Psychiatrist. I’m thankful for “Steady Hands” Rothmen, and his ability to allow me the Privilege, and gift of perfect vision. Thanks to Dr. Rothman I will be able to continue my career as a professional boxer and shoot for the stars. Only difference now is I will be able to see them!
By: Raul H.
Lasik of Nevada, Richard Rothman MD
The entire team at Lasik of Nevada was very warm, friendly and professional. Dr. Rothman was happy to answer questions and alleviate any fears or concerns and his witty sense of humor put everyone at ease. I highly recommend this facility and procedure to anyone considering lasik eye surgery.
By: Kim P.
Vegas Vision
WARNING ‼️������������ IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PRIVATE INSURANCE THEY WILL MAKE YOU FEEL AS LOW AS THEY CAN. BY TELLING YOU, WELL IF YOU HAD BETTER INSURANCE, THIS WOULD BE COVERED, I COULD OFFER YOU THIS BUT WE DONT TRUST YOUR INSURANCE, YOUR INSURANCE DONT USUALLY COVER THIS; SO BECAUSE OF THIS, IM NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU THE EXAM YOU CAME HERE FOR UNTIL WE KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR INSURANCE IS GOING TO PAY UP. ���������������� You accepted my insurance when I called and asked over the phone, but now that I'm here you act as if I shouldn't even had bothered to come to your practice with my insurance. YOU CANT JUST BELITTLE SOMEONE BECAUSE THEY CANT AFFORD TO SPEND HUNDREDS MONTHLY ON PRIVATE INSURANCE. We are still human and have feelings too. And freedom of speech. I might not make as much as you do, but I will make sure those that do make the same amount as I do know the way they are going to be treated when they come to your office.
By: Melani R.
Vegas Vision
My experience with this place deserve 0 stars out of 5. First the staff, belittle my insurance because its government and not private. Then because of this I was treated like I wasn't even worth being seen as a patient. I've never gone to an optometrist that left me so upset. If you think your talents are above government insurance DONT ACCEPT THE CONTRACT but because you NEED the extra income you TAKE IT ON. You have no right to make anyone feel like their only as good as their insurance. Especially when you couldn't CUT IT AS A REAL DOCTOR. As much as you don't want to take on the low income clients, that's as much as I don't want to go to the lowest paid Doctor that couldn't even make it through RESIDENCY. The "doctor" if he can even be called that, said straight Timmy face I WOULDNT EVEN NORMALLY DO THIS EXAM WITH THE INSURANCE YOU HAVE... wait? What? Didn't you accept my insurance at the front counter? So now my insurance isn't good enough because you aren't getting paid the big bucks for doing bare minimum work. You look into eyes for a living, NOT INTO BRAINS, bodies or souls. As beneath you you feel my insurance is, that the same way I feel about optometrist who couldn't become REAL DOCTORS.
By: Natalie T.
Spring Mountain Vision
very unhappy poor customer servicesstaffs are liar!If you need copy of your prescriptions (with authorization form , of course)good luck!Please don't come here
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By: Sharyl V.
Dr. David Samuel Davis, OD
New experience looking forward to meeting my eye doctor from my own Neighborhood, for a change...thanks!
By: abigailh
Wellish Vision Institute
The Wellish Vision Institute has far exceeded my expectations. My first experience with them was with my LASIK Consult; several optometrists in Las Vegas referred me to Dr. Wellish. It has taken me six years to finally get LASIK because I wanted to make sure that I found a surgeon that would not take any risks with my vision. I also researched the technology to make sure it is safe. The Wellish Vision Institute has the latest technology to give me the safest surgery possible and the clearest vision I could have.During my pre-operation procedure that staff was very friendly and professional. They were very approachable and were more than glad to answer all my questions. They took their time to explaining the procedure and made me feel comfortable. On the day of my surgery, I was very nervous but I knew I was in good hands because Dr. Wellish performed the surgery. The surgery was fast, painless and best of all–I immediately saw an improvement in my vision. The day after surgery the doctor checked my vision and I was already at 20/15! I see even better than I ever did with glasses or contact lenses! The vision gets better as my eyes heal and I was back to work right away and enjoying the benefits of having great vision.I strongly recommend the Wellish Vision Institute.
By: Mywork E.
Grady J Williams & Assoc
Such a wonderful place....medicaid patients have a lot of choices here for frames...and the doctor is wonderfully patient! I love my glasses.
By: Drew J.
Grady J Williams & Assoc
Seen this Doctor for the first time. Excellent customer skills. Nice office and the staff is very nice. I love my new glasses.
Tips & Advices
While the first appointment is the most comprehensive, the majority of appointments with an ophthalmologist begin with a basic eye exam followed by a refraction to test if glasses are needed. Other tests might include an eye muscle coordination exam, a check of pupil response and peripheral vision, slit lamp microscope test to look at the anterior segment of the eye, and an intraocular pressure assessment.
Most eye doctors will charge different amounts for their services, but a basic eye exam with an ophthalmologist can range from $50 to $300. Additional tests and treatment will add to the price.
Ophthalmology subspecialties include strabismus/pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, retina/uveitis ophthalmology, cornea/anterior segment ophthalmology, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and reconstruction.
Ophthalmologists can diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, ocular albinism, vitreous traction, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, retinoblastoma, and many more.
The most popular ophthalmology procedures are cataract, laser eye treatment, and glaucoma surgeries.

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