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By: John H.
Stanford Myers Investment Group Inc
Vienna less than a minute agoI was contacted by Stanford Myers about six years ago, telling me that I needed to have my stamps graded so that they could be sold. I believe they wanted $600 to grade my stamps. I ended up paying $500. They gave me a grade on all the stamps and it seems to me as it was done professionally. They told me one of my stamps had been washed and reglued, making its value, much less than I had paid for the stamp. Standford Myers that he found a stamp for me and sold it to me for a reasonable price. Making my stamp collection complete with a good grade on all my stamps. I was told that they would be able to sell them after that, but nothing has happened yet. I have contacted them several times and each time I was reassured they were going to do something with my stamps. In the meantime, one of their employees called me and told me they had some Lindbergh covers that were worth quite a bit of money they could buy it for me. And they already had a buyer for them, but they could not sell them to the buyer as they were not customers of theirs. I bought the covers for $2000, but they have not sold them. About a month later they called me again with more Lindbergh's covers (3,000.00) that were stamped as mailed from somewhere in Germany to New York and and that they were worth quite a bit more than the others that I have bought. And that they had a buyer waiting for them again and they could not sell them to them because they were not customers. They have not sold, and it's been over two years now. I would just suggest to be careful about believing anything they have to say about selling them. They will grade your stamps, but I have heard that their grading does not hold much weight and you'll have to have it redone to be able to sell them. So take it for what it's worth.
By: anne_roberts
Stanford Myers Investment Group Inc
Hi, just venting -I had some stamps that I purchased from a company called "Hampton House" back in 2003 and NO ONE ever sold any of my stamps, which they said would go fast and sell "no problem". Later on I took them to a stamp show. Everyone I talked to at the stamp show said I would have to get them "Graded", and well, to make a long story short, A gentleman selling stamps at the show gave me Stanford Myers' phone number for the grading of my stamps. They took my stamps and graded the good ones and gave my Princess Diana, Tiger woods and Dale Earnhardt back and proved to me that they were only worth $25 each! I paid 6k for the "good stamps" that SMIG said I should've only paid around 2k for. After five months, they were able to get me back $9,150; giving me a profit of $3,150! BETTER than NOTHING!! But I will say one thing, and that is that I will never buy another stamp.
By: Rick H.
Stanford Myers Investment Group Inc
Looking at all the reviews I figured I would throw my two cents in. 2 years ago I purchased some aviation stamps from Stanford Myers (5 covers total) Three weeks ago 2 of the covers sold I paid a total amount of $4,200 for the two covers, they sold them for $7,500 after them taking 10% commission I profited $2,550 not bad I guess when I think about losing 8k over night in the stock market which the broker said was a great new company that was going places HA!!!
By: Bob H.
Stanford Myers Investment Group Inc
Throwing in my to cents, purchased stamps that were on consignment from stanford myers investment group about a year ago. They said they were trying to sell them, but were running into "fire walls", or collectors with no funds to purchase. Glad to report they finally after almost 11 months found a collector! Bottom line, I made $3,800 profit! SMIG, sorry I bugged you so much, thanks for not giving up!
By: janice.lecky
Stanford Myers Investment Group Inc
Hi,I also have been dealing with Stanford Myers Investment Group way back in 1996 when they were in New York City. Over the years it was up and down. Some years I made great money with them and some years were "dry" with nothing, but up to today I'm ahead of the game, around $81,000 in profit. Now at least I have an excuse to fly out to Vegas!
By: Erah S.
GO Inquiry Removal
Go Inquiry Removal mission is to make certain that his client is protected financially during the transaction.They are THE most responsive professional I have encountered with countless phone calls, texts, and emails. He is a patient, kind, and understanding company as well as a fierce negotiator.
By: Loisza B.
GO Inquiry Removal
They were courteous and compassionate and gave us a very reasonable price for their services.They are super fast to respond to your questions and I appreciated that I received multiple calls updating me on the status of my account.
By: Erah S.
GO Tradelines
I just paid them and they told me the posting date and wait until my tradelines post.They updated me every time.I also available inquiry with them ad hep me to boost my credit score !Very professional and efficient to work with .
By: Stephen E.
Stanford Myers Investment Group Inc
Stephen E.I purchased 2 more stamps they told me I needed to finish my set total invested $12,000.00 it took them 5 years to sell my stamps for $41,000.00 the profit was ok but 5 years, come on guys should have been 2 years!!!
By: Vincent S.
GO Inquiry Removal
Their Services and offers was Awesome, which is incredible. . So helpful and nice. They did exactly what we wanted. A big shout out to this company who was beyond great. they was nice friendly and new their responsibilities.

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