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By: Yaya O.
Ashley Sikand MD
Dr. Ashley and his staff have been incredibly helpful. Upon meeting for the first time, he was very direct, informative and provided me with a solution to my chronic sinus condition. After the Cat Scan was done, I went home and researched the procedure, and decided follow through with his recommendations, setting my fears aside. Two days ago my life changed. I met Dr. Ashley again before the surgery and he made sure I understood the procedure, and answered my questions. The contracted anastasiologist, Dr. Fonteond, was amazing and took great care of me, my throat didn't hurt nor was it raspy. That same day I slept for the first time in over 15 years breathing with both sides of my nose. Today I had the splints removed another simple procedure, he was quick and gentle. I recommend Dr. Ashley to give you the best medical advice, and if you should follow through with surgery, you're in the best qualified hands.
By: Jackie D.
Ashley Sikand MD
I had the pleasure of seeing Dr Sikand at his Smoke Ranch and while I do not like going to the Doctor's office in the first place, I did however enjoy my visit to the office. Very friendly staff and I've read some of the reviews and I have to say that I am just not buying it. Personally, I felt the staff was very genuine and professional in their approach when it came to my care and comfort throughout the visit. Its such a relief to find attentive and caring employees working daily in the healthcare industry as I think the ability to listen to a patient's problems is fading fast, but I didn't feel that way at any given time throughout my visit. I highly recommend Dr Sikand and ENTC for all of your Ears, Nose and Throat needs if you he you live in the Las Vegas are. On another note, they could upgrade those pesky little suckers to an actual Blow Pop and be the first doctor in town to do so!!
By: Jason R.
Ashley Sikand MD
Thank you so much for all your help with my balloon sinusplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery. You were very informative and encouraging through the entire process. You went above and beyond the call of medical practice by working with the Entellus representative to secure the needed supplies for my surgery. Your office staff were professional and compassionate through the entire process. I want you to know that I have personally recommended your services to five of my colleagues that are in need of a consult. I know if they utilize your practice, they will have the same wonderful experience that I had. Thank you for making it possible for me to breathe through my nose.
By: Orlena T.
Ashley Sikand MD
Dr Sikand did a great job on both my surgeries. The first was a combination of tonsillectomy and UPPP and the second removal of my conchabullosa and widening of nasal passage. I was referred to him by my pcp and Dr Sikand was very direct and gave me my medical vs surgical options. He was informative and didn't try to persuade me. He had a ct in his office so I didn't have to schedule one at a diagnostic center than come back for follow up. It was very efficient. I was very painful after my initial sx so I called and they provided me with a prescription for additional pain medication. Dr Sikand allowed me to get rid of my sleep apnea and rely less on antibiotics.
By: Richard alan N.
Ashley Sikand MD
I suffered from post-nasal drip and deviated septum problems since childhood which repeatedly led to bronchitis and pneumonia. I am now 69 years old. Dr. Sikand was the only ENT physician to find an answer with his revolutionary in-office balloon "surgery" procedure. I put the word "surgery" in quotes because it doesn't involve knives or scarring, and only takes less than 30 minutes. What a difference! I can breath again and no post-nasal drip. I cannot recommend this treatment and Dr. Sikand enough. He is not only brilliant, but also very caring. If you suffered like I did, make the effort to get treated and enjoy a better quality of life.
By: Jane S.
Ashley Sikand MD
Dr. Sikand and his staff were wonderful. They did a great job in all aspects of my son's deviated septum surgery. We had some last minute glitches in regards to the insurance, and they did all they could to resolve the situation so that the surgery could take place as planned. The aftercare was awesome as we were checked up on by his nurse via text message. I reached out to Samantha many times to ask her questions, and she always responded quickly and thoroughly. I appreciated that more than I can express. Thank you to everyone in Dr. Sikand's office for all the great care that was given to my son.
By: Cynthia W.
Ashley Sikand MD
We were truly blessed to be referred to Dr. Sikand a by Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery. Dr. Sikand was able to treat and to heal me of an infection that I had suffered with for a very long time which no one else had been able to successfully treat. He is friendly and personable, as is his whole office, and he is a good listener with expertise that can be trusted. Samantha, the Clinic Supervisor, goes above and beyond to meet the patients needs and requests. Should you find you need an ENT for anything make this your office and enjoy being in good health again.
By: Bob K.
Ashley Sikand MD
I had a balloon sinus surgery at Dr. Sikand's office & couldn't be happier. I've had chronic sinus problems my whole life and figured living with constant facial pain & infections was just how life was. But within minutes of having this procedure, I'm able to breathe normally. No more pain. No more infections. No medications. This is just wonderful, a real life changing event. I am forever thankful to Dr. Sikand for suggesting & performing this procedure.
By: Jeffrey D.
Ashley Sikand MD
I highly recommend seeing Dr. Sikand for your sinus needs. I was very impressed by the professionalism of his office and staff members. Also each time I saw Dr. Sikand he genuinely listened to me. It's comforting knowing that he is well trained and continues to educate himself by staying current with the latest medical technologies.
By: Irene M.
Ashley Sikand MD
My daughter was seen by Dr. Sikand for a severe ear infection. Dr. Sikand took his time when he examined my daughter. My daughter was in so much pain and Dr. Sikand was very gentle and caring and made my daughter feel very comfortable. The office staff was extremely kind and professional.
Tips & Advices
Balloon sinuplasty, or BSP, is a treatment for people with chronic or recurrent sinusitis. It's a safe, noninvasive and highly effective procedure that is becoming more common among ENTs. To perform BSP, the doctor inserts a small, flexible catheter into the sinus passageway. Next, the catheter is expanded, as like a balloon, to open up the cavity and allow built-up mucus to drain. This also widens the sinus cavity and restructures it to discourage further blockage after the procedure is completed. Then, a saline solution is sprayed into the cavity to wash out any remaining pus or mucus. Finally, the balloon is removed. Most patients find they experience fewer sinus-related symptoms and little to no device-related complications following the procedure.
For basic cases, a decongestant or saline nasal wash can treat sinusitis. A doctor can prescribe these or recommend an over-the-counter remedy. If the sinusitis persists for more than three days, further treatment should be sought. In other cases, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics or steroids. These often are taken over the course of 10 days to two weeks. Warm, moist air, such as that created by a vaporizer or a bowl of hot water, may also treat chronic sinusitis.
Pressure in the ears, also called ear barotrauma, is caused by blockage in the Eustachian tube, which spans from the rear of the nasal cavity to the middle of the ear space. Ear barotrauma is most commonly caused by altitude changes, as in plane rides, scuba diving, or hiking or driving through the mountains.
There are many causes of hoarseness. Common causes include:
  • Acute laryngitis
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use or strain on the vocal chords
Tonsils are two soft, small tissue masses located at the back of the throat. They are a part of the lymphatic system, which helps fight infections, though tonsils don't seem to play a large role in this process. Recurrent tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), which can be caused by strep throat or other infections, could mean having them removed.

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