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By: kennymp
Rocksprings Dental Group
I’d like to take this time to acknowledge a WONDERFUL Dental office that I just visited for some serious work. I do not leave reviews often- only for the exceptionally Great experiences and the exceptionally Poor one. Well this one was definitely a Great experience, and NO I do not work for the Dental practice, I promise! To start with at my OLD dentist, I was diagnosed with 5 fillings that needed to be redone. After he filled the first two I noticed extreme to severe pain and aching on that side of my face. Well, he then said I needed a root canal and a crown which he had his newly trained receptionist leave a message with the quote of what it would be to have this work done…...OMG……I wanted to cry, as I did not have this kind of money, but I was in pain. So I looked up dental care online and came up with Rocksprings dental on the top of the list of whatever the search input was in google. I called them and first spoke with Brittney, whom was such a sweet and well informed front desk dental assistant. She made me feel right away that this dentist office was worth going to for a pricing check. I was told they would do free x-rays and let me know what their price would be after words. When I arrived at the office, I must say it was very clean, and had a plate of donuts for the patients which was in good taste. I was brought in by the dentist Dr. Jamie Toop to my room and wow was this place big and well designed. Dr. Toop was as nice as they come, as she sat me down in a dental chair for x-rays and handed me off to her assistant Paris for x-rays. She was just such a sweetheart and good at her job- very professional and thorough. As you can tell there is a theme going on here, SWEET and NICE, I felt very well taken care of. It was confirmed by the dentist that I did in fact needed to get the root canal and crown, so Brittney was brought in to go over pricing with me. It ended costing me over $850 less to do the procedure here, which was unbelievable!!! I asked when could we get started, and they set aside time that day, as they knew of the pain I was in. I was all for it. Everything went great of course as far as there being no pain, and the fact they were actually able to make a Crown for me after the root canal was real lucky on my part, as you sometimes have to wait for that part to be special ordered. I was there for a long part of the day as all of this procedure took place, as calm as could be. After everything was done I curiously asked when/if they could do the two other fillings, as they would obviously be cheaper to do here, and I was already here. So we just did everything yesterday, and believe me when I say the office was quite busy, so once again I felt quite lucky to get it all done in one shot. Today I called to ask if I could come in and get some little area of one of my teeth adjusted a bit (hard to tell when you are numb if there are any little problems), no problem, I came in and they spent all the time needed to make my tooth/teeth feel great! That was a big test for me/them, as I always wonder how a business will treat you after they have your money. The dentist and her assistant Desiree were so very nice, it was just amazing. I am from Los Angeles, so I am used to having a very large choice of doctors, but with that comes many good ones and many poor ones. This dentist office blows away the best of them that I went to in Los Angeles, and I am sure if everyone in Vegas went here just once it would no doubt be voted the best in Vegas. I have a very special eye for talent and for good customer service, call it a lucky gift. Dr. Toop and staff, thank you so much for making my pain go away. I was really concerned until you all did the great work to take away my pain. Keep up the GREAT work.Sincerely,Kenny P.
By: chelcy.pereaburgess
Centennial Children Dentistry
After taking my son to a dentist office, that claimed they were a pediatric dental office , I left feeling very disappointed. Come to find out he wasn t a pediatric dentist at all. One day I was explaining to my friend how upset I was that all the dentist did for my son was count his teeth. She told me that she had a great dentist and referred me to Centennial Children s Dentistry to see Dr. G. That was over 5 years ago. I now have another son and he goes here as well. We are huge fans of Dr. G!!!! My older son now 6 loves going to the dentist but my second child who just turned 3 has a little fear. The entire staff from day 1 has gone out of their way to make going to the dentist a fun experience. First when you walk into the office, it is decorated with calming colors and decor. Coming from an interior designer, I notice that kind of stuff. The decor is warm and welcoming throughout the entire place. There are fun pictures of animals and statues of giraffes and those are just a few of the things my kids love. Not to mention the video games the are set up for the kids to play in the waiting room. This I believe is huge because it helps take the kids mind off of waiting and helps take their mind off of things if they have any anxiety about going to the dentist. . The office is set up to feel open and bright. You don t feel confined to a dark scary room.As for the staff, you can t get better than what they have!!! The moment you walk into the office, the receptionist greet you with smile, and the kindness continues with all the dental assistants. Like I said I have been going there for over 5 years and I haven t come across one person I didn t love. Then as for Dr. G, he is amazing. He is patient, kind, gentle, and makes you feel important every time you are with him. He answers all your concerns whether large or small. I have even called him with some concerns and he got back to me immediately. The best part about that was he called, not a secretary, or an assistant, but him!!!Finally, being a military family it always nice to find someone you can trust. I was referred from a military family and now I hope to do the same for another fellow family. My husband and I just received orders to another state and we just had our last visit with Dr. G and his staff. We are so sad to be leaving but I know that everyone I have referred to him will be in great hands. As you can see, I can t say enough great things about this place and the doctor. If you are looking from a great pediatric dentist look no longer!!! This place is amazing!!!
By: Cindy J.
Four Seasons Dental Spa
I've been going to Four Seasons for quite some time now and am really happy with Dr. Wright and Debby. They quite possibly saved my life. I had to have an emergency root canal on bridgework in throes of an immune system crash a second time after dental work, the first being the onset after seeking HT on the suggestion of a prior dentist's staff member It was seven months later that Debby Wright gently talked me out of that then -7-month-old root canal, even though she and her husband had suffered through enormous reviews and online character assaults. It was difficult to ignore, but I chose to listen and put my trust in their expertise Sometimes Debby had tears in her eyes when she talked to me. I’m sure she had to lift her eyes to God to continue to give me the advice she knew I needed so badly. I had to remove a very recent $2000 root canal for a denture, another $2000 procedure. It was at then I finally began to heal with the help of a RD I had found in St. George, Utah. I had elected to do LEAP diet for autoimmune disease which was not enough. I had to get rid of yet one last dental procedure, the second root canal done to repair the bridge after a night of intolerable pain. The RD had educated me on histamine intolerance. Slowly the dots came together. I learned all about HIT. I couldn't even eat spinach. Tomato soup at that time would leave me in the throes of intractabe pain. I traced the root causes of the disesae to various things going back 15 years when I lived in Denver, Colorado, home of many a military installation and, lastly, my neighbor, Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant that built plutonium triggers. Jim Wright and Debby Wright are professionals who understand the impact of autoimmune conditions in their patients. Our doctors fail to treat root causes and wait for the diseases to progress silently as they progress and then address. I guess you could say I was elected to be one of those subjects. Hashimoto's is a red flag for severe conditions to come. Some people think Parkinson's is the result of mismanaged Hashimoto's. I am in that camp. Dr. Wright and Debby are experienced with AI illness and reach out to patients who suffer due to mercury exposure. Chemical Exposure has proven to be a key component in AI disease time and time again.
By: beautyca
Advance Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Steven Saxe, DMD
I had several teeth extracted here all at once. It was quick and painless. I was very pleased that doctor Saxe took lots of time to explain everything and he even advised me on the correct partial I need, not to wear down my bones.I asked him to make sure the ligaments were all out in order to prevent any cavitation (not to be confused with cavities), I was very grateful he listened to my request and showed me all the extracted teeth with the ligaments still attached.He even took my blood pressure before starting, which was strange to me. I pointed out I never had my blood pressure taken at a dentist before and he said that it means they're not very good at what they do...which made me laugh.The real star here was Lisa. I was extremely upset at my mom (who was not present) for not concerning herself with my well-being throughout my life and therefore letting me lose a total of 8 teeth. I was crying my heart out for having to lose 3 at once (one being visible).Lisa closed the door, provided me with tissues, quietly listened and gave me all the extra time I needed to calm myself. It took me quite a long time to be able to do that, but she made it happen in private.I believe she even held my hand while he was extracting which was extraordinary.What I was very impressed with was that when it was all over not only did Lisa accompany me out the back door but she also quietly waited there as my ride picked me up.She made sure I safely got in the car and I just didn't believe my eyes when I turned around and there she was...waving at me (!!!) all the way until I was out of sight, it made me feel like she was an angel looking after me. Wow!!! I was so very touched by that gesture because I had never experienced that kind of attention and level of service in my life by any medical assistant or even most people, really. I was truly impressed! Highly recommended! Office staff was really great, helpful and kind, too. :-)
By: teresa.thielecarlsonminks
Urgent Dental
I have been very sick for many years, going from specialist to specialist. When I woke up yesterday I realized my teeth have been hurting all these years, so I made a decision, my back molar is causing me great sickness (fatigue,long term low grade fever, headaches, a long list of things) I called at 8:30 am, i was seen at 3:00 same day. Everyone was very very nice, The dentist Dr. Atwood is a straight shooter, no BS, no Overselling, no trying to pad his wallet...just straight no fluffs business! I said pull my tooth, 1 hour 15 minutes later sure enough he was pulling away st it. I was scared it would hurt!!! The shots DID NOT HURT AT ALL!! I did not even feel them to be honest. When he was pulling my tooth, he was patient and BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT DID NOT EVEN HURT AT ALL!!!!!!! Swear! I was shocked, I just kept pulling my head to keep it straight and....whammmmoo, it was out. That was it out the door...I got a panoramic xray (i thought oh my goodness this is going to be so expensive!!) $100 to pull it and $60 for the xray and consult!!!!! SWEAR!!! I do not have insurance and anytime I have my teeth cleaned it is more than that!!! I was so impressed when I walked out, I was just floored at the complete ease of the appointment, easy papaer work, very inexpensive services, and TOP QUALITY STAFF!! The Dr. is just straight o business, I overheard a conversation the Dr. was having and he was indicating to NOT do expensive long term costly dental work that would have pocketed him a HEFTY paycheck, he was saying to go the simplest and most cost effective...I ALMOST FELL OVER!!! A dentist not trying to squeeze every last dime...but offering reasonable low cost smart decisions!! I was FLOORED!!!!!!! Just a great experience!!!! And I got a tooth pulled...who would have thunk?? HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him, this was my very first time going to him...and it WILL NOT be the last!!!!
By: crowleydental
Crowley Dental
Serving as a dentist in Las Vegas for more than 20 years, Dr. Bruce E. Crowley has catered to hundreds of patients. His practice is a family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry all in one. Aided by his friendly staff, this dentist in Las Vegas has exceeded the expectations of patients since day one. These patients have readily recommended him as the best family dentist in Las Vegas. Dr. Crowley’s practice has provided consistent service with a gentle and caring neighborhood atmosphere that customers appreciate. While maintaining their tradition of customer service, this Las Vegas dentist never fails to move forward and stay on top of the latest restorative and cosmetic dentistry methods and systems.Crowley Dental has recently taken another step forward by creating an online presence. While traditional marketing and word-of-mouth advertising has always been reliable for Dr. Crowley, a new website will increase the Las Vegas dentist’s visibility and enable him to make the patient’s experience hassle-free. On the website, a list of Dr. Crowley’s dental services can be found as well as valuable contact information such as directions and emergency telephone numbers. There is even a contact box to submit patient queries and to schedule appointments.Most people turn to the internet for research, and so an online presence is very important for any individual or business entity. Dr. Crowley hopes to be able to serve clients better with their new website. While this is a big step for the Las Vegas dentist, customers can be assured that the services that have made Dr. Crowley a reliable dentist will not change. They will remain to be a state-of-the- art cosmetic and family dentistry in Las Vegas with a gentle and caring neighborhood atmosphere for years to come.
By: thankful4grace
Centennial Children Dentistry
Dr. G is the best pediatric dentist in town. The office is truly KID FRIENDLY! When you walk in the door you know you are in a positive environment. The atmosphere is peaceful and fun. The office is decorated in a Safari theme. What kid doesn't love animals? The only television shows that play are kid shows, you never have to worry about anything inappropriate coming across the screen. There are children's books, video games and educational toys as well. Oh, and no problem parents- there is reading material for you also. I have four children ages ranging from 8-15 years old they have been seen for regular cleanings, filings, extractions and a spacer. Dr. G. knows how to relate to each child on their level. He is patient, compassionate, and super caring. He treats each patient with respect and kindness. Dr G.'s professionalism is unparalleled. Each visit exceeds my expectation. The kicker is even the staff members are polite and kind. How often have you seen that happen?. They have EXCELLENT customer service skills and treat each person that walks through the door with respect. That tells you alot about the leadership that Dr. G. possess. He values each patient. Anyone that comes here will tell you that he absolutely loves what he does. This not about getting money out of your pockets but providing the best dental care for your child. As a military family, we move alot and have come across many dentist. It is hard to find a great dentist but I am thankful to say our family has finally found a place that works best for us. I cannot thank Dr. Gostanian and his staff enough!
By: teriev
Hi-Tech Dental Care/Sedation Dental Care
They are very nice, almost too nice when you call and walk in. Very nice, very slick beautiful place. BUT I think I'd be a little careful. I'm a former dental assistant/office manager. I understand my well above average dental insurance, what it covers and what the procedures are. I knew I needed some work done. I also knew it would mean well under $300 out of pocket after going to the payment schedule on my insurance website. I had a hard time getting them to tell me exactly WHAT I needed and what my out of pocket would be. I finally got a figure out of them, nearly $11K, that's THOUSAND not hundreds. WTH? I still don't have any real detail as to what I need, I was told my insurance pays for almost nothing and that was why it was so much. But I get crowns and almost everything with NO copay. So that was an outright lie. Even with no insurance, that seems out of line for what they say I need. So I called my insuance company. Turns out they're out of network. I SPECIFICALLY asked when I made the appointment if they were in my network. They told me YES!! I asked them in the office too, no one said it was because they are not in my network when I was shocked at the amount. So I wasted 2 visits and lots of time. Please remember, dentists and doctors offices are businesses. They are they to make as much money as they can.
By: r.c.bales
Eric Bernzweig Dos MS
Sometimes when we are referred to a specialist from our insurance we are always unsure of what kind of office and what kind of doctor we will encounter. I was very relieved when I walked through the door. Erin and Julie, Dr. Bernzweig's staff were very welcoming and friendly. The office was clean and inviting. When I met with Dr. Bernzweig I was pleasantly surprised that I met a periodontist with a great personality, a wonderful disposition and amazing knowledge and expertise. I have had severe gum recession for years and not only did Dr. Bernzweig give me back a smile I am now proud to display ...I was never apprehensive throughout any of my treatment, follow-ups, etc. Dr. Bernzweig does not make you wait endlessly for your appointment. When you are scheduled..you are scheduled. He takes his patients seriously and makes them feel welcome. In fact he thanked me for my business! That was surprising to me because most doctors many meet ...they feel it is a privilege for you to have met them...he feels just the opposite...but in fact it was a privilege to have met Dr. Bernzweig and his staff. Should anyone I know ever need an amazing Periodontist or Implantologist...He is the ONLY recommendation. He is the BEST! And the outcome...PERFECTION!!!!
By: Nemo S.
Dr Azimi DDS
My dentist CLOSED! I was driving east on Charleston on a Friday. When I saw the sign for azimi dentist office. pulled in to make an appointment for my kids to get a cleaning and checkup before school starts. The ladies in the office were extremely nice. She gave me a coupon to save 100$ on each kids first visit. And got me an appointment for Monday( fast forward to Monday ) WOW! What a joyous trip to the dentist it was. The ladies in the office were very nice again. I think I only waited 4 minutes if that, the boys didn't even have time to get restless. The dental hygienist was so very nice and explained everything to the kids she was going to do and made them feel comfortable almost like a big sister. And let the kids see a short how to on brushing and flossing. ( get the Carmel Apple fluoride) it smelt good.Then Dr azimi came in and after a nice short conversation I really felt that I could trust him with my kids. The x-ray technician was also kid friendly and gentle with the kids. I was so impressed by the professionalism and energy in this office and thay all did an awesome job. So I bought them pizza. Next it's me and the wife I can't wait.Wait! I can't believe I just wrote I can't wait to go to the dentist. They must be doing something right.
Tips & Advices
  • If a tooth decays and the nerves or pulp (soft internal tissue which helps teeth develop) become inflamed or infected
  • If a tooth is cracked or broken and nerves are exposed
This generally depends on any specific issues you wish to address with your teeth. There are toothpastes designed to whiten teeth, fight cavities, decrease sensitivity, prevent bad breath, resist gingivitis, and those specific to children (with lower fluoride content). There are also toothpastes that offer “complete” protection by combining aspects of many of the above toothpastes.
It’s recommended to get a professional cleaning at least two times per year.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste numbs the nerves in the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  • Mouth guard can protect against grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Fluoride treatment can be applied by dentists to sensitive areas to numb teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Root canal can treat problems in a tooth’s core.
  • Surgical gum graft where a piece of gum tissue is removed from a section of the mouth to cover an exposed root.
Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are certain signs that can help you and your doctor determine if yours should be:
  • Wisdom teeth are pushing other teeth around, causing pain and misalignment
  • Cysts form around newly emerged wisdom teeth, causing jaw damage
  • Gums get inflamed and swollen, causing cavities and pain
  • Doctor determine from x-rays that wisdom teeth will cause problems in the near future

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