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By: M R.
Soriano Note Investments
I feel I have to share my story with other consumers. The legacy that my parents had built for their children and grandchildren was literally saved because they spoke to the financial professional at this company. They were successful business people but were lacking in the understanding of estate taxes. Before meeting with the financial professional at this firm they were under the impression that their businesses, properties and liquid assets could be willed to their children and grand children through a written will easy as pie. They were not familiar with the tax reaper that surfaces from the Internal Revenue Service to collect on the value of an estate after death. Did you know the IRS gets to collect estate tax upon death and then a second time from whatever is left BEFORE being transferred to the heirs? Had this company not structured a financial plan whereby the value of my parents estate was shielded from these exorbitant estate taxes little would of remained for the heirs.
By: Quinn G.
Soriano Note Investments
My husband and I were looking for how to protect our life long earnings in our 401K account from further loss. Boy were we glad to have spoken to the Life agent here. We were educated on money concepts that had us literally stunned. Albert Einsteins theory of compounding interest was amazing! We came to realize that modern day products offered by the major life insurance companies are NOT even remotely like the policies of old that most people are familiar with. Not only were we able to protect our hard earned money by rolling-over our 401K account into a product where we can NOT lose a single cent and earn a beautiful return on our money but my husband literally was helped with "living benefits" when he suffered an injury on the job. This was a God Send I recommend these people to anyone! {The Goodmans}
By: gina2rios
Vivix Credit Solutions
I just wanted to share my experience with Vivix Credit Solutions. I was very surprised to see the final results. My credit score was awful before & I was always too scared to take the first step. If I would have known years ago that they were so nice, very professional in handling my case & that I can be set on a payment plan in which I felt comfortable paying, I would have done this sooner... I highly Recommend them to anyone. A Big Thank you to the whole staff there. Especially Mrs. Bianca Zamora, My Best Wishes For Her on Having Her New Born Baby in a Few Weeks :) "May the pleasure of parenting warm your heart with the never ending love of your newborn. Welcome to parenthood. God bless you."
By: johnny172
Vivix Credit Solutions
Chexsystems has finally removed me from their database. Before visiting Vivix I made countless phone calls to Chexsytems trying to find out why I was not able to get a checking account. I complained that the information that they had was not me but no one listened! I got frustrated as time passed and just gave up. After explaining all of this to one of the Vivix counselors I was told that there is in fact a way to help me get out of this problem. A dispute was mailed for me and it worked! I am no longer in Chexsystems! I have a new checking account, have no more fees for money orders, no more standing in line at the bank now that my paycheck is directly deposited. This feels good! Can't thank you enough.
By: Rafael V.
Fast Credit Solutions
Me and my wife had to fix our credit and her cousin recommended us Fast Credit Solutions. I had 14 collections and my wife had 8 , we went to sign up and we were told from the begining that it would take a while until we could have our credit back in shape. It was true after 7 months I had on collection left on my report and my wife none. I liked the fact that everybody there was very knowledgeable and that every time I asked anything I got my questions answered no matter who I talked to. Also they have a 90 day money back guarantee which was comforting since there are a lot of scam places when we're talking credit repair, anyhow at the end of the day it took a while but we are very happy with the service
By: Tom C.
Vivix Credit Solutions
I have nothing but positive things to say about Vivix Credit Solutions. While I won't say what my starting score was...what I can tell you is I am now 160 points higher that I was when I started! Like most, I had my reservations. You have to have an open mind and you have to admit that you have credit issues. Put your trust into the plan that they set for you (and they will give you a plan). Follow it, stay disciplined and it will work. Worked great for me, a house, car, and two new credit cards later. Go and and ask for Bianca...she's the best...(I'm sure the others are fine too).
By: Raul C.
Fast Credit Solutions
me and my wife planned to get help to improve our credit but we didn't know what company to choose, as soon as we had a consultation at Fast Credit Solutions we realized we were in the right place, we were explained what could be done in our case, got our credit reports free of charge , a thorough analysis of our credit situation and the decision to sign up was left to us without any pressure or asking any money upfront, we can highly recommend their expertise to anyone that is looking for a professional service.
By: Daniel T.
Fast Credit Solutions
I have nothing but good things to say about this company, I managed to qualify for a mortgage after only 3 months since I enrolled into their program,I had a lot of negative things on my report so I guess for me it worked great, everyone there was so knowledgeable and we got our questions answered every time. Also probably the best price in town, we shopped around first and some companies ask for ridiculous amounts.
By: Adi L.
Fast Credit Solutions
I want to leave a review as it really exceeded my expectations.besides being professional I was told upfront about what can and can't be done for me.I always been reluctant on using these services but I must say I can recommend this to anyone who needs help with their credit .My case took about 5 months but I had plenty of accounts removed and am now in a position to qualify for a home purchase.Thanks Doris :)
By: barrywood92
Universal Credit Repair, LLC
Great service and great staff. They were very informative and assisted me with increasing my credit score. i was a little hesistant at first but the fact they have a money back gurantee i figured what did I have to lose. Within the first 3 months saw a good increase and now have been approved for my first credit card. Its a small limit but 3 months ago I did not qualify for anything. Thank you guys

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