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By: Vanessa H.
I'm passionate about technology, and in particular fast websites. I've tried many Wordpress Hosts in search of the perfect blend of speed, security and reliability. Dreamhost and WP Engine are two I've tried and abandoned.Little Bizzy is without a doubt one of the best managed Wordpress Hosts I've ever used. Jesse, the owner of Little Bizzy, balances performance, reliability and security to offer a first class experience. He constantly looks for ways to improve his offering, and is available to work through deep and nitty gritty problems with you.If you host on Little Bizzy you will receive support from someone who deeply understands Wordpress Hosting - he's not a front line agent trying to support someone else's system, he designed and build the hosting.World class, thank you for a great experience Jesse!You can find my full review of Little Bizzy here:
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By: Nancy E.
Fones Gone Wild
Ohh Snap! To all my girls in vegas, this is by far the best cell phone store in town, went with my old galaxy to check some battery never ending story and the guy was so nice, checked it right away, find out that there was something in the softwcrap or whatever, fix it and gave it back with no charge! he told me that when i'm going to have a real problem remember him and come back, this is the best weekend ever! thought i'm going to pay like $200 on that damn phone, thank you #Ned@fonesgonewild!!
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By: Kevin R.
Fones Gone Wild
3 times and keep coming back, these guys got everything! this time it was for a cell phone battery for my father crapy phone, but what can i do, he loves that phone like he loves his dog so... called them ahead, told me to come at noon and pick up the battery, looked for like a week on ebay couldn't find one in a descent price, finally brenton told me they have it in stock in half the price from ebay, gotta hand it to them, they know what they are doing, awesome store, surfers style, loving it!
By: nvanderzyl
I initially purchased a plugin from Little Bizzy in the fall of 2012, and received A+ service...Jesse installed everything and I didn't have to worry about anything, it was just done :) Then, I switched to a new webhost, and couldn't find my plugin, and again, Jesse jumped in and took care of everything. The customer service is amazing! The product is also a photographer, I am so thankful for a great plugin that protects my site and images!
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By: Mario Z.
I’ve used quite a few hosting companies in the last few years and LittleBizzy is by far the best! Both in terms of quality and customer service. Jesse helped me migrate my website, set everything up tailored to my needs and answered my questions along the way.The most important thing for me is a peace of mind. Jesse is on the top of everything and that allows me to focus on growing my business stress-free.You won’t get this kind of personalized service anywhere else!Thanks!
By: Cox R.
Direct TV Directv Sales
I highly recommend this Army Disabled Combat Veteran Owned and operated small business franchise for Directv. I highly recommend the place. The General manager is the former regional manager of Directv and between the two of them they have about 40 years of experience. Hands down the best place. They have every internet, phone and TV service under one roof. Please take my word and don't waste time anywhere else !!
By: Luca S.
Everything about it is awesome. I've got the fastest loading and most reliable site I've ever had, and that's not even the best part. The set up was completely hands-off, I just let Jesse and his team take care of everything, from installing wordpress to adding and optimising many core plugins and their settings. If you want to sit back, and have a fully optimised site delivered to you, then Jesse is your man.
By: Daniel T.
Fones Gone Wild
it's not that common to find local businesses that will give you the feeling of local like the old days, i can say for a fact that it was an inspiring moment for me and for sure will recommend this guys wherever and whenever i can, broke my iphone screen, thought i am going to lose my pants, less than $100 and 2 hours later with a new screen and protector! WOW! 5 Stars indeed
By: Gin H.
Cellular Depot USA
their accessories are really good prices and you will have a lot of choices to pick. Everything works totally fine, I've been their customer since 2012, and they never raised a price nor did I have any issues with their products. (tip: they are usually busy, so be patient) :-)
By: Maya T.
Internet Services of Las Vegas
The service is fantastic and they were able to get me the best price in town! The staff is very professional as well. They answered all of the questions I had and were upfront with all of the pricing, so there were no hidden fees when I got my bill. Highly recommended!!!!

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