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By: Terrance B.
Gold Standard Child Care
This place is great, but it wasn't always. I'm giving it five stars for what it is, as I write this review, not what it was when I first started bringing my child here.In the beginning there was a different director and the center was open 24 hours, but there was really no structure and it seemed a little chaotic, to say the least. For the price, it couldn't be beat. One day, my daughter started crying when we were dropping her off for preschool and this persisted for a couple days, then my girlfriend brought it to the director's attention. My girlfriend had noticed changes in the teachers and my daughter was not adjusting well.The director, who was a new one, set up an appointment so they could have a sit down conversation. We were not pleased, before this appointment and wanted to know what was going on and why our daughter was feeling the way she was about the school.So, come to find out, they had been letting some teachers go and bringing in new ones and changing the structure of the classes to be more school like, rather than daycare like. The reason they were letting some teachers go was because they were bringing in more qualified people to fill the positions, after they had hired a new director, who is much much better than the original director.They have always worked with us, as far as payment goes, as long as you let them know in advance, which is like any bill.After setting up the new structure, my daughter, who was two at the time, was bumped up into the 3 year old class because she was doing so well, and they have talked about moving her up another class, since she has turned 3.I have been taking my daughter here since two weeks after they opened, so I've been there since the beginning and have seen the good and bad and the great changes and improvements that have been made. I wouldn't take my daughter anywhere else.Oh and their hours are Monday-Saturday 6am-midnight. Not 24 hours anymore, but not bad at all.
By: Nichole W.
Bring'em Young Academy
Mrs,. Gloria and Bring Em Young Academy has been such a HUGE blessing in our lives. As a mother of 1 year old twins and a 3 year old I was extremely hesitant as to whether someone could handle the amount of attention and energy they required. Mrs. Gloria had a true gift to relate to each of my children's needs from the moment I dropped them off on the very first day. My children adore Mrs. Gloria and talk about her on the weekend and are happy to get in the car to see her on Monday! As a teacher it is vital for my children to be in an academically enriched environment, but I was not ready to send them to a large learning facility. Bring Em Young is truly the best of both worlds. Mrs. Gloria puts an incredible amount of time into the kids' activities. Each day they come home with a detailed report of their day and a purposeful and fun lesson(s) that they have worked on. I would recommend Bring em Young over and over again and can only pray we find someone so loving and knowledgeable as Mrs. Gloria again!
By: happypl
Bright Child Learning Center
HiI would like to take the opportunity to Thank you all. I cannot express the gratitude I have for the teachers, assistants and director of this wonderful daycare. The staff here care about the kids. They have a safe and fun place to be. I searched and looked for a great place for my son to be when I'm not with him, I went to several day cares interviewed moms, etc. and now I feel so calm and happy that I found the right place. I would like to give a special "Thank you" for the room # 2 teacher, when my son cried the 1st day, she took my son and gave him a hug and tried to calm him down, this touched my heart. The camera gives me peace and I am so happy to see he is in a safe, fun and lovely place. Today my son did not cried anymore and he even went to the teacher's arms right away..... Thank you "Blue Diamond" Bright Child Learning Center!!!
By: Chloe D.
Happy Days Montessori Academy
Helping the child to acquire the art of Writing and Reading through the Montessori materials and unique method of teaching which you cannot find in any School.These Montessori materials and teaching were invented by Dr. Maria Montessori to guide indirectly and prepare the children to write and read Language, Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, History, Biology, Zoology, General Knowledge and also learn Sensorial Activities and Exercises of practical life to expand their true potential as an individual. Through these materials The child will develop independence and learn to control and coordinate his/her fine and gross movements.Friendly environment for group play and individualized attention to each child, according to their needs.Comfort and care by highly experienced staff.
By: tamara.m.fulde
Bring'em Young Academy
Choosing someone that will be around your child/children for such a majority of their day is extremely important. The encouragment, development and overall happiness of that child is #1. As parents, we couldn't be happier when we found Ms. Gloria and Bring em Young Academy. Our daughter has developed so quickly and she is encouraged everyday to exercise her manners, artistic talents, vocabulary & motor skills, and her independency - and she's happy doing it. She looks forward to seeing Ms. Gloria every day and all her friends that she has been around since she was 7 months old - she is now 3. Ms. Gloria will always be considered family as she has been such a vital and very important part in our daughters development - and we couldn't be prouder parents!
By: aprilrayne
Leap Into Learning Preschool & Early Development Center
I take both of my daughters here. It's close to my house. It's always clean there and the teachers are always helpful. They could stand to update the report cards for the day and give us more information about whether they napped or ate their lunch and snacks. They are less expensive than most of the big chain daycares around town. I feel pretty safe with them there, they have a nice backyard area enclosed by a brick wall so it's well separated from the area outside the center and they take them out at least once a day or more. for recess, if weather permits. I would recommend them to my friends and family. Never had a problem. Started taking my girls in September 2011, when my youngest was 3 months old and my oldest was 1.5 yrs.
By: Roberts J.
Leap Into Learning Preschool & Early Development Center
As a single dad I was very leary about placing my child in the care of someone other than myself. I went into this school because I was refered from a co-worker who has had his child there for a long time and has always loved it. When I went for a tour, I was very surprised at how comfortable not only my child was, but how comfortable I was. The lady as the front desk was very welcoming and took me on a tour of the facility. It is extremely clean and the classrooms were all organized and the children were all engaged in some sort of activity. He has been here for a few months now and nothing has changed. He loves it and I am impressed on a daily basis of the things he is progressing in. 5 stars for sure!
By: Mommyoftwoboys ..
Leap Into Learning Preschool & Early Development Center
I laughed when my girlfriend showed me the ratings on here!! It goes to show nobody posts on the internet unless there are unhappy or didnt get their way. I started taking both of my sons here when they opened three years ago after having a bad experience at a near by school. I immediately got a warm feeling from the teachers and have continued to be happy with their progress over the years. My oldest son started Kindergarden two years ago and was very much ahead of the other children. That spoke for itself to me! Another great thing was that is is always clean and doesn't have that normal daycare smell. I plan to have my boys here as long as they can!
By: icantfindausername
Bring'em Young Academy
We absolutely love this daycare! My husband and I had tried a couple other home daycares before we found Ms.Gloria and none of them were ran as efficiently as Bring em Young Academy. We've been taking our son to Bring em Young Academy for the past two years and in that time we have noticed a vast improvement in our childs' social and academic skills. Ms. Gloria always keeps the parents up to date with thier childs activities by filling out daily in-depth progress reports, and my child always comes home with at least two projects related to what they learned that day. Our son has become very attached to Ms. Gloria and we see her as part of our family.
By: I L.
Leap Into Learning Preschool & Early Development Center
My sister and I both just left a not so great preschool and after touring MANY centers all over the valley, we found leap into learning on Russell Road. We IMMEDIATELY felt at home on the tour and the entire facility was extremely clean and had a great smell....yes thats right...a preschool that smells great!! They started a few weeks ago and already they can't wait to get to school each day. A far change from the cries and pleas I used to get at their old school. THANK YOU THANK YOU LEAP INTO LEARNING for providing such a wonderful place for families to feel comfortable leaving their children when we can not be with them. WE LOVE IT HERE!!

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