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By: Allison F.
Green Valley Grocery
Most HONEST place to gamble. Yesterday I went to Green Valley Gas Station off of Decatur and Horse, and I put money into a machine, and play dollars, it dealt me 3 Aces on the first hand but for some reason it didn't hold one of them, Then dealt me the ace needed for 4 aces and a kicker, meaning, I was suppose to get 4 aces with a kicker,the middle button has been not working properly on this machine for a while, sometimes it holds, sometimes it doesn't, but because It usually only caused me to loose a pair, I would normally just let it go as if it happened it would be just a dollar or so lost, well because this was a several hundred dollar mistake due to malefaction on the machine, as you can imagine I was upset, so I tell the cashier, they call their gambling dept that runs all their Green Valley Stations Gambling machines, I'll keep all the details short, so what end up happening is they came down, rolled the machines and saw that I was right, had the 3 ace hold it would have given me the fourth ace with kicker, and took full responsibility, owned up, and paid me my money. Going through this experience, I now know their on top of their game, and have complete faith in their business ethics, and will continue to gamble there daily, as this place runs there stores with good business ethics, and above all are honest and fair, you can gamble knowing they aren't cheating customers, or fixing machines to their benefit. Besides being honest with their machines, The manager who works here is also the best manager I have ever seen work at a gas station, she runs this place just a business owner would, and I would know because my husband and I own business' here in Vegas. The whole staff is friendly, and professional. Long story short, I would advise anyone who likes to gamble like me, to skip the casinos, and other gas stations and gamble here at Green Valley Gas Stations, besides them being honest, the machines pay out decent and often, so there not tight like the casinos or other gas stations and their HONEST, they don't cheat you out of your money.
By: Louisa M.
I know NOTHING about pawn shops but we were in the process of upgrading our home theater and had a few 400 blu-ray disc changers, a Fireball movie system and an audio receiver to get rid of and someone suggested we try a pawn shop since the equipment was too expensive to ship. This shop was convenient so we went to check things out.The parking lot was packed on a Saturday afternoon and the place was hopping. Despite the crowd we were warmly greeted as soon as we walked in the door. We told the employees what we had and if they'd be interested in taking a look to buy and they said that we probably wouldn't get offered much for the items since they sell electronics for such low prices. I figured "yeah, that's just a line they use" but it's not. This place has CHEAP electronics! I had no idea!Some things were a true steal and others were a little pricey, just know what you're looking for. They had a nice selection of designer handbags, power tools, jewelry, cheap dvds (99 cents and up), dvd players (like new for $10), and electric guitars (some nice ones in the $50 range).The store was bright and clean and very, very busy. If you wanted to pawn or sell something, the line was at least 6 people deep -- be prepared to wait if you come on the weekend. Also we saw a woman dumpster diving out back, but that may just be due to the part of town where this store is located.I'd totally come back here to browse just for fun. I'd not bring electronics here to sell, though. We ended up donating our equipment at the Savers down the street; I'd rather get a big charitable tax deduction than $10 cash in my pocket.
By: deconraw
CASH 1 Loans
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By: Brian K.
New India Market
This is such a great store I am so happy I went there. When I first arrived in Vegas I had gone to the bigger Indian store nearby and they had far fewer items, and associates who were unwilling to help.This store may be smaller but it is packed with anything and everything you need for indian cuisine, north or south. And the man who runs the store is always there and is extremely meticulous in his job duties and customer service. He is perhaps the most helpful store associate I have met in Vegas. He took so much time and care to make sure I found everything that I needed and that all questions were answered.I am really only familiar with Tamilnadu and Sri Lanken cooking so I had a lot of questions for him and he answered every one very thoroughly and was such a kind man he really made my day (which hadn't been going very well up until then). He talked to me about ingredients and recipe ideas and nutritional facts of the ingredients.
By: Cleo B.
Was at your Smiths grocery store on Decatur and Desert Inn on Friday August 12th,Las Vegas NV ,was going down an aisle and slipped on something wet on the floor , manager was called and she took pic of knee and got my name and number , my complaint is ,a courtesy call would have been nice to see if i was okay,here it is Monday August 15th ,called the store to get their main customer service number and the girl at customer service gave me a fake number,so i found the number myself and i called the customer service number and told them about the fake number i was given and that i should have gotten a courtesy call from the manager and not even a half hour after hanging up with them , i got a call from some guy who would only give me his first name , but it took me calling them to get a call,i feel a customer deserves better service then what i got.
By: 3-little-birds
Advantage 1 Loans
Advantage loans was much better to deal with than the store down the road. The application was easy and only took a few minutes. The other one was pages long and asked for so much information. The approval process literally took minutes not hours or days like at most stores. It was easy all I had to do was give them a few documents and my debit card. Although my credit was not very good, I still had no problem getting approved and I am grateful for Advantage to help me in a time of need. Thanks Advantage for helping me out, I will be back!
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By: Geeta S.
India Market
I bought 4 large packs of mopleez brand of namkeenthree weeks ago and all four smelled bad. On my next trip to the store I said this to hopals mother and she just ignored it saying oh really. This week I looked at the price of cauliflower and it was 4.99 each for a very small cauliflower.this is a bugrip off as stores like winco are selling large cauliflowers for 1.98 per piece.this family run store is fleecing the customers and even after staying in the U.S for so many years they do not understand the meaning of customer service
By: luvnwhatudoing
Green Valley Grocery
i love comen to this store it feels like home the managers aare the best the cashiers are something special I go in between the hrs of 3 to maybe 2 in the morning and I must say this is the best this store has ever been I love when benson is there and sherie is there they are the most helpfull workers ever. I admire the way they keep the store clean they make you want to come in and shop just for there company. Green Valley you are doing a great job and i'm sure glad that you have have a wonderful staff now.
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By: Lisamarie P.
Circle K
I just relocated from Ny and Iive up the block from this Circle K and visit here and there. I must compliment the late night worker Joseph! He has a great attitude awesome smile and just so friendly and polite. Coming from Ny everyone isnt so nice. But its really refreshing because you dont know what a person is going thru in life and all it take is that one person to make their day.. I Thank you Joseph for making me smile. Lisamarie
By: Jason J.
Advantage 1 Loans
A friend of mine told me about Advantage 1 Loans and how they helped her out with a payday loan. I looked on their very professional website to see all the services they offered, then decided to pay them a visit. First I sold them a few gift cards that I had gotten for xmas. Then I got approved for a cash loan. Advantage 1 treated me with respect and were very professional when dealing with me. Outstanding customer service.

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