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By: Louisa M.
I know NOTHING about pawn shops but we were in the process of upgrading our home theater and had a few 400 blu-ray disc changers, a Fireball movie system and an audio receiver to get rid of and someone suggested we try a pawn shop since the equipment was too expensive to ship. This shop was convenient so we went to check things out.The parking lot was packed on a Saturday afternoon and the place was hopping. Despite the crowd we were warmly greeted as soon as we walked in the door. We told the employees what we had and if they'd be interested in taking a look to buy and they said that we probably wouldn't get offered much for the items since they sell electronics for such low prices. I figured "yeah, that's just a line they use" but it's not. This place has CHEAP electronics! I had no idea!Some things were a true steal and others were a little pricey, just know what you're looking for. They had a nice selection of designer handbags, power tools, jewelry, cheap dvds (99 cents and up), dvd players (like new for $10), and electric guitars (some nice ones in the $50 range).The store was bright and clean and very, very busy. If you wanted to pawn or sell something, the line was at least 6 people deep -- be prepared to wait if you come on the weekend. Also we saw a woman dumpster diving out back, but that may just be due to the part of town where this store is located.I'd totally come back here to browse just for fun. I'd not bring electronics here to sell, though. We ended up donating our equipment at the Savers down the street; I'd rather get a big charitable tax deduction than $10 cash in my pocket.
By: deconraw
CASH 1 Loans
Recently, I had joined the new job after relaxing two months in my home and after a few days, there is my 9 year old baby birthday. I was craving for the way to borrow some cash to pay my bills. I really needed some extra money to buy gifts for my children and for bills also, but I wasn t going to get paid until payday of my job. I googled for Payday loan companies and found the CASH1Loans and after reading all the easy links and FAQs on their website, I thought I d give it a try. After i logged on to their website, I just followed the simple and easy directions in order to process the Payday loan. This was a very easy website to function.CASH 1 Loans allowed me have a loan terribly quickly and pain-free! I have been able to have ready to get a loan within minutes by just submitting few documents. Normally, i m terribly apprehensive regarding it however this point, there wasn t enough time to tense up or stress regarding it. In just just a few hours they have approved my loan and transferred money to me.They have been my best payday company among the many companies I actually have applied for payday loans. Not solely they approved me instantly, the return of payment choices were additionally sleek and simple. They helped me when i needed extra money for my baby birthday and I would recommend them to other people who are seeking for Payday loans. I want to thanks them again.
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By: Lindsay victoria M.
Rapid Cash
I have to say I went into the rapid cash at a different location ( ON CHEYENNE) , made a complaint about it to corporate and never thought about going back into rapid cash even if it was a different location. This location called me to follow up with me , and I decided to give them a try. Im glad I did. The girl who helped me ( I think she said she was the assistant manager / or manager ) with brown hair was EXCEPTIONAL. She was professional, worked with me, and did her best to update me on the process of my approval. This location is lucky to have her as an employee, as she really made up for the horrible experience I had previously with this company. Thank u so much for taking the time to treat your customers like gold and for doing your best to help. I would recommend this specific rapid cash location!!!!
By: robert w.
Mint Payday
My car was a little bit damaged from a "hit and run" incidence and had I to repair it. I went to my auto mechanic for the repair but the charge was pretty much and I couldn't afford it then. The mechanic recommended Mint Payday for loan to repair my car. He told me how his clients get loan to fix their cars from them and many other good things about them. I went online and read a little review about Mint Payday and I was impressed. I then went on to the website to apply. The application form was right on the homepage so I didn't waste time finding it. I filled it with the necessary details and submitted the application. The next day, I received an email that my application was approved and the loan was ready. I was very happy and impressed with the speed. I will definitely come back.
By: Joyce J.
Mint Payday
A friend recommended Mint Payday when I was looking for loan to fix my car. I went through their site and read everything I needed to know. I decided to apply for it and to be honest it was very simple and easy. All I had to do was to fill a form on the website with my details and submit. Few days later, I got an email that my application has been accepted and I have lenders ready.... In summary, I am happy to have found Mint Payday. With Mint Payday, everything is easy and really fast from application to getting the loan. The website is easy to navigate making it easy to find and fill out the application.
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By: Muriel P.
Super Pawn
I have been going to this particular pawn shop because its near my home.However after going there every two weeks for 3 months I found myself feeling disrespected as well as ignored. On 9/17/15 I went there with the same TV however I had lost my ID so I gave the guy who I've never seen before my papers from theDMV he refused to even look at it. So the only other person there who is the orange haired girl I asked her if she could help he rudely told me she would say the same and She totally ignored my even asking her for help. She never opened her mouth. Very Poor Customer service.
By: 3-little-birds
Advantage 1 Loans
Advantage loans was much better to deal with than the store down the road. The application was easy and only took a few minutes. The other one was pages long and asked for so much information. The approval process literally took minutes not hours or days like at most stores. It was easy all I had to do was give them a few documents and my debit card. Although my credit was not very good, I still had no problem getting approved and I am grateful for Advantage to help me in a time of need. Thanks Advantage for helping me out, I will be back!
By: Tricia A.
Mint Payday
I hadn't need to apply for a payday loan for about 10 years. The landscape has changed a lot in that time and it is much easier now. There used to be a lot of faxing or driving involved but a friend turned me onto this website and I can't recommend it enough. The fact that my single application is submitted to a variety of lenders makes things so much simpler. I was approved for the money that I needed very quickly and the funds were in my bank account before I knew it. I'd definitely recommend and use this site again.
By: Jason J.
Advantage 1 Loans
A friend of mine told me about Advantage 1 Loans and how they helped her out with a payday loan. I looked on their very professional website to see all the services they offered, then decided to pay them a visit. First I sold them a few gift cards that I had gotten for xmas. Then I got approved for a cash loan. Advantage 1 treated me with respect and were very professional when dealing with me. Outstanding customer service.
By: Jennifer J.
Advantage 1 Loans
My husband and I had a few unexpected house repairs that needed to be done quick and we didn't have all the money to do it. My girlfriend recommended we go talk to Advantage 1 about getting a loan. Advantage 1 was very helpful and gave my husband and I the loan we needed to fix our homes problems. I didn't realize how painless it would be to get a loan. Highly recommend them for any loan needs!!

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