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By: citizenguns
Kao Auto Styling
Took my VW here for some mods... Tinted my windows perfectly. Dialed in my Vdub, this is the third time they have tinted my windows, but the first time they put wheels and tires on my car. The wheels are smooth, I checked the online prices vs. the price they quoted me, KAO price was very fair (when you add shipping/handling and the 2 weeks I would have to wait from a online source).
By: Andre A.
Las Vegas Car Stereo
I came in to buy a new speaker for my car, the shop owner gave me an estimate on what the price was he gave me a list of options and told me what would be the best one for my car. He was cool he did not rush me into buying he actually let me come back the first thing the very next day at 10:00 and I left to go home by 11:00 to 11:30.
By: Bill B.
J & J Auto Sound
J&J is the best. I received a full custom install. New head unit, amp, speakers, and alarm. They did the job in record time and yet, the Quality is what caused me to write this. They were professional and I have been so happy with my sweet sound system. And, totally less expensive than best buy. Thanks J&J, I will be back!
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By: Las vegas C.
Las Vegas Car Stereo
Awesome. Thanks for fixing the bad job done by california cars sound. These guys fixed my sound system i had installed by an idiot that couldn't figure out what he did. After taking it back 10 times. I went to these guys they fixed it in one day.Monday to saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pmSunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
By: mikeymike101
Kao Auto Styling
I chose to purchase some wheels and tires from KAO in Las Vegas a week ago. These guys gave me the best deal on 22" Wheels for my Dodge Charger. They took my stock wheels in on trade and even tinted my windows. This place is the best !!!
By: mfisher7
Las Vegas Car Stereo
They did an excellent job installing my friends Alpine system. The work was professional and the system sounds fantastic! I highly recomment Las Vegas Car Stereo to all my friends.
702 Motoring
This Business is located at 3993 S. Maryland parkway Las Vegas, NV 89119
Tips & Advices
A capacitor is a two-terminal electrical component that is able to store energy, thus they are often found in power supplies. They can be especially important in a stereo system because they can exhibit frequency dependent behavior. What this means is they can be tailored to be used as noise filters to reduce the appearance of a frequency, or they can be used to enhance it. This is particularly effective in differentiating and isolating the ranges in a subwoofer and a tweeter, and in filtering out the potential noise or feedback from the power source.
Most aftermarket speakers are compatible with your factory stereo system. There can be exceptions, for instance, if you have speakers that need extra amplification to drive them to maximum performance, such as large subwoofers, your factory deck may not have the power to drive them adequately. They will play, but not to their potential. Basic speakers should be able to plug right into most standard decks. Factory stereo systems have evolved dramatically over the years and can even meet or exceed aftermarket products.
To install a basic car stereo you will need a minimum of tools. First you may need a puller to remove the existing deck (if there is one). Usually it’s just a thin bar that hooks onto the unit to pull it out. Once the unit space is established, you will need crimpers and wire cutters to strip, connect, and crimp the wiring units (to the speakers and to your power source). It’s a good idea to use connectors for the wiring contacts. It is a simple and basic process. In some cases, you might need some additional basic tools like screwdrivers if you are mounting anything or customizing the dash.
With a basic knowledge and minimum of tools, it is not theoretically difficult to install a car stereo. It is even easier is you are replacing the old deck because the wiring for the speakers and the power source are already in place. Most existing units can be pulled easily from the dash and replaced quickly. This of course depends on the sophistication of the system and the skill of the installer. If no modifications are necessary, it is not an overly difficult or complicated process. There are many sources of information and instructional videos available on the internet to guide you.
A subwoofer is a speaker that is designed to produce sounds on the low end of the audio scale. Subwoofers are usually paired with tweeters, speakers that produce sounds on the higher end of the audio scale, to create a balanced sound.

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