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By: Louisa M.
I know, I know: Wendy's? FOUR stars? Yes and yes. I rarely review places like this but I had such a fantastic experience that I needed to let everyone know about it. This is an old school Wendy's, meaning it's not fancy, it's pretty worn down and worn out, and it's in a not-so-nice part of town. So imagine my surprise when I came here and not only was it spotlessly clean (two employees were constantly wiping down tables), it was packed with obvious regulars (lots of old timers and a chatty fellow in line behind us who informed us as such).It's clear that many of the employees here are "lifers," meaning they always have and / or always will work for Wendy's. That means they are super efficient and true superstars of the fast food chain. The older lady took our order (we had lots of substitutions) with zero issues and got it 100% correct the first time.When our food arrived, we were both shocked. This was hands down the best Wendy's food we'd had in a long, long time. The burgers were hot and fresh and perfectly seasoned, the buns were fluffy, the cheese was melting and gooey, and the produce was so high quality that if you didn't know better you'd guess it was from a higher end burger restaurant. The lettuce was crisp and not brown nor wilted, the pickles were perfect, and my super red and ripe tomatoes were sliced uniformly. I can't say enough about how great this burger was.It's fine, but there were several homeless people (and one mentally ill man) hanging out in the parking lot in broad daylight (at 1:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon). They didn't intend to harm anyone, but one of them came inside and started walking around and talking to random customers, disappearing into the restroom (he never came back out before I left and the employees didn't ask him to leave). For that, I had to dock them one star. People were freaking out and feeling uncomfortable, so I would recommend this location get some better security or manager training so they can better deal with situations like this.For obvious reasons, I'd suggest you use the drive thru window instead of choosing to dine in. But this is a dang good Wendy's!
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By: Rick N.
The food is fine, about like any other Subway. The employees are pleasant and accommodating. But in the 20 minutes I was there today I was accosted on the way in and on the way out of the store by stinking, rotten pan handlers. "Excuse me sir, could you help me out?"... or "Have you got any spare change." These maggots are ubiquitous and seem to be everywhere I shop. I'm neither hard hearted nor insensitive. I realize many people are genuinely in dire straits but given the overwhelming volume of these parasites as well as the leeches who are standing on virtually every street corner in this city with their signs all with the same insincere "Homless, Hungry, God Bless you" crap I feel like I'm living during the great depression of '29. The economy while far from perfect is irrefutably better than it was. These are lazy, worthless bastards who will never work nor attempt to better themselves in any way by taking advantage of the tax payer funded services available to them. Now what has this to do with this particular Subway? Given my not unjustified fear of the possibility that my car might have been damaged out of pure vindictiveness while I was inside eating by the bum I blew off on the way in and having to sidestep another of these lizards when exiting I doubt sincerely that I'll return to this location. If the owners and renters of this shopping center aren't concerned enough to engage some sort of security then I'll take my business elsewhere.
By: Louisa M.
I'm a burger fanatic but this joint is just okay. It's loud, crowded and overpriced, and the food is just so/so. When you eat here, you're paying for the novelty of the name and owners. (Now, if they decide to have Mark and Donny start serving burgers shirtless, I may reconsider my star rating)!I was surprised at how difficult it was to find the restaurant, it's AT Bally's but it's not IN Bally's -- you have to go outside and down several escalators to get there. Once you arrive, expect a wait. The restaurant thankfully has a system where you can give them your cell number and they'll text you when your table is ready. It's nice enough, but there's nothing to do around the area while you wait, just some lame shops and the casino.While I appreciated the gimmick of "government cheese," I really hate fake cheese so that just grossed me out. I was happy they had Swiss cheese too, but I think it may have been Swiss-flavored processed cheese food.The fried onions were mediocre (they were red onions too, which meant they were far too pungent for the light batter). I ordered a triple cheeseburger because I was starving, and I'm glad I did because the portion size was really small for the price. My burger was cooked as ordered and well seasoned. The pickle chips were INCREDIBLY delicious, but the chili was the absolute star of the meal. Yes, the chili has beans (boo!), but they are minimal.It was fun to try once, but I probably won't go back to this place.
By: Carl M.
Mt Charleston Lodge
this is a great location for a family getaway or Staycation during the winter school break if you are in Las Vegas as a local or want a break from the strip. We stayed one night with two elementary aged children. We stayed in cabin 9,which I believe is one of the largest they have. It is located near the office and parking lot but is set back far enough from the road so there is no noise. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the cabin and the amenities. I was not expecting much to be honest, but was impressed as the cabin had two elaborate four poster beds, a two sided fireplace, two large sofas, a flat screen TV for DVDs, a jacuzzi tub and large dining table. The cabin also has a nice balcony/ deck with porch swing and chairs. We enjoyed the serenity, proximity to the Lodge for dinner and beautiful views of Cathedral Rock. The kids enjoyed sledding in Lee Canyon near the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard resort. You can't beat the fact that it only takes 30 minutes from Las Vegas and you are a world away! Bear in mind this is a rustic setting so the furniture is scuffed and hodgepodge, don't expect more and you won't be disappointed.
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By: Dsing J.
Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill
When we go to Vegas, it's for this bar. It always feels like home. The food is bar food, nothing special but always comforting. What brings us back time after time are the in particular ----Leo....We have been coming to Tobys once or twice a year for about 5 years. Leo remembers us each time...he really does!! He always makes a space for us at his station and keeps us "hydrated". During girls weekends where we may need a little protection, he has been our safe place. This past weekend, we had a Bachelorette Party in Vegas, the first night to be at Tobys. We wanted to decorate our table for the bride but were unable to get helium for our balloons since we flew in. Leo offered to (and did) pick up a bottle for us on his way into work! The night was a blast of course and Leo made sure all 11 ladies were taken care of properly.It seems cliche and silly- sounding, but Toby's song is about a neighborhood bar you want to hang out in, this Tobys is my neighborhood bar....350 miles away, "...just walking in the front door puts a big smile on my face!"
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By: alan.lang.315
My son and I were looking for a good breakfast place during our visit to Vegas and Eat had lots of positive reviews so we decided to give it a try. We showed up around 1pm and there was a 15-20 minute wait. We stuck out the wait and we were both glad we did !!! The menu is pretty small (which I like) and consisted of a bunch of classic comfort food items with a twist. After much debate my son decided on the truffle egg sandwich and I had the chicken fried steak. They were both really yummy and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The portions were pretty generous and I was only able to eat about half of my dish and took the rest home. The coffee was good and the service was really excellent. We also really liked the vibe of the place and the clientele which consisted of primarily young hipsters and foodies. Some of the other items that looked really good were the pancakes (lots of people seemed to be enjoying them), the corned beef hash, the grilled cheese, and the huevos motulenos. We'll have to try them next time, I guess !!!
By: flaljee
Burger Bar
Located at the Mandalay Bay and run by the famous gourmet chef Hubert Keller, this place is a burger connoisseur's dream. Straight up burgers, from a regular old fashioned burger to grourmet kobe burgers.I sat at the bar at the bar while I ate, and it was a week day so the place wasn't too crowded, hence I don't know how to rate the service. But as far as burgers go, if you like burgers, you must go here. For the vegetarians, they have veggie burger on the menu, and for the adventurous, they even have a buffalo burger - and no not the buffalo that accompanies the sauce - I am talking a real buffalo burger. They also have some real funky desserts to match their burger theme. Like a donut burger or a chocolate burger. I didn't try any desserts though. Only thing to watch out for - it may be a place that sells burgers, but its no McDonalds. Don't expect a 99 cent menu. It is a touch pricey.
By: Lynn m S.
Great American Pub
My husband and i visited this pub yesterday, we were new to the area and were looking for a nice clean friendly enviroment with food & first impression was ......very nice, dee a sever came over to us right away with a nice smile and we proceeded to a table to sit down for a late dinner, around 7pm . the calamari was very good , relaxed and nice . after that we found a couple of machines at the bar and met the very sweet bartender name Eric, and then another bartender came over, i must say, i was very impressed by the staff , everyone included , and just the vibe of this new establishment ! was a very good one, my $$$ lasted awhile and the machines seemed lose !!This will be my new local get-a-way hang out... I can hardly wait to try some of there other items on the menu.....Thanks again to the staff for making me and my husband feel welcome, lynn & mario Siciliano
By: Val H.
Mt Charleston Lodge
Stayed at cabin 12 for an early bday getaway!! Came with hubby, our son, and 120lb german shepard. We all loved it. Had a huge balcony to sit outside and enjoy cocktails, peacefulness, and the scenery. The room was very spacious-loved the fireplace and jacuzzi. Also loved no tv with the guys-that's all they do on weekends!! There is a dvd player and we brought a few for late at night. They had a big selection in the office you can rent for $1. Restaurant and bar just a couple min walk from cabin, and the restaurant allows you to eat on balcony with your dog. There is a pet fee, $27 per day but if you stay more then 2 days there is no extra charge.You have to request maid service if you want it at check in-we did not as wasn't sure if the dog would be there alone when she came. Can't wait to come back!!!
By: Tanika B.
M & M Soul Food Cafe
I was there 11/03/2014. My friend and I just wanted to relax in Vegas for the weekend we live in Michigan. I loved the service: the cleanliness of the servers, and the friendliness of the staff and owner. I was unclear on getting breakfast or lunch everything looked so good. I decided on lunch I had Fried Chicken, Cabbage, Yams, Macaroni , Dressing, and cornbread…I also ate Fried Catfish, off of my friends plate. The Chicken, Catfish, Dressing, and Cabbage was good. The Macaroni needed a better cheese and consistency and cheese on the top. The Cabbage needed better seasoning and the Yams more sugar. Due to the service and the meats, I will give them four stars. Oh yea the Iced Tea….Great!!!

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