By: tisharrataylor
Tropicana Suites
It's a GREAT LOCATION. Just about a mile to The Strip and it's got a great view of The Strip from the front of the property. The staff is WONDERFUL!!!! Paula at the desk is sweet and polite. Sharon, the Manager, is more than fair when a resident has a complaint. Chad, the Maintenance Technician, is A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!! I watched him working on a resident's door for THREE HOURS AFTER HOURS one day. Never got mad or abrupt with the guy. My apartment is much bigger than I ever expected it to be. It's quiet most nights (but let's be honest, this is Vegas) and I'm rarely bothered. I was on the Security force at Trump and truthfully, I dealt with just as much if not more issues there than I ever have here. I've lived here for 8 months now, and I do not plan to leave anytime soon. I am neither a drug dealer nor a prostitute, as all these reviews suggest the residents are. I am a former Law Enforcement Officer with Homeland Security Clearance and a background in Security. I am also a female in her 20s and I am not scared to be out on this property at night.The Security Guard, or CPO, here is one of the most intimidating looking men I have ever seen. He certainly discourages any kind of criminal activity. However, if you aren't causing any problems, Kelby is very fluffy and cuddly. *wink*I see kids out playing everyday here. They mostly ride their bikes and play ball in the back parking lot. They play in the hot tub a lot as well. I absolutely am in love with the Fitness Center here as well. It's a whole lot nicer than I expected it to be.The bottom line here is this. If you want a luxury stay in Las Vegas, Bellagio is right down the road. It's costs a heck of a lot more than 200 a week, but if you want perfection, go for it. Tropicana Siegel Suites is for people on a budget. I've personally never been able to stay at the Waldorf Astoria on a budget, so I seriously doubt anyone looking at this property is really expecting it to be perfect. I think they just want to complain.
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By: Liz B.
Luxor Hotel & Casino
This is more of a budget priced casino resort in Vegas compared to some. But as a more budget option, it is also the best one in my opinion. It's further down the strip so keeping that in mind it's priced well. They are renovating some pyramid rooms and the towers are nice. Suites are lovely and hosts take care of thier players. You can get a room here for 39$. Sometimes less sometimes more. Weekends will always be more$$. But it's probably the third cheapest resort in strip and a fabulous pool so if you're in a budget or want to stay in a large suite that's extremely nice this is a great place. Table limits are lower here than many casinos in strip which we enjoy. Not being forced to bet 25$-50$ per hand is a great incentive. People like to complain. But if you want 5* you will pay 200$ plus a night. For the money this place is awesome. We enjoyed our week so much last month that we're returning next month for another week.
By: kimberlyking7
Jet Luxury Resorts
What a wonderful experience! First off, I loved that it is non smoking. I just got home after staying there for 3 nights and I have nothing but great things to say (and I am a world class complainer.) I stayed in a junior suite and used the indoor walkway to get to MGM Grand each day, where you can jump right onto the monorail and get to all the best hotels on the strip. We were there for a convention at the Mirage, and got off the monorail at Harrah's & went outside to cross the street over to the Mirage. We bought a one day pass which I highly recommend.People who think it's too far away are wrong, and the room was wonderful. We never heard any street noises, the beds were great, bathroom was huge and amazing. I loved everything about The Signature at MGM Grand!!! I will be back for conventions year after year and I will never stay anywhere else.
By: ashley.rberg
Tropicana Las Vegas
review for Tropicana's Mob Experience Attractionoh man do i have a huuuuge obsession/fixation with the mob and the mafia-like it's so not okay...so when I heard about this attraction at the Tropicana, I knew that I had to experience it on my next trip to Vegas. It's interactive and pretty educational. You walk through the attraction and essentially run with the mob. At the end, it's your response that determines your fate. The actors were really good and held character very well, even with my friend and I cracking up the whole time trying to be serious with them. Try to go with a local (they get discounts) or find a deal if you don't want to pay the full entrance fee. The very end of the attraction has rooms upon rooms of information and history about all of the key mobsters, hotels, and endeavors that led to Vegas being what it is today.
By: chastyler
Tropicana Suites
A huge relief! I expected my budget Vegas stay to mean a horribly crappy little hotel. I'm so glad to say Siegel Suites allayed my fears. Half a mile from the Strip, so it's walking distance. I had a nice, decently clean, small one bedroom apartment for a WEEK with an AMAZING view of the Strip, for like 200 dollars! Lucky to get 3 nights on the Strip for that price! I had a couple little issues with my room, a lamp that didn't work and a stuck door handle. The office had Maintenance there within 10 minutes. This property is more than worth what you pay, and more than you'd ever expect. Just bring your own linens, the property doesn't provide them. So much for all these pictures I keep seeing online of dirty linens, guess the people that took those should have checked what they bought more thoroughly, or been a little less nasty.
By: mr.truckdriver
Siegel Slots & Suites
This is one of the best places I have stayed at in the surronding Vegas area, away from the crowds of the strip. Parking is free and I was able to pull right up to my room. My room was large and had 2 queen beds and they only charge for the room and not the amount of people in the room! Awesome! Also they provided free local calls, and free wi-fi. What was the best was the restaurant was steps from my hotel room and the casino which is open 24 hours a day. The bartenders were friendly and fast, restaurant had great food and really cheap with good amounts of food. I will recommend this place to all my truck driver co-workers and friends and family. Front Desk Clerks were fast and very knowledgable in the area and letting me know what was available to see with a little cost.
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By: Marlene W.
Casino Travel & Tours
Excellent service. Turned up on time and my pre-packed gluten free breakfast and lunch were both good. comfortable journey in a comfortable vehicle. The day was a wonderful learning experience where I learned the history, geology and ecology of the places we visited - and in an academic depth and detail that I would never have expected from a simple day tour. This was due to the expertise of the guide, Ralph, who is punching way below his weight as a mere tour guide. His guidance and knowledge made the day a tour which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in more than surface detail. Also this guy's personality and patience deserves acknowledgement - well done Ralph and Casino Tours and Travel - I take pleasure in recommending both .
By: ashley.rberg
Jet Luxury Resorts
I really have no problems with MGM except that it is SO expansive. I totally get the Vegas thing and how each hotel/casino is supposed to be its own city, but MGM may as well have its own zip code. It is so far away from the rest of the strip and even more so depending on where you are staying in the hotel. I have stayed in the towers and the hotel part, both times sharing a room with my friends. The rooms are nice and spacious and the beds are comfortable. It's really just the location that gets me every time we stay there. Mostly because we never end up going out at the MGM clubs which makes a whole other to do. Their beach club pool party looked pretty fun though! Thank goodness for the cabs, right?
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By: Jamal M.
Palms Casino Resort
Great Hotel, very bad and unprofessional service. I was there on february 11th and 12th, we got there at 2:30pm we went to customer service to check in the rooms were not available the customer service representative too our phone number to call us when room are available. He says it should take too long, we waited until 5:35pm no one called us, so we went to customer service desk and the room still not ready, no simpty from the customer service guys, and no one was opologetic. Even when we called the suppervisor she was worst than the rest of them kept going in circle with her, and she kept repeating the same thing, diffending her guys.
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By: rashon.gittis
New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Stayed over the weekend of a big boxing match at the MGM and it was super crowded. The room is smaller than some of the more modern hotels and in need of a makeover. Even though it's Vegas and you're not really supposed to be spending much time in the room anyway, it just doesn't feel like a comfortable and relaxing room... The casino floor also has a smaller footprint, but on the plus side, makes it a lot easier to find/meet up with your crew vs walking around a huge casino floor looking for e'one. Wouldn't stay here again unless it was comp'ed...

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