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By: Steven B.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
Recently my air conditioning went out in my home. This was on a Sunday. . I started to run the gambit and make several phone calls to several companies. I had two companies that told me there is an additional charge for weekend service calls. .I'm not sure if it was the actual technician I was speaking to or the actual office? Because one of the persons gave the sense that they just didn't want to be bothered. I was told by another person it would be Wednesday before they could come out and depending on what was wrong with the air conditioner. .they may or may not have the part and might have to be ordered. I really don't like to name drop..but one company who claims the YES man can. ... tried to get me to buy a new air conditioning system over the phone without ever even coming out to my home....? after getting completely frustrated with him.. I asked where he got his crystal ball at that told him I need a new system without even looking at it? And does it tell him that I work hard for my money and it's American money which means it spends everywhere. .just not with them! I got to A Tech and spoke to the gym who answered the phone. He told me there is no extra charge just because it's the weekend and they could come out later that day. After sweating all day in my home plus worrying that in going to have to max out the credit card to fix my A/C. I was a little bit short tempered when the Tech arrived. He was calm and confident that he could figure out what was wrong and get it fixed ASAP . After about 15-20 minutes he informed me that it is the condenser motor.. he had one on his truck and could get my A/ C going in about one hour. Fearing for my wallet..arm..armed a leg..? He gave a price and informed me he likes to use a high temperature motor that usually lasts longer in hotter temperatures. But doesn't charge extra. When I asked him why he didn't try to get a whole lot more money for this type of motor? He looked at me and replied. . I work hard for my money and would not feel comfortable ripping people off..instead.. give them their monies worth. . It's just the right thing to do. I then apologized for my short attitude with him.. he interrupted me by saying. .he understands and he never even noticed my grouchiness. After installing the motor he went through the air conditioner and checked everything else out. He told me. .sure it has issues. .it's an older unit.. but it still has alot of life left in and just have it serviced on a regular basis. . And it would help to prevent future problems and gives a heads up on issues that may be coming up. I felt very comfortable spending the money with him..even bought a Mantainance contact with him to service it. I also thanked him for his Integrity and for explaining what was wrong where I could understand what he was talking about. He said to me.. I'm the company owner and demand the same for his office and field staff. If you care about your hard earned money and home as much as I do? I highly recommend using them. Clean work. .honesty. .and Integrity. .what I feel was fair prices. . Without hesitation.. I will use them in the future everytime.
By: Sandra G.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
Finally! Honesty, fair price, Quality & value! Purchased 2 units 12 years ago for a 2-story home. The company was referred by a friend (not a friend anymore). After about the 3rd year we started noticing a difference in their performance especially the larger unit that cools about 70% of the home. Started by calling them under a supposed warranty and poof they sold the business, no cigar. For 10 years, every year we called in some bozo from an a/c company to have a look and the same problem persisted year after year. We were given quotes to fix it from $1,300 to over $5,000. We were told by one tech we needed new systems. But, nobody could tell us exactly what was wrong and demanded our first born in exchange for a repair. Well, I found A-Tech on Home Advisor and thank you Home Advisor!! A-Tech showed up both times within the frames set. Brad came, had a look, immediately fixed the small unit and put 1 pound of coolant in the large unit to get us through until he could get a tech back for the repair. To do all this he charged me less than $200.00. He explained the exact issues with the larger unit. A crack/leak had developed, out of coolant and on initial installation failure to seal the unit on the bottom. So, for over 10 years this larger unit was blowing cold air all over my roof. This would explain our $500.00 a month plus power bills. The day of the work to be done, 2 of Brad's techs showed up on time and worked for approx. 3 hours. Jared was very nice and explained what he had done and the challenges to seal underneath the unit but that he had gotten it done. They didn't charge me extra. They stood by the estimate given by Brad. This big unit took approx 11 pounds of coolant. I am still amazed every time I think about it how reasonable it was for us to repair these 2 units. Cost us less than $800.00 total. I couldn't have purchased the coolant for this amount! Both units are working fine. They are keeping up and we are so very happy. At the time these repairs were made the temperature outside was 110 deg. and inside our home was 89 deg. Thank you so very much for being there Brad!!!!!!!!
By: Scott D.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
It's very refreshing and means a lot to find a company who is honest in Las Vegas. The owner Brad, and his Lead Service Man Jared, were very professional and treated us with respect. Jared and his helper (sorry can't remember his name, but was also a very nice man), were on time and went directly to work to see what the problem was. Yes, we realize our unit is older, but it still works and cools great. The problem was diagnosed quickly. Jared told us what the problem was, showed me the part, and quoted me a price. I agreed and they went got the new part came back and replaced it.. Quick, courteous, and done for less than $300. Quite different from another company who came to give us a quote. Nice crisp uniform and quite the talker/seller. Went up in the attic but never took anything apart. He then proceeded to tell me that they could band-aid it for about $1300, but he highly recommended we replace the entire unit for $7 to $15K. He pushed and pushed and was shown the door. I have already recommended A-Tech and will use them again when our unit eventually goes out. Very nice people running their family owned fabulous company.
By: Rei P.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
I'm a work from home mom with a 4 month old and a somewhat erratic schedule. As such, punctuality, efficiency, professionalism, and affordability are extremely important to me. Let's tackle one at a time. Punctuality: One of my biggest gripes with service calls is that the techs are *always* late. Not only was Jared on time, he was actually EARLY. Efficiency: My second biggest issue is that they show up (eventually), check to see what's wrong, then have to come back a second or third time to actually fix the problem. Jared had the part I needed right in his truck so we didn't have to schedule any follow up appointments. He came, fixed my unit, and left again all under an hour. Professionalism: The first two points tie into this, and as an added bonus, Jared was friendly. Affordability: The diagnostic fee was rolled into the price of the total repair, and at the time I called (not sure if this is ongoing) there was a 10% off deal through Yelp. My total ended up being considerably less than the quote I received from other companies. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs HVAC work done.
By: tommclane
A Vegas Valley Air Duct
I called all around finding most of these companies advertised as " air duct cleaners '" are actually carpet cleaners that are not really knowledgeable about air duct cleaning. Finally i found Vegas Valley Air Duct, they were the most knowledgeable and informative, additionally I found the were the only company around that has been in business a long time and the only one that actually explained exactly what they were going to do before the came to the home, and the price i received on the phone was the price I paid when the job was complete. They were also the only company willing to commit to a price on the phone. Once the came, there truck was clean and well marked with company name, and the guys were wearing clothing you would expect from a professional company. The job itself was as explained, the guys cleaned out every duct in the home as explained, and when they left the air was more pleasant with less dust I am breathing and feeling better. I will call them when I need this service again.
By: Keith B.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
In our specific case we knew that this replacement was needed so we took our time to get multiple bids for our heating and air conditioning system(s). After multiple conversations and evaluations (and internet look ups for things like what a SEER is) A-Tech was the selected partner for our project.The team at A-TECH are true professionals. Not only did they educate us during the bid process (thank you Brad), but the team on site was outstanding in handling the install of the units. (Not easy with the lovely way the house was built - sorry for the tight space guys.)Equipment replacements like this are not a small hit to anyone's budget and the A-TECH team seemed very respectful of that stress point. They ultimately left us feeling like we really did get value for the products and services we were purchasing from them.This is a company we have no reservations recommending to our friends and neighbors.
By: Ray M.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
Just purchased our first home and within weeks had the AC stop working. After talking to Brian, who answered the phone late at night on Memorial Day, and explaining the issue I was reassured that spending thousands on a new AC unit wasn't really going to be needed. The issue was actually just a capacitor I was able to fix myself but I still asked to have a tech come out and conduct maintenance and check my AC unit. I was given a scheduled time of 3-5 but Jared G showed up at 3:30 and was professional and polite. There was no none sense I've read online about techs trying to scam people into things they don't need. I felt comfortable asking questions and didn't feel like I was bothering him while he was working. If anyone comes to me and says they need heating and cooling help I'm definitely going to be sending them to A-Tech. Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up! Thank you!
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By: Robert B.
Dependable Aep & C
Not something you want to do is have a plumbing issue at 10pm at night. I called them and most of the guys on the west side and i live on east valley. They were there in about 45 min at 1030pm at night. Zack took the time to explain what was going on and how. They did a temp fix and in the morning were back with a crew and tore it out. It took only a day for them to fix and now i can flush my toliet with no worries. They were very professional and made sure to make it safe for the area and made sure my daughter didn't run into the area they were working. Well the two were finishing up the the job, he advised me on what I could do to some other parts of the house for preventive maintenance. We will deffently use this family own company again.
By: Danielle T.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
I really have nothing but good things to say about this company. I'm late in writing this review, but my A.C. Went out I. The middle of July. Anyone who's been in Vegas knows that having no A.C in the summer is an EMERGENCY. The owner, I think his name is Brad, really shows that he cares about his clients. He was there the same day I called and was extremely thorough with his work. He explained the issue, and gave me options about what could be done. I appreciated not being told that I had to purchase an entire unit as a definitive solution. Budget friendly, prompt service, and all done with a smile. If anything happens again, A Tech is the company I'll be calling. They're pretty cool! (Excuse the pun)
By: T C.
A-Tech Heating and Cooling LLC
After a dismal experience with other folks (Windy City and L & S), we decided to give this place a try. Needed 2 new AC units replaced and they gave us a reasonable price, checked the other units and did this all in a respectful, polite and competent manner. They answered all my hubby's questions and texts promptly and showed up on time. No hidden fees or surprises. Would definitely use them again.Brad (the owner) even showed up to check on the install, Luke and Antonio spent plenty of time to get the job done correctly and were so courteous. These guys are the real deal. No shortcuts, no used parts, no jerry-rigging of parts. Thank you guys!

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