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By: James G.
Green Care Lawn & Landscape
I just moved to the States from overseas and just bought my first house in America.. Exciting stuff. What wasn’t so exciting was living in an environment with 1,000 degree heat.  I needed a pool and a pool fast! Seeing as I didn’t know any reputable companies out here, so I hit up Google. A lot of companies out there, some of them with terrible reputations. Came across Greencare and went to their website. They apparently were in business for many years, worked with a lot of customers on a monthly basis, and had professionals installers and employees. Again, still being new in the country, still didn’t trust it so I called ‘em up to find out more. Talked to someone who gave me probably way more information than I probably needed. Ha ha. I got a price and a timeframe to finish up everything if I chose to go with them. Didn’t make a decision at the time. Decided to do some more research. A couple days later, I got a call from Greencare again to check in on me. I was pretty surprised by that. It’s not like they were trying to sell me, they really wanted to know what it would do to do the work for me. Decided to hire them after that. A couple days later, they came to install a pool and do a whole bunch of other things to make that happen. When they came over, everyone was friendly and professional. They had all these tools that I couldn’t even hope to understand what they were for. And they got to work. Now keep in mind that I work from home and told them that early on. Honestly, I didn’t hear a peep from them the entire time. Maybe they were working super quiet, I don’t know but I got a lot of work done with hardly no interruptions. They finished up right when they said they would. They cleaned up and left everything back to where it was. Then I got a call a day later to ask about how my experience was. Yeah, that was odd that they were taking all the time on me. (In the UK where I’m from, you don’t see this stuff.) Basically they wanted to make sure that everyone was good and if I was happy. Yep. I was. No more sweating through the ridiculous temperatures! Liked everything about the experience. When I finally meet people out here, I’ll let them know about Greencare. Thanks, guys!
By: Jamie E.
Green Care Lawn & Landscape
First off...Greencare did a wonderful job! I could not be happier, they were incredibly thorough. I built a pool, patio and landscaping with them. I do want to say…It turned my stomach to see negative reviews for in what my opinion is a decent company. If you read the negative reviews the issues these people refer to seem minor. Give me a break folks. Don’t go online and vent because these reviews last forever. Geez be reasonable…anyway my experience with Greencare is as follows.After weeks of research (pool building is a major project don’t expect instant results) extensive adjustments of designs from Greencare and one other pool contractor (forgot the name, like blue something), we went with Jeremy and Greencare because we liked the design we received at what we felt was the most bang for your buck. The pool was installed in October 2014.Prior to this pool we had another pool built. It was built in 99 and was made of white plaster (still looks good), sand filter and pop ups. We didn’t use Greencare and wish we would have. The pool is ok but the service during and after was night and day difference.I was very hesitant to sign up for pop ups again because we had a few issues. Anyways we went with pop ups, cartridge filter and let me tell you this is the cleanest looking pool of any pools I have seen....even some in travel magazines lol.Project was completed in time within parameters. I do want to add if you shop for a pool in the spring good luck I think that’s their crazy busy season as homeowners prepare for the hot season; early bird gets the worm in this business!While installing they had to change one area slightly but we did not feel it was a problem. Had a minor tile issue which they fixed and overall we feel it was a great job. Now if only we could make the water warmer so we could swim now!!...There are some frustrating decisions involving price, aesthetics, finishes, features, on any installation. It is BIG construction project but worth years of fun. Jeremy helped us make the right selections and working with Lorraine and John throughout the construction process was great! Thank you Greencare
By: Alexandria C.
Green Care Lawn & Landscape
First off, Greencare was GREAT!! This was my husband's 2nd house, but my first house so you can imagine how crazy I was to find a company to give me exactly what I wanted. I wanted my backyard to be a place that we could relax in. This backyard had to be perfect. It had to be a place where my mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, could be able to relax and enjoy her surroundings. This was very important to us. I myself am in the business industry so I know how people are more likely to leave a negative review more often than a positive one. I researched several different companies on yelp that had high ratings and low ratings. I picked out 3 different companies that stood out and my husband and I met with them several times so we could make the right decision. They were all great companies but only one stood out as the deciding factor for me. Jeremy with Greencare took it upon himself to ask if he could meet with my mother and ask her opinion of how she envisioned her paradise. I was sold right there. We decided to go with a pool, a patio cover and landscaping (which my mother had her ideas incorporated). The plans looked great and I was so excited to get this project going. It took a little longer than we thought to finish the backyard due to weather but we understood. Everything came out looking phenomenal. I can't believe that one day I was looking at dirt and now I can walk around on the nice looking pavers I picked out. I really have no complaints. A few plants had to be replaced but Greencare to care of it all. I have to apologize to Greencare for being a crazy woman during the process but I wanted this backyard to be perfect for us, especially for my mother. We have shade to relax in, an absolutely beautiful pool to cool off in and beautiful landscaping to look at every day. Our yard turned out exactly how we wanted it and I praise Jeremy and Greencare for making it happen for my family. Thank you Greencare!!!
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By: Xavier S.
Green Care Lawn & Landscape
My family and I recently relocated to Las Vegas from a very different climate. Basically, we needed a pool and spa, and based on the restrictions with our HOA, the specifications had to be precise. (Don’t want to be welcomed to the city with a fine.)We called around and sent e-mails to local companies. I got some interesting responses, some of which were downright unprofessional and called into question whether I’d even want the company working on my project. We chose to go to Greencare for a few reasons: 1) They responded professionally; 2) They had the most reasonable rates; and 3) They gave us a firm commitment on the work that would be done as well as the timeframe for delivery.They met all our expectations. They built the pool and spa to the letter. They kept us up-to-date throughout the entire process, but it was clear that they were trying to work as efficiently as possible. For example, they completed our plaster on a Monday, and shortly after, our pool was full of water! Woot woot!I can’t speak for the other reviews on this site. All I can say is that if Greencare had issues in the past, they must have resolved them, because our experience was professional through and through. They knew that I wasn’t a pro at any of this stuff, so when I had questions, they happily answered them. My wife is detail-oriented and needed to know exactly what was happening at all times. She worked with Lorraine, who answered every question and made it easy for us to do business with them.I suggest that you go to their Web site if you want to get in contact with them. I was able to do some research there and then send an e-mail. They responded the same day. (Get everything in writing!) Definite recommend.
By: Ryan C.
Ultimate Landscaping
Travis,On behalf of both my wife and myself, I want to sincerely thank you and your skilled team for the amazing transformation you performed on our yard in such an unbelievable timeframe! We absolutely, positively could not be more pleased with your work, nor could we be more impressed by you and your crew's expertise, professionalism and attention to detail. Dollar-for-dollar, we simply don't know how any landscaping company in Las Vegas can compete with Ultimate Landscaping when it comes to value and quality of work.The truth is, we had absolutely no idea how much TLC our yard needed until your crew first arrived for cleanup. The amount of work they completed during those first hours literally saved us 3-4 weekends of backbreaking labor. Plus, we took great comfort knowing that your crew knew exactly how to trim our trees and shrubs, as well as which should be removed.Beyond that, we greatly appreciate the fact that you and your team truly listened to us when we described our vision for our yard. It brings us great pride every time we walk our property and see our personal selections adorning our front and backyard spaces, and we are equally elated with the selections you and your team made. Without knowing the harsh desert landscape as you do, we would never have been able to find such beautiful and environmentally appropriate plants, nor would we have had any clue where to place them for optimal sunlight and/or shade. Thank you again for a job exceptionally well done!
By: matb46
An English Gardener Landscaping
Hi Mat B here from An English Gardener.In order to raise our profile, I will be requesting our clients to post reviews on how they feel about our work. It is important for me to let you know about both the quality of our work and our work ethic. These are genuine reviews with no coaching from me, happily!We love what we do and proudly put the job before the profit margin. It's not all about money in the end. Through our work we often make friends with our clients because we care that much. Service & attention to detail is everything to me and I won't rest until my client is happy.I am very much a hands on owner working right besides my employees. Not only do I communicate with my clients throughout a project, but I feel strongly in being proactive in pointing out issues I feel our clients should be aware of as they arise. A non functioning drip head may cost a client to lose a mature tree which could end up costing them hundreds to replace. If I see a problem, you'll know about it!Landscapes need constant attention both on the mechanics and vegetation especially here in the desert of Las Vegas. No matter who you use, just make sure they know what they are doing. Cheapest isn't always best...I've seen too many bad jobs to know that for a fact.I look forward to meeting you. More importantly, I want to earn your trust and your business. We install, we maintain, you enjoy!SincerelyMat B702 496 7326
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By: Russell C.
Green Care Lawn & Landscape
John from Green care worked with us to correct these issues and has been very helpful. I appreciate that they came through with repairs after my posts. updated 7/15/15I have been trying for over 1 month to get them to finish. Broken promise after broken promise. They will not respond to email. They respond to web site inquiries and I get promised that it will be taken care of and nothing. They are down the street making money on someone else but I have dead plants after being told by their "expert" the watering is fine which must be since the whole back yard it on one system and half the trees are alive and half not. Honestly, their work is ok but they have no control of their employees. The Lead guy whom they now “fired” spent more time trying to get me to hire him for other jobs around my house then doing his job. They had children show up on site one day. We asked them to leave so that set us back another half day. His extra activities must have been the reason he stood me up for 3 meetings for which I took off work. He could never be on time. My current list is dead trees, grass not properly installed and Box planter leaking dirt due to being constructed wrong, and oh yeah DEAD TREES AND PLANTS! I am truly disappointed in their customer service. This must be how they get out of the warranty... ignoring you for the whole 90 days!
By: lvlocal10
Pacific Landscape
Marc and his team did my entire backyard. He had to start with cleaning up another hack landscaper's mess that screwed me over and stole $3,000 from me. His team was professional and courteous and exceeded my expectations.They did everything from A-Z.Graded out my entire yard, put in a new drip system, new sprinkler system, edging for the grass as well as new sod. Over 6,000 lbs of gravel was put in and leveled out to look perfect! The weed barrier was installed with superb attention to detail and the new concrete poured patio looks amazing. I can now sit on my back patio, listen to the music from the speakers they installed and enjoy my morning coffee! I can't say anything but superb! That is my word for Marc and his team at Pacific Landscape. Unfortunately, Marc had the challenge of cleaning up the mess from another landscaper who took $3,000 from me and disappeared. Marc was able to work out an amazing price for me as well as my scheduled maintenance for my little piece of heaven that him and his team hand crafted. I can go on and on forever about how good they did, but his work speaks way better than I can. Not hiring Pacific Landscape to come in to handle your job would be the worst mistake of your life...
By: Maria S.
Green Care Lawn & Landscape
Greencare finished our Pool Build in April and we LOVE IT!!! This review is a little over due...As you can see I set my grotto with slide as my profile picture! We have had a wonderful time all summer with the slide! The kids have spent countless hours right here safe and sound at home in the back yard:) Pool contractors in Las Vegas sure have a bad name. When we were doing our research we couldn't find one without some negative horror stories so we kinda had to pick our poison I guess. Greencare certainly proved that dead wrong. Pool build had minor delays and hiccups but Greencare was always a phone call away. Steve the field manager was out several times and made sure we were kept informed. Lorraine the office manager is an absolute Gem and the designer who came out was Jeremy, he nailed it on the design as well as met our budget so we went for it and it was done in about 11 weeks!!! With the extent of what we did that was FAST! We will use Greencare again if ever needed to build a pool, patio cover or landscaping and we will and have already referred them. Thank you Greencare we are happy with everything! You guys are great over there! and girls;)
By: Brendan B.
Briza's Cleaning Services
This is the one! Since you are here looking for a cleaning service, rest assure the search is finally over. I have been using Briza’s Cleaning Service since August of 2012 and would not think of using another company. What makes Briza’s Cleaning Service valuable for me are TRUST and QUALITY. Trust is always important with any company that enters your home. Briza’s Cleaning Service instantly felt like “family” the first time I used their services. I have referred Briza’s Cleaning Service to many friends and they have been using her ever since. Quality is the key with Briza’s Cleaning Service and you get more than you pay for. When I first used their services I was amazed that an entire team of girls performed so much work in a relatively short amount of time. It was a simple, I could spend 7-8 hours cleaning myself or have an entire team of trained professionals knock out the same job in a relatively short amount of time. We all have busy schedules and value every small break we can get. Do yourself a favor and stop wasting your precious time trying to deep clean your home. Call Briza’s Cleaning Service and go enjoy life again!

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