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By: jerseyellie
Las Vegas Coin Laundry 2
This was once a great laundromat with great service, where someone would come out and help you bring in your wash. Now they have hired a new woman who seems to flirt more with the customers than doing her job. Very rude! When the boss shows up she slips into high gear, otherwise she talks constantly on her bluetooth and acts as if she is superior to the customers because they are using the laundromat. She actually was mopping the floor during a busy time when there were at least 18 people in the place and had a hissy fit when someone walked on the floor she just mopped. Why are you mopping when the place is full? Why not help the people that are struggling to get there laundry into the building, especially the older folks? The latino girls that worked in her were so much better and friendlier. The last straw was that the washer I went to use was half full of water and she had just got done polishing the top while on her phone of course, and never looked inside. When I mentioned this to her she had a fit and said there were other machines I could use! Jeez, just giving her an FYI. I have moved on to a much better laundromat. King Laundromat on DI. Same hours and cheaper prices and best of all, no attitude. Sorry for you Mr. Gatsby, she's losing you money.
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By: Cheri R.
Spin City Laundromat
This is a VERY clean, reasonably priced coin-operated laundromat. Our dryer died, so we found this place and use it regularly to do large amounts of laundry at once, comforters, or just to dry. The dryers are nice and hot - I can put 2 loads in 1 dryer, use 4 quarters, get 32 minutes of dry time - and the clothes are all dry! Plus the attendants are always nice and polite, asking if we need anything while they are sweeping or wiping machines down to keep it clean.
By: Paul R.
Paul's Washer & Dryer repair
My lg dryer would not heat i called Pauls Washer & Dryer Repair> I spoke to Paul he was very helpful over the phone gave me an idea what it could be. Paul came out the next day repaired the dryer i am very satisfied with his service experience
By: husband2
Paul's Washer & Dryer repair
My duet sport gas dryer would not heat, found paul he came out and found that a thermostate was bad. Paul came back installed the new dryer and also repaired a small gas leak. Paul's Washer and Dryer rules, ken from cententail hills
By: soozie123
Cora's Coin Laundry
Owner was very helpful, as with any laundromat you do the work but for 1 load it costs 1 dollar and to dry is the same, we walked from the MGM Grand and it only took 35 minutes walk the straight 1.6 miles along Tropicana toVons centre.
By: geneberg
Paul's Washer & Dryer repair
Oh no was doing laundry and my lg dryer stop working. I called Pauls washer & dryer repair. Paul came out the next day and installed a new thermostate & the dryer is working perfect. Thanks Pauls Washer & Dryer repair.
By: sondra718
Paul's Washer & Dryer repair
Hi my name is sondra i wrote a review for Paul's Washer & Dryer repair in north las vegas just wanted to say Paul's Washer & Dryer is very professional and for sure give him a chance to repair your washer or dryer.
By: Natalie M.
Wizard of Suds
When on vacation it's always a hassle to have to wash clothes but this laundromat was close to our hotel (Palms) & was connected to a convenience store so change & soap were easy to get.
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By: leah.allen.7140
Moore Sudz Coin Laundry
LOVE LOVE LOVE. One of the cleanest coin laundry mats I've ever seen. We stayed til closing and they literally cleaned insides every machine. Will definitely be going back.
By: runnerjules
Cora's Coin Laundry
Super place, clean, Manu machines and Vera helpful owner. Not expensive at all

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