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By: Mary B.
Crown Electric Tattoo Company
I have been to this shop more then once and have received 3 tattoos and a nose piercing. The first time I went in to have a cancer ribbon done in honor of my dad who is fighting renal cancer and was greeted by a very courtoues person who promptly took care of me and got in touch with an artist who did the tattoo exactly like I wanted. Since then I have been back to see them on two different occasions. I went on New Years eve with my husband and daughter and all 3 of us received awesome tattoos from there special and I received a nose piercing and none of us had any issues and our artist shop name is ugly. I then went back on valentines day to receive another tattoo and the same artist was there and did that one for me perfectly. I get nothing but compliments on all 3 of them plus my piercing. I have sent many people in to that location and none of them have issues and are very happy with the work they receive. Johnny has tattoo'ed a coworker of mine and she is going back for more work. I intend to have them do more work on me as well. Leyla did my piercing and it was awesome and both my daughters went in to get pierced, one had her tongue done and the other had a tragus done and neither one of them has had any issues and Lonnie is the one who did those. I can not say enough good things about this company and I look forward to more ink work done by Crown Electric Tattoo!!!
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By: Jody F.
Painless Wayne's Tattoo
I've been tattooed several times at several different places, but my recent trip to Vegas was another opportunity to get a new tattoo in a state I've never place. I happened to end up at Painless Wayne's tattos on one of the days he was running a special. The tattoo I got is positively the best one I've gotten in 20+ years of getting them, and the price I paid made me think they were joking. I've paid more for smaller tattos and the quality is second to none. Everyone was so friendly, the atmosphere was fun and exciting, definitely the best experience I've ever had, and the best quality tattoo by far. Wayne had me enguaged in a great conversation the whole 45 minutes and before I knew it, I had the best tattoo to date. So much so, I recommend him to friends that were going to Las Vegas the next week and I got phoned by them raving about their tattoos. I will definitely be going back to Vegas and one mandatory stop is to get another tattoo at Painless Wayne's Tattos. The quality, atmosphere and experience is the best I've ever had. Top notch experience all the way around. If your ever in Las Vegas, look no further than Wayne's for your tattoo, in my opinion, you can't beat the quality and they will make you feel right at home. 2 thumbs up, 5 star operation.
By: talinam
Pricz Tattoo Studio
If you're looking for a fancy sparkly tattoo shop with celebrity draw and in-and-out service, Pricz Tattoo Studio is not for you. However, if you're looking for an amazing piece of art created by talented individuals in a real tattoo studio rather than a pansy parlor, I highly recommend Pricz. The artists at Pricz take pride in their work. You're not just another few bucks in their pockets, you are a walking testament to their artistic talents and they go above and beyond to make sure you are very happy with your ink. They don't rush you in and out. They take their time with every piece they do. You've heard the saying "You get what you pay for."? This is so very true. At some "other" tattoo shops that I won't name, what you are paying for is the lame decor and the rental on their stations, etc. At Pricz, you are paying for your amazing ink, expertly done by very skilled artisans. And did I mention, their prices are even better than reasonable? They have done my ink for half as much as I have been quoted elsewhere. I honestly can't fathom having my work done by anyone other than Trae or Jo... they are not only awesomely cool people to be around, their work is truly amazing!
By: temcai
Pricz Tattoo Studio
I got my first ink at Pricz and can't imagine stepping foot into another shop. The owner Trae is a master at his craft. He is obsessed with his art and making it the best it can be as well as the shop. He isn't just a hack with a needle; he has been in the art for years and knows his tools, his technique, and is always looking to go farther and make what he does better. It's not just a job or even a career, it is his life. That shows in the shop as well, all of the artists that I have met there are top notch and high quality. The shop is very clean and well kept, the lighting is excellent and they have top of the line tools. Everyone is friendly without being a suckup. You get respect from the moment you walk in and my only regret is that I don't have more time and cash to spend there. This isn't some reality show shop or a chain store but it deserves all the rewards that those hack shops get.I send everyone I know down there and can't rave about the shop enough. Pricz is dedicated into expressing a combination of your vision and their art into something that you will be proud to show off today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. Why are you still reading this? Get down there!
By: Irma L.
Diversity Tattoo
I have gone to Diversity two times - the first time was at 2:00 in the morning and the dude cranked out an awesome tattoo with no notice... making it my own exactly what I wanted. The second time I gave Opi like 4 hours notice... the pricing was higher than expected but he did an exceptional job. Once again.. until like 3 in the morning. They pretty much shut down the shop for us on both occasions - I had like 10 people with us and 1/2 of them got tatted on pretty much no notice. So... these guys are awesome as far as I am concerned. When ur hammered... in Vegas... and want a tattoo - these guys just did it and were creative and still concerned that we would be happy. Both of my tats were intricate. The first one had a lighter hand then Opi - but so what.... no scarring.. little scabbing.... no whining... they were top notch. I think the guy that did my first tat was Charlie but I'm not sure - they were both old school style latina girls faces. Anyhow - I had a great experience and still need to go back and finish the one - but I have no complaints.. like I said.. a little pricey.. but come on.. 2 in the morning on the spot no notice and make it right... these guys are awesome!
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By: Marine P.
Painless Wayne's Tattoo
I read the response to my wifes post now this is kind of HILARIOUS that this is so blatantly different than what happened. Yes we came into the shop for a coverup tat...not covered btw... you (Wayne) stated one portrait for 300 but you would do the 2 for 500... we agreed ...I left and returned with 500 and only 500.... she had no cash there was no tip (lie). The vision was to bring two puppy portaits into a Yin Yang feel ( NOT DONE). Now I cannot speak for what happened at the shop during the tat but I do not think calling your children "window lickers " is appropriate... racial words ... I seriously doubt as I am a man of color and she is not. ( Not playing Honorably Wayne). Ahhh no there are no pills involved so conjecture on your part is wrong..... The facts are.... The coverup is not what was agreed upon... That is the issue..... Lies about clientle will catch up to you... quality work is all you should be worried about and this did not hit the mark of the vision....PWT Poor Waynes we have to fix a coverup that cannot be done... smh
By: Jeff H.
Pussykat Tattoo
Three Excellent Tattoos From Ron G?I was searching for a true professional artist for 15 years to have an old tattoo reworked and some new work done. I contacted Pussykat and Ron called me. I traveled cross country to meet Ron. He reworked the old tattoo and created an awesome piece to honor my father. His work was awesome and we had an immediate bond. I knew I'd be back. Six months later he created an unbelievable eagle and American Flag that looked real adn made this veteran proud. I get constant compliments about the piece. A year later I was back for another beautiful tiger on my forearm. The color and detail makes it look like it's going to jump off my arm. EVERYONE notices it and compliments me on the work. I'll be going back next summer with my son and getting him a new piece because I want it done right! Ron was awesome and made me feel at home. His work is professional, creative and artistic. I won't go to anyone else!!
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By: Wayne H.
Painless Wayne's Tattoo
this shop has been open for 14 years...this shop consistently does more tattoos than ANY OTHER shop in las vegas...this shop has the BEST health rating in see pictures of the work go to painless waynes tattoo/facebookAND LOOK FOR YOURSELF ...customer service is our number one priority and were are one of the FEW shops in vegas that never has to go to review pages and post false reviews about the other shops in town because the work speaks for itself....the artists have over 45 year experience combined and have pride in the work the shop and our art. there are some reviews here that are blatant lies both from other tattoo shops as well as people who have nothing to do with our tattoo shop and have thier own agenda but we are the 3rd oldest shop in vegas now and we do more biz than any one else for a reason/ painless wayne owner/operator painless waynes tattoo and body piercing
By: jessram
Chrome Gypsy Tattoo
I recently went to Chrome Gypsy Tattoo for my daughter’s nose piercing and a tattoo for myself. At first glance this place may seem like a dive shop, however, I was extremely impressed with the hospitality of the staff and the quality of the service. Dras is very knowledgeable when it comes to piercings and proper care of them. He even explained the importance of placement in regards to symmetry and facial features. In my 14 years of getting tattoos and my several pieces of “ink” Osker has BY FAR been the best artist I have worked with and his tattoo is hands down the best one yet. Not only am I going to return for future work, but I WILL GLADLY send my family and friends there (some of which have already booked flights from out of state just based off of my latest photos!!). Totally satisfied customer!! Definitely worth it!!
By: farahpayton
Tattoo Heaven
My husband and I were in Vegas on vacation, and decided to stop in Tattoo Heaven for a few minutes. I'd wanted to cover up a tat I'd gotten when I was very young and had hated for years, and the guy there was very helpful. I explained what I wanted done, and he was very patient in helping me find exactly what I needed. He even came in on his day off (the next day) to do my tat for me because he was so excited about the design we had chosen. He did an amazing job and was so much fun! We were there for almost 4 hours, and Cliff kept us laughing the whole time. I highly recommend Cliff, the tattoo artist that did my ink, and the entire staff at Tattoo Heaven. They were all very friendly and made my first trip to Vegas very memorable and fun! Thanks guys!! :)

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