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By: ajwalker
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
I read the previous negative reviews and I couldn't disagree more. I have an infant in their infant room and a 3yr old in the early preschool room. We have been going to this school since my 3 yr old was a toddler. I've never seen any issues with the ratio in the infant room or the early preschool room. The infant teachers are great! They usually have about 6 babies with 2 caregivers daily.. the teachers listen to what I want as a parent and they keep my son on the schedule I made for them. I like that the room is shoe free and each baby has their own crib. i dont like sharing baby cribs.. Ms Shawna is very loving to all the babies. I get detailed reports everyday which is great! They also have a phone in the room so I can call the main office and ask to talk to the teacher if I want to check in on my baby. They also have the web cams that grandma in CA watches all the time. My daughter in the early preschool is learning so much! She can write a good amount of letters and numbers. She also is learning Spanish and sign language in her class too! There's maybe 18 to 20 kids in her class with 2 teachers. The teachers have the class in a routine and the kids listen! The girls in the office are also great. They always take time to say hello to us. they are always smiling and so helpful if we need anything. When I picked up my kids last week, they asked me to fill out a survey and let me know they are going through the national accreditation process which is a huge plus in my book! Overall amazing preschool!
By: porschealexis
Kids First Neighborhood Childcare
I absolutely LOVE this place. The Staff is AMAZING. You can clearly see that they love their jobs. I also love all of the security measures they have including typing your own individual code at the front of the daycare to gain access to the children. In this world, all of the security measures they have in place are very comforting. I have a 2 and a half year old and a 4 yr old. We've been going there for about 3 years and my daughters LOVE this place. The school has great curriculum and they serve healthy meals and snacks. My oldest just turned 4 last month and by 3 and a half, she knew all of her letters, colors, shapes and how to write her name. She constantly surprises me with the things she knows. They also do a GREAT job with potty training. Both my girls were potty trained by 22 months. I have no complaints at all. Everything about them is great. I could go on and on about the things I love about them, but I'll stop now. All I can say is you WILL NOT be disappointed if you take your children here.
By: rydewitmescooters
Torrey Pines KinderCare
Had you asked me 2 wks ago I wouldve said they are best. I cant say that anymore. My son was pushed by another kid there causing him to have to have his 2 front teeth removed. Yes they called me and told me, but no nothing was done. The director says she feels she did enough because the other kid went home for half a day and his parent put him in therapy. I understand they are just kids but when it comes down to what happened and the severity of it, something shoudlve been done. I would say if you enroll your child please make sure you know that if something like this happens nothing will be done. While my son sits at home not able to close his mouth the other child is at daycare/school. I GIVE 2 STARS BECAUSE THIS FACILITY WAS ONCE A NICE AND SAFE PLACE FOR MY SON TO GO.
By: natalya.marusich.7
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
I've been on and off with Southern Highlands for 1.5. It was bearable more or less when Kim (administrator) was there, but since she has left over 2 months ago, I took him out of the it completely as it because impossible to work with the front administrators - rude, unconcerned, clueless, change their prices, forget things, try to overcharge, inflexible. There is an amazing teaching for kids up to 2 yrs old, Daniella, who truly has been the highlight and we enjoyed her approach and care, but now that my son is over 2 yrs old he is supposed to be in a larger group with too high teacher / student ratio and really awful teachers there. Yes, I would say STAY AWAY from this place. MAnagement is horrific!!!
By: powerout2k
Las Vegas Day School
I toured and subsequently enrolled my child in Las Vegas Day School. The environment is warm, caring and compassionate starting with the Admissions Director to the teachers, aides and administration. As the school year went on and different issues naturally occurred all of my initial feelings were confirmed in a positive manner. Concerns or questions are answered promptly and the school is extremely fair with disciplinary and academic expectations despite being a very challenging program. Parents looking at private schools should tour those schools to really know what they are all about. At LVDS what you see and feel is what you get.
By: Sydney S.
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
Kidz preschool encapsulates what it means to be a loving, family-oriented, responsible daycare center. They put the needs of their kids and their families above anything else. The Kidz team is dedicated to each and every family. It's not just about getting the kids through the day here- it is about taking the time to develop little people. They focus not only on early childhood education, but also on ensuring the kids are respectful, kind, and happy. Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool is a great school & an amazing place to send your little ones.
By: Jayc C.
Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool
My kids attend the Catus & Decatur location and love there teachers. If I ever have a concern I know that they will address is ASAP. We've been attending her since my child was 1 years old and my son is about to be 3 and my little girl will be going on 2. The teachers here are very friendly and you can tell that they care for the children, not like some other centers I have been too. They make me feel secure and comfortable to leave my children here.
By: britney.ditto
Tinker Town Learn & Play Center
I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old that have been going to Tinker Town for 9 months now and this place is incredible for kids of all ages! My son who is 4 was not able to communicate well with anyone and NOW EVERYONE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT HES SAYING. . .NOT JUST ME!!! They have also been so aswsome at helping me with potty training my baby girl (who just turned two last month) A BIG thank you to ALL the teachers!
By: Abel B.
Kids Garden Learning Academy
My wife is an employee at Kids Garden and she loves working there!!!! She looks forward to work everyday and has fun with the class. "The Staff of Kids Garden are super and very nice including the director", she said. We come to appreciate the work and effort in having a nice preschool that parents and employees can enjoy. If you have children, don't hesitate in enrolling at Kids Garden.
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By: jennyo311
Gymboree Play and Music
A comfortable environment and fun for the little ones and parents. Very interactive bond with children and parents, a social environment with other children, the teachers are more then qualified and talented to work with parents and children. Child development programs and educational activities. Very great place to bring your children, where you can watch your child grow.

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