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By: merrywhitney
I ordered togo here, near closing time, I got the beef noodle soup, and the beef snow peas, the noodles in the beef noodle soup made me want to vomit the 1st bite I had of them, then the beef snow peas, where not great to me, as in not worth eating. It wasn't good @ all, the snow peas where hard, and not cooked @ all, n the beef was okay. Don't think I will order a beef dish again tho. I saved the boxes of food and put them in a bag, cause this place is close to where I live, I was just going to go back by in the morning and get a exchange since I didn't eat hardly any of the food. Then the manager said they don't do exchanges. That pissed me off. She said they only do exchanges if it made you sick, but I didn't say it made me sick @ 1st I just came in and said I came by last night late and ordered this food and I didn't like it. What I ment by I didn't like it was it made me sick, well the noodles did, not the beef snow peas, I just didn't want to eat it cause I'd rather have something I would enjoy eating. Then when I said the noodle soup did make me sick so said no, your changing your story now. If you go anywhere else, and you order a dish and don't like it, or take a bite and you don't want to eat it, they are suppose to give you something you do like, or let you order something else to the value of what you ordered before. This place just was a disappointment, the customer serves was not satisfying, they wouldn't replace my food w. other food to the value of what I ordered before. which was 12$ or so. I was going to get the veg bok choy, you can't mess up stir frying veggies, and I like veggies. She didn't not just replace my food, she also called me a lier and I'm not a lier. The noodles in the soup right when they got in my mouth I wanted to vomit only the broth was edible. The good parts of this place is it's pretty cheap & they give you larger portions then other places. The bok choy is really good here, I have had the boy choy and beef here, and I ate all the bok choy, and the pot stickers are good here to. The only diff between the 2 are pot stickers are fried, and the steamed dumplings are steamed. Or thats what the guy said who worked there, but I had the fried ones, and they are bigger sized dumplings then the steamed dumplings. The steamed ones have the thinner wrapper and I like the thick wrap on dumplings better then the thinner ones. The egg rolls here are pretty good, not great but good. I guess I am just use to better customer serves I'm from Texas, n not just that, when I am working I give better customer serves. My mother owns a restaurant and I gave good customer serves. I noticed in Vegas they don't give as great customer serves as I gave when I work, not just in the restaurant industry, but any other job I work. I just think if the customer is asking something doable, or reasonable, it should be done, cause I enjoy keeping my customers happy and coming back, n I would want the same serves returned to me if I was a customer, I treat them like I would want to be treated. The golden rule, guess I am the only one who follows that anymore. I'm sure I will come back here I just won't order the beef noodle soup, and if I ever do order something I don't like I know I won't be getting my moneys worth back. It's a okay place. could improve on customer serves but so could alot of place in Vegas in my opinion.
By: Aida A.
Buffet at Asia
I happened to have a different experience. My friend and I enjoyed our visit yesterday. They have a lot of items on the menu with some shrimps, oysters, and sushi for $6.99 plus drink ($1,29) if you wish, or you can just ask for water. That's not bad at all as compared to other buffet in town. One thing I noticed is that they only give you a fork; no knife or spoon. I believe that they are getting better, especially to think that Dragon Beffet (across the street) has shut down. I've seen others eating ice cream with a plastic spoon. As far as customer service is concerned, they need to learn "service with a smile" -which is very important in such a business. I believe they will improve with time if they are reading these reviews.
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By: Terra B.
China Hot Wok
We have tried various Chinese delivery places and never found one we were happy with until now. The food is amazing! The portions are so generous that after we finished our meals, it doesn't look like we but a dent in the food. We had our food delivered and they had thrown in so many complementary items, that we could have just eaten them and been stuffed! Everything was fresh and homemade. The fried items were not even greasy! Sorry for rambling, but I cannot say enough about this place :) Will definately be ordering from them again, and again!
By: Taylor Q.
Bacchanal Buffet
The food here was very good. 5 stars for sure. The PRESENTATIONS ALONE ARE WORTH GOING. Several individual portions so you don't over do it and Sooooo many options it is impossible to try everything. This Buffet has everything. If you are going in a group be sure to arrive together. If your group is large they will charge additional gratuity. Also, we had asked for more Champagne and our waitress said they were out... how is Caesars Palace out of Champagne for their champagne brunch?? She managed to find another bottle. Whew.
By: First lady of W.
Golden Flower Chinese Cuisine
I'm very disappointed in the second time ordering shrimp fried rice and coming home and finding out it's not shrimp fried rice. They gave me the house special reminding I have told them I do not want pork in my rice going up there two separate times for the same order and for my order to be messed up twice, I have to say I'm no longer will be giving my service to them..
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By: rashon.gittis
Ping Pang Pong
The dim sum here is actually very good... too bad it's located in sort of a dumpy looking hotel. This place still does attract quite a large crowd of folks that line up and wait. Prices are pretty standard dim sum prices which means lots of food to feed lots of people for under $100! Best deal in the casino!!! :)
By: hoodler
Pearl Wok To Go
I order from this place all the time and they never fail to impress me with how quick they get my food here - AND they don't charge for delivery.Beef fried rice, mongolian beef, and crab cheese wontons are a staple and it's always fantastic. I guess there's a reason they keep getting 'Best of Las Vegas'.
By: Judy T.
China One
Never order online. They do not ready special comments so orders are always incorrect. Driver has very poor customer service. If you get an order wrong you can give up hope getting it corrected. Food is great if you can get what you ordered. Young ladies in the store are great driver is horrible.
By: aticsay
Noodle Asia
The won ton soup was pretty good. The kung pao has a tasty sauce, but contains no veggies aside from a few small pieces of onion, so it seemed a bit lacking. Service was very friendly. Price is a tad high for what it is, but still a decent value, and they're conveniently open late, until 3am.
By: Carol Y.
Golden China
I just got thru eating chinese food from Golden China and I have to say it was the best Chinese I've has in a long time . The food was great the price was right and the delivery was so quick I couldn't believe it This is my new go to Chinese resturant Yummmmm

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