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By: Amanda M.
The Auto Port
The people are amazing will bend over backwards for you great deals cars so clean excellent customer service thank you AUTO PORT!!!
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By: Jess D.
Universal Motor Plus
I found the car I had wanted for awhile. A 2008 Jetta. It was a nice car, and drove smoothly. I wish I would've had my mechanic check it out for problems though. Three weeks after I purchased this car for almost six thousand, the engine blew. Now, I'm stuck with a bill of 1900$ to fix this car. The man who sold it to me didn't know "anything" about the car and did not have papers on it. I am sad I did not have this car checked out or else I would have not bought it. So beware of the cars here. They sell them when they have been in wrecks and have not been fixed.
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By: Vee M.
Toy Store
Owner is narcissistic and egotistical. He maybe confused and thinks he owns a Ferrari dealership. Also hear many stories of odometer rolling. Beware of this guy.
By: David W.
Dealer Direct Purchasing
I really like Dealer Direct purchasing. I received a offer on my car from CarMax and Kyle from Dealer Direct beat it by 10% within 1 day. What a great concept. Thanks because I was able to buy my Lexus within 36 hours of getting a better offer, Thanks Dealer Direct
By: leon.spargo
Donny Mills Auto Sales
This seller told me that they only sell quality used vehicles. The truck they sold me didn't have a spare tire, and one of the tires had cracked sidewalls where the ply stock was showing. They said nothing and let me drive away knowing I had a 100 miles to go. Less than 200 miles later, I had tohave the transmission completely rebuilt, new "U" joints put in, and the rearend repaired for a total cost of $3, 073. They are nothing short of crooks. Liars. And thieves.
By: classicmotorcarmass
Speedster Motor Car Company
By: runawayfromautosbest
Auto's Best
run from these awful guys , they epitomize what a scamming used cars salesman are!!!! i feel like the biggest fool on earth. i paid top dollar for a vehicle that i thought id be able to drive for years to come. only....6 thousand miles later and over 7thousand dollars , it blew up .i put 5grand down and paid every month on time and they did nothing to help once the engine blew up . they clained they didnt make any money on the vehicle and didnt have a way to allow me to cont paying if they had fixed it. . BEWARE OF THESE . NO GOOD GUYS. oh they'll hook line and sinker you if they can. they sure did me. SHADY SHADY SHADY PLACE !!!!!! CROOKS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! not even worth a star rating.
By: donotbilkme
Gulf Coast Auto Mart Inc
A minus 5 star rating would be appropriate for these thieves! They financed a car for a horrible person who used their 95 year old grandmother's name AND money to put down on it. She was never present nor signed anything in their presence so they took forged paperwork and a charge card with her name on it as monthly payments. When confronted about the situation they said that they would take any credit card that anyone handed them! Also had no defense for having a loan agreement brought in signed (forged). Have the conversations on tape! So I guess if you want to rip someone off by forging documents they would have no problems with obliging you as long as they get money in their hands! Scum of the earth!!!!!
By: lsnslrnd
Donny Mills Auto Sales
Don't waste your time, energy or money. The Olds Aurora advertised 'a pristine interior'. I looked inside. This must be some strange, new definition of pristine with which I have not yet become accustomed to. It smelled like burnt oil with mildew thrown in for extra punch! When I went to the sales person to start the car up so we could hear it run. My husband and I are both disabled, so we had our service dogs with us. One weighs 9lbs and the other weighs 5 lbs. The salesman said, "no dogs" in the cars. My husband explained that the dogs were like medical equiptment, not pets. He said I'll check with my insurance man tomorrow. Come back then. Let's see, he gets a ZERO on the service dog thing. That's one federal law broken times two dogs. Then there's the second federal law broken by refusing access to the car because of our disability and need for a service animal. I'll post again when I've finished reporting Donnie Mills' crimes to the feds.
By: disciple25
Donny Mills Auto Sales
DONT SHOP HERE! I bought a 2003 Ford Taurus and was lied to by the salesman, Heath, who looked me in the eye, said he was a Christian and that he would not lie to me. He assured me that his mechanic checks out all the cars and that they would not sell anything that was not in good shape. He swore to me, after I said the brakes felt a little off, that his mechanic checks all the brakes and will replace them before putting them on the lot if they have less than half life. Well, either he is lying or his mechanic is because the SAME night I bought the car I took it to the mechanic and they found that the brake pads only had 3mm left on them (new ones have 12mm. Last I checked, 3 is way less than half of 12). The rotors were shot and had to be replaced and the drums needed maintenance. Total cost (with the mechanic taking pity on me and giving me a $177 discount) was $350.00. During the work on the brakes, they checked out the rest of the car to see if it was mechanically sound. Well, the oil pan is not only leaking, but someone tried to hide that fact by putting silicone over the bolt holes (hiding the fact that they stripped the bolts). Also, the transmission pan is leaking and so is the power steering pump. Not normal seepage, like Heath tried to say when I called, but leaking. Total quote to fix these problems (including having to retap and thread the bolt holes): over $600. Heath also told me the tires were good. Well, the day after I bought the car the front drivers side tire went flat. Took it to get looked at, found out it was dry rotted. . Cost for new tires: $492.When I called Heath the next day to express my displeasure, after having to be towed in to a tire shop for new tires and their mechanic told me all the same things, was that I bought a used car, what do I expect? He said the only way he would reimburse me for the brakes was if I brought in all the old parts to "prove" they were faulty because, according to him, there was no way they were bad. Never mind the fact that the mechanic SHOWED me they were bad and how bad the pads were worn down. Well, as everyone knows, which mean as HEATH knows, the mechanic shops don't separate and hold on to your parts in case you need them the next day. It is impossible to get the old parts to prove they were bad, so I am screwed on that. All I can say in summary is DON'T SHOP HERE! They will screw you over. You think you are getting a good deal, but after all the repairs you put in, you will have overpaid for your car.

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