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By: shellita
Salon West Walsingham
Salon West is the premier salon in Pinellas County. It's where you go when you want to feel welcome, pampered, with the best professionals for any service you may desire. I've been going there for years, and I have to say that no other salon comes close when it comes to consistency and results. I've been with Heather for years and going in is always a treat for me.Although the salons themselves are very posh and lovely, this is not a snob salon. Everytime I come in, I am greeting by a smiling face and offered something to drink. The staff is exceptionally warm and welcoming. This salon is for anybody who desires superior service and professionalism without the snob factor.As to the services themselves...I LOVE getting my hair done there. I've been with Heather for years. Her expertise in color is amazing, the results always look fantastic. The cuts are perfect, but they have no problem if something is not to your liking...for instance if you want to come right in again to say, adjust a bang length, this is not a problem, they are happy to make it right. I've also had terrific massages, facials, and pedicures there. Everyone is a real pleasure to deal with, and I can only attribute this to their training method and work ethic. When you come in here, these people know what they are doing. It's an easy decision. Go, relax, enjoy the atmosphere and friendliness, let the Salon West staff works it's magic, and voila, you leave gorgeous. What's not to love? 5 Stars!!
By: jcardi66
Elkae Salon
In someways, I feel like I don't want to share my FAVORITE hairstylist because shes a DIAMOND, but because she deserves the PRAISE I must say Leah is INCREDIBLE. I get my hair designed by her 2-3 times per year and she's never given me a cut I didn't LOVE. She has been doing my daughter's hair for a long time (longer than mine), and I can be assured that my hair won't look too much like hers (we are two women who tend to have similar styles and sometimes have to try to be UNIQUE). The last haircut I received, I had so many COMPLIMENTS on it, it was kind of crazy.I recently had a Global Keratin Treatment and my hair washed & styled for a very special event (my 40th anniversary!!!) and Leah did a great job getting it silky smooth. My hair was PERFECT all night, and looked AMAZING in all my photos. These will be great MEMORIES for years to come. My hair still looks amazing, I wonder what Leah's SECRET is?
By: newtolargo
Elkae Salon
Since Im new to the LARGO area...it has been challenging to "find" my new hair stylist. After a year of trying different stylists /different salons..I finally FOUND MY GIRL! I went prepared...had pictures of the colors I liked, and pictures of many styles I liked...and then I left it up to Leah! (while crossing my fingers). Leah went to work...and I walked out with the BEST color and BEST highlights (Im blonde..which is challenging for most stylist to get the exact shade/highlights for a blonde and for my skin tone) Ive ever had. The cut....also.perfect.! LEAH IS BY FAR ONE OF THE MOST TELENTED STYLIST iVE FOUND..EVER!.This post has been written by a very satisfied new customer. .NOT by a relative,or friend. I would recommend Leah to everyone..she is great!! P.S. Her prices are also resonable compared to other salons
By: kittykaty
Elkae Salon
The best PERSONALIZED color & cut I have EVER been given. Leah is a FABULOUS hair artist. Can anyone say "HAIR WHISPERER"? I walked into Elkae Salon to see 4 stylists laughing and having a goo time and immediately felt at ease in this salon. The stylists ARE very good at their craft. There was a variey of age groups present this day and was once again assured by the lead stylist that everyone was classically trained in their craft. The laughter and great music just seemed so contagious that day. I had a great time.The price was very competitive to the skill sets aquired by all the stylists especially compared to the other salons in the area. I received a COMPLIMENT by another client of this salon as I wAs leaving...and from a total stranger!!! CLIENT FOR LIFE!!!!!
By: ashley66s
Elkae Salon
I just got a TERRIFIC haircut & style from Leah at Elkae Salon. I was a little skeptical; I've been going to the same stylist for years but wanted a change and Leah spent a considerable amount of time asking me clear questions what I wanted, how I usually wear my hair for various occasions, and what my VISION was for how I'd like to wear it differently in the future. Based soley on my input, she gave me VALUABLE advice about the best way to cut & style my hair. She SUCEEDED at giving me exactly the kind of new look I DESIRED. I am EXCITED about my new hairstyle. I feel completely RELAXED, extremely PLEASED with Leah at Elkae Salon.
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By: Shelley H.
Randy Roberts
I have been to many salons in my life, and have never found such an excellent salon that provides all types of care (skin, nails, coloring ect.). All of the beauty provide's are what I consider artist in their field. I have thin hair that is almost impossible to cut into a style that actually comes out looking like the style I was seeking, but Anellya (sp?, my hairstylist), is the most amazing cosmotolgist I have ever had the please of having cut my hair. After going to Randy Roberts Salon, I have never been to anyone elses again, and I have a sister that is excellent, and wil do it for free. Honestly, that's how good of a salon this place is.
By: Marissa E.
Elkae Salon
I absolutely love Elkae salon and will not go anywhere else. Leah has been doing my hair for over 8 years and let me tell you she has worked magic. When I first came to see her my hair was beyond distressed broken above my shoulders from bleaching my own hair for years. She has revived my hair and it's longer and it's healthier then it's ever been. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Leah she is amazing and by far the best hairstylist in Tampa bay.
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By: Huy H.
Clip & Cut Salon
I've always wanted a fade that looks natural. I have very thick hair and almost every place likes to take thinning sheers to my hair, and after I would have that almost corn row like look because you can see my scalp. But not here, no thinning sheers and faded my hair with a natural look. I'm happy with my haircut and that it's very low maintenance so I only spend two minutes on it getting ready in the morning. This place has my vote.
By: bvanharen
Elkae Salon
Leah, at Elkae Salon IS the best! Elkae Salon has a great atmosphere: active but not overbearing. And best of all, it has great stylists like Leah. Leah has the ability to see not only what might look good on me, but also what suits me as a person. She started designing my new style about 3 years ago, and I waS HOOKED. I trust her absolutely, knowing that her instincts are good and her styling skills are GREAT!
By: grace.hair.designer
Vitality Salon and Spa
LOVE IT HERE!!!!!! I have had my mother (former hairstylist) do my hair for the last 23 years and when i came in to this clean great atmosphere....i fell in love the girls they are so sweet and funny and i saw some of their work on their web page !!wow!!.... heather did my hair and i walked out glowing i am so extatic to tell everyone about this place!!!!!!!! i will follow Vitality anywhere!!!

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