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By: Lundy S.
Jumpin Jax
The owner walks around screaming at the children! When I confronted him about scaring my 7 year old by screaming at a group of children, he became biligerant with me. Telling me that "This was not a daycare and to watch my child". I was 5 feet from her, watching her.....hence how I seen her start to cry from his screaming. I went on to explain that his actions were intolerable and he should know better as a business owner! He then walked up nose to nose with me (I am a 5'2" female) in a threatening manner and told me to get out! The two families next to me said that this was his normal character, being rude to children and parents. I for one will NEVER spend another dollar in a place where my child is intentionally victimized! We have just as much fun at District 5. I hope parents who read this think twice about going here.
By: Melisa H.
Jumpin Jax
ad an absolute blast! The staff was amazing ,Let me clear this up for everybody. This place is clean, organized, safe and above all, FUN.Really a 5.5 star to the staff and management ,. The kids loved it great for adults too very nice lobby and free internet ,I can assure you that we will be back! and let our friends and family know about this plac
By: Robert S.
R & K Market
Absolute worst liquor store I have been to. Incredibly dirty and VERY over priced. Pretty sure they're not carding anyone who goes in there which would explain why it is so busy every time I drive past it
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By: david6951
Fairfax Apartments
I lived here 5 or 6 years had great neighbors but the maintenance was horrible. specifically the middle-aged Mexican man that liked to intimidate some of the older residents. He was incredibly rude too. that was mainly the reason I got out, but leaving wasn't as easy as it appears. I was building a home and when my lease ended and I knew I still had 4 months before it would be done I signed a six month lease because month to month was outrageously priced. and that's just what I did moved out with 2 months on my lease, they knew all along when my lease ended I was done but come 2 weeks till the end of my lease they tell me you have to give written notice even though my lease is up and charge me some outrageous monthly amount for the next 30 days. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They emphasize soundproofing in their buildings but yet it sounds like a tornado is coming into your apartment everytime someone flushes the toilet
By: Tyler C.
Beneicke Group Rentals
The Beneicke group was incredibly helpful and professional in helping us find a rental home that was perfect for us. After a few bad experiences elsewhere in Lansing we were very pleased to deal with such professionals. Their attention to detail and the cleanliness of the property were unparalleled in our search. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an apartment or rental home in the Lansing/East Lansing area.
By: B B.
Rainbow Party Store
Great selection of beer & liquor.
By: Brian N.
EZ Mart
Wow I was just legally stolen from. A cashier from e-z mart on east jolly rd rung up my items wrong. The total was 62... and they charged me 82 and I went in three times and including the Saturday following the transaction. They gave me the managers number and I called twice and left voice mails and left my number and after 2 weeks he got a hold of me. but the manager cant find the receipt so he wont pay my money. i didn't get a receipt but i have the transaction on my card as proof. The manager tried to tell me my story changed three times. We only spoke once before. I tried calling the police and they said its a civil suit and you know something its 20 bucks but its called integrity. What kind of policy goes if you dont report within a wk and a half of the transaction (which i did the following day) that you would not receive your money because he cant find the receipt. I have the the debit card history to prove it.
By: brandon.rappe
Walmart Supercenter
Just broght home a mini watermellon and its rotten so i call now they want me to bring reciept and rotten mellon to the service desk and i can get a new one needless to say just dont biy produce stick to box items only i wouldnt even risk frozen stuff (ive had things that wernt when they should be)
By: sire1031
Devonshire On Canal
I lived at Devonshire for 3 years, I payed my rent on time every month and I was a decent tenant. The whole time living here was horrible. the leasing manager Cathy was very rude to me! when it came time to finally move out, I was told that I would not be getting my security deposit back. When I went down to the office to speak with Cathy about not getting my deposit back, she was very rude, and short with me! If you are thinking about moving to Devonshire on canal, I would think twice about it! Office staff is rude, the apartments are run down, and the property is trashy! Stay away! You will get robbed!
By: smilecme
Oak Park Village Apartments
Please read before renting from this place. Then run like Hell. You have been warned.
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