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By: Roxy H.
Before the remodeling, my family avoided this store. Everything you hated about large stores was wrapped up in a filthy package staffed with people who behaved with the same morale as someone sentenced to community service: not much. But, since the three year? remodel wrapped up, we have been pleasantly surprised with the new look, feel and attitude. The produce is better, the organization is better, the staff is better. The lines for the cashiers aren't too long but I prefer the u-scans anyhow. I'm tech savvy and can get through and on my way pretty fast. My favorite upgrade? They now have machines in the produce section that render a label with a barcode on it. The register knows exactly what you have in your produce bag because of that label. It makes check outs super fast, especially for our family because we eat a lot of produce. I also love the price check posts all around the store. If for some reason an item isn't clearly marked, you can scan the barcode and the current price will pop up. And above those little price checkers, there is a red phone. If you pick it up, it rings to a staff member's phone. You can get a quick answer for anything you need or if you prefer, you can have someone meet you wherever you are in the store within moments. It's also easier than ever to use coupons and/or bottle return slips while shopping. I use my free MPerks card every time I shop. I can go online or access the app on my phone to see at a glance, which coupons and deals are available; as well as, view all my receipts and my total savings this year. The only negatives I've experienced is in a store this large, surely tiled diagonal aisles coming from each corner and converging in the center isn't an awful idea. It would cut down congestion and commute time from one end of the store to the other. As it stands, it takes more than fifteen minutes of weaving through areas to get from one corner to another, which is pretty annoying if I'm grocery shopping and forgot something in the pharmaceutical section. Also, I hate this parking lot. Not necessarily the spaces or cart corrals but the areas on which we're to drive have blind spots and not enough stop signs. People drive like idiots through and around this lot. Honestly, you all have the power to change that. It won't look good if someone were to ever get clipped by a driver in your lot. Besides that, I'm happy happy happy with all the changes! This store is gorgeous!
By: faith.cjal
Apple Market
Great neighborhood market. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They have great ground beef. Only one comment. I use to eat a lot of their boasted chicken, but in the last year there chicken does not appear to be very well cleaned as it has a lot of blood left in the vains. Yuk
By: john.velten.5
Sav-Way Food Centers
Great Place Highly Recommend! Cheap Beer and Cigarette Prices. Friendly People Good Service! ...........................................................................................
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By: Shamani R.
Don Pancho Market
La mejor tienda mexicana en Lansing! Tienen todo que necesitó ahí, y los precios son grandes! Es mi tienda favorita!!
By: Patricia E.
Don Pancho Market
The marinated steak and chicken made some of the best fajitas I've had and the guacamole IS the best I've had!!
By: da_kraken
Llb Asian Market
Very friendly and helpful staff

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