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By: Wayne francis J.
best food & service! Nothing like any other fast food place,they have got to be the best fast food in the county easy.Thank you all who work there, you rock!
By: Reds M.
I will never go to this McDonald's again.The manager is very disrespectful and rude.I had a very bad experience I talk to corporate about and can u believe they send me a coupon for a free Mccafe which I don't even drink.Never go to this McDonald's if u want to be treated like a good customer.��������
By: Rosaria L.
I JUST HAD THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I went through the drive thru on tonight October 28, 2015. Both lines of the drive thru were backed up. I ordered a Chicken Nugget Meal medium, no sauce with a coke. A 6 piece Mighty Kid Nugget meal, with apple slices, bbq sauce and a coke, a plain cheeseburger, a egg Mc Muffin and an Oatmeal with brown sugar. The total was $19.02 which I paid cash. By the time I made it to the front after paying they handed me the child's coke and the coke for the Chicken Nugget Meal and handed me the bag with the oatmeal. The girl who I find out later is the manager asked me to pull forward and please wait. She said they would bring me the rest of my meal. I waited about 10 minutes more. A different girl brought out the food in one bag and proceeded to walk to another car with food. I immediately called her back over to tell her we didn't get the happy meal. She tells me that the manager said she already gave it to me. I told her she didn't give it to me you can even look in my car to see we don't have it. She tells me I'm not going to look in your car. If you want you can come in and talk to the manager. So I told her if she could tell her manager to come out. The manager proceeds to tell me I didn't order a kids meal and didn't pay for a kids meal even though it was on the receipt. She tells me that I only paid for the chicken nugget meal. REALLY??? I paid $19.02 for a $1.00 cheeseburger, $1.99 oatmeal, $6.59 chicken nuggets and a $3.79 Egg Mcmuffin. This is the Manager not only did she not provide customer service or know the prices of the food she is selling....SHE CAN'T ADD!This was the one by park city?
By: theberater
Captain Gus's Steak Shop
Been going here for 20 years and quality now is just as on par as it was back when gus was around. I always get 2 cheeseburger subs, 2 cheese fries, and a two liter and boy does it hit the spot. Im a massive man with an appetite to match, for an average person one would be plenty. People say its dirty but its just dated. The floor is cleaned daily but being a tiled floor and at least 20 years old " same as when i was a kid" it is what it is. Although there are no more fish stories since gus passed; there is still great times with the best food in lancaster in my opinion. If they are around i would definitely bring ny children here as well. 5 stars !!!!!
By: t2013pa
This is the second time I have been to this McDonalds in the past month, and had a very similar incident. I was here on August 15, 2013 at approximately 12:15 AM. I went to the drive-thru, and when I pulled up the first thing from the guys mouth was: "We are only accepting cash, if that's ok, proceed with your order." I said that was fine, and I ordered 2 Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffins, 1 Hashbrown,1 Large Fry and 1 Large Orange Juice. Never once was my order displayed on the screen. I pulled up to the second window, had my cash in hand, and the guy opens the window and says "I'm sorry but I forgot we are cleaning the grill right now, so we cannot make your order." He then asked if I still wanted the orange juice and I told him no. First, I find it very "fishy" that this is the SECOND time I have gone to this same McDonalds after midnight, to order breakfast, and I was told they are taking cash only for orders. Number 1, there is NO sign anywhere in the drive-thru stating that they will accept cash only on orders after midnight. There also are no signs at the pay window, stating that they only accept cash only after midnight. If this McDonalds is only accepting cash after midnight, then there needs to be signs posted on the drive-thru and also at the pay windows so customers know. Also, if this McDonalds has such an issue with making Breakfast items after midnight, then maybe they should take that option away at this location.

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