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    Maggie R.

    We have a German Shepherd puppy, he's really energetic and playful, but didn't always listen, sometimes he was a bit overwhelming to handle, especially for other people. We tried other training, but nothing really worked for us. We came across Sit means Sit, and immediately noticed a difference in our dog and so did others. By the time we finished up, the dog was listening better than ever, off leash trained, calmer around other dogs, and has the best manners in and out of the house!! We absolutely love the results we got and would recommend them to anyone- and so would our puppy!!

  • Bella's training :)
    Kelly L.

    We just finished up Bella's training tonight and all I have to say is wow she is a new dog. The one aggressive wild dog is now one who can play outside without running off, walk down the road without going after other pets and enjoy her life the way it was intended! I would like to thank sit means sit for training not only bella, but me also. I will be starting on my second dog here shortly and can not wait to be able to have 2 off leash dogs. I am so happy with the way things went with only 3 lessons.

  • Delina C.

    @dogloverfamily. We first want to apologize for any miscommunication with Sit Means Sit. This negative review recently came to our attention. We strive for the best costumer service possible and try our hardest to relieve any and all issues a client might be having. If you paid $700 for your lessons, that means you must have purchased 3. We are more than happy to complete that third lesson and remedy the issues you are having. All of our first lessons are about three hours long and the remainder are one to two hours long. We are more than happy to stay longer if you have further questions or concerns. We do guarantee off leash control around distractions only with certain packages. We do not guarantee off leash control in two although we have many clients that have their furry friends off leash in one or two lessons. Occasionally client's dogs act strange when the collar is placed on them. This is due to incorrect introduction. For instance, if I put the collar on a person and immediately started making them work after I pushed the button (clean the dishes, clean the toilet, pay the bills, etc.) they will view the collar as work. If instead I brought out the collar and made it fun and rewarding (gave you $100 every time I pushed the button), then you will love the feeling of the collar because you are anticipating a positive reward. When we place the collar on the dog we ask you to wait to train and instead give the dogs treats, love and play. We ask you not to place the collar on the dog and immediately start working them (come, sit, down, etc.) If you immediately start working them, the dog will learn the collar only means work when it is introduced incorrectly. And who wants to work all the time? Again, we sincerely apologize if there was any lack of communication. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to schedule that third lesson.

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    Brittany E.

    I have been working with Sit Means Sit for around 6 months now and have nothing but great things to say about them! My Great Dane, Hugo, was a real handful when we rescued him. Pulling on the leash, reactive when around other dogs in our neighborhood, disrespectful to people that would come in the house... all problems that are amplified because of his size. After sending him to the two week Board and Train program, he came back a different dog. He is very social with other dogs, he supreme leash manners, and is actually of leash certified! We can take him to public places and he will remain happily by our sides.

    We work with him daily to maintain what he has learned, but taking advantage of their open classes a few times a week has been most helpful! The trainers and staff are all SO helpful and are always willing to help you day or night with your questions.

    Sit means Sit Columbus has truly saved our home =)

  • user avatar

    I have been taking my dog to Sit Means Sit Columbus for 1 1/2 yrs. She loves it. The trainers have been extremely helping me in areas I needed more direction. The combination of obedience and advanced training exercises keep both Boo and myself motivated. I highly recommend if you are getting a puppy start out at Sit Means Sit. The puppy classes help start your dog out right. I love the open classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. Boo gets all excited when she sees me getting ready for classes. The combination of training exercise and socialization for the dogs keeps them fresh. You can actually see the smiles on their faces. Love my dog and the progress she is making. Looking forward to the advanced open classes.

  • I don't give bad reviews unles...

    I don't give bad reviews unless I feel that my friends and neighbors need to be protected from being taken. Paid for dog training that was guaranteed to be successful at getting our dog to obey off leashe outside.

    Our dog had already been through dog traing at another training center (NOT Sit Means Sit) and knew the basic sit, come, stay, down, etc commands and listened very well inside the house.

    Paid $700 for the guaranteed training which consisted of 2 one hour visits from the trainer who showed us what to do and told us to practice with our dog. It was like our dog was on drugs each time we put the collar on, she would not play, she would not eat, and she still did not respond to commands. When I spoke to the trainer about the problems, the trainer told us it was our fault because we didn't follow the instructions correctly.

    We also boarded our dog at their facility where we were told our dog would continue to be trained while being boarded. When we picked our dog up she was the same as before. I am pretty sure there was no training while boarding because they didn't even know which collar belonged to our dog when we picked her up. We had to identify our collar and remote among the other dogs things.

    The bottom line is that we didn't get our dog to listen to any new commands with the Sit Means Sit training and they would not refund the money we paid. We were blamed for the ineffectiveness of their training methods. At $660 for the 2 1-hour sessions the trainer made $330/hour and our dog learned nothing new.

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