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By: krystal.knudson
Lancaster Auto Sales
I've bought 2 cars from these guys, the first was a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix when I was 18, I bought it outright and it was a wonderful car, clean, ran well, though I can't make a thorough assessment of it because 2 weeks after purchase I had to junk it do to a drunk driver T-boning me. My insurance at the time sucked and wouldn't cover anything, so I was really angry at the prospect of buying another car for a good many years and just walked, took the bus or occassionally borrowed my mom's equinox. Then last year I decided it was time to get a car again, I went right back to Lancaster Auto. I had a quick chat with one of the friendly representatives and he took me out to show me the cars they had available. I immediately fell in love with the 2004 Silver Volkswagen Passat they had out front. I took it for a test drive and was thrilled with it (especially after driving my moms car which had a great many issues). The steering was amazing, the interior was pretty, trunk space like you wouldn't believe...but I'm not writing a review for my car lol. Now at the time I made $13,000 annually and they were asking $10,000. They dropped the price $500, and worked out a payment plan for me, even let my boyfriend cosign for me (and he has no credit history). I made a $500 downpayment, signed all the paperwork and just told me I had to get auto insurance before I could drive it off the lot. They gave me copys of all the paperwork and I was on my way.I compared auto insurance prices, but when it came to setting up an account, there were quite a few questions about what they considered an ideal auto insurance for their requirements and exact information about the car, so I went down there with my laptop and they sorted it right out for me, let me e-mail the information to them and in a short amount of time I had my car. They set up the loan through Passumpsic Bank, which is a local bank that I use, so payments are very convenient, and if you want, you can pay more than you have to monthly so you can pay off your loan early and if you do that you actually save on the interest on the loan. So all in all, a very easy process that the staff are willing to guide you through. And if I can do this, anyone can!

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